Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Engineer a better future. Engineering puts you at the forefront of technology and gives you the skills to impact the future of society and improve the daily lives of people everywhere. Macquarie’s practical, flexible Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) prepares you for the jobs of today - and the opportunities of tomorrow, with majors in electronic, electrical, mechanical, mechatronic, telecommunications and software engineering. Our students can take advantage of our connections with key industry partners including the opportunity to apply for a cadetship with Optus that pays you while you study and gives you professional experience during session breaks.

Get practical training that money can’t buy

Macquarie University is part of the Macquarie Park Innovation District, Australia’s premier innovation hub. With world-leading companies on our doorstep, we can introduce you to businesses and experiences that no other university can offer.

Our PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program gives you real-world experiences and practical training that money can’t buy. More than just an internship, PACE doesn’t just produce better graduates, it produces better people.

Get a global outlook

From Study Abroad and International Exchange to our Global Leadership Program, we make it a priority to encourage your globe-trekking ambitions and to help you with every step of your journey.

“Through PACE and the exchange program, I gained vital industry experience, while travelling and living in a very different part of the world. As well as increasing my professional knowledge, I gained soft skills like practising tolerance and cross-cultural understanding." Deen Rad, Macquarie University graduate.

Vibrant student life

With more than 170 student groups and sports clubs, lakeside movie screenings, cultural festivals, theatre performances and art exhibitions, you'll make new friends and find yourself hanging out on campus even when you don't have classes. Macquarie is situated on 126 hectares of land with state-of-the-art facilities.

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