Four ways to fireproof your career

Four ways to fireproof your career

Four ways to fireproof your career

You’ve done your research, and you know that even the experts can’t agree on what the jobs of the future are most likely to be.

So what can you do to ensure that when you graduate you are ready to step into a job that will start you on a journey to a satisfying career?

1. Study a field with a future

Take cyber security, for example. A third of Australian businesses have already been the victims of cyber crime, and the cost of cyber attacks is estimated to exceed $1 billion a year. This means that cyber security experts are in demand worldwide.

This demand far exceeds supply across a broad range of industries including technology, entertainment, telecommunications, banking, finance and accounting, so a cyber security qualification opens the door to a wide range of interesting and rewarding careers.

And with technology becoming increasingly pervasive – think medical implants, electronic vehicle controls and smart buildings – the possibilities for carving out an interesting career in this field are vast.

Macquarie University, home to the recently launched $10 million Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub, is the only university in New South Wales to offer an undergraduate qualification in security studies. Studying a cyber security major as part of the Bachelor of Security Studies will provide you with the knowledge you need to create an effective cyber security environment for commercial, private and industrial applications.

It combines units from computing with those from security studies and criminology to give students practical insights into technology risks and countermeasures and the role that security management plays in the bigger picture of cyber governance.

We also offer postgraduate courses, including a Graduate Diploma and Master of Cyber-Security, Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism that will give you insights into policing, intelligence, counter terrorism and cyber security issues in both national and international contexts.

2. Get practical know-how while you’re studying

Working is about more than applying the discipline-specific knowledge you learned in your degree. It sounds obvious, but you need to know how to prepare your resume so you land that interview with the employers you want to work for.

You need to know how to dress for work, the appropriate way to act and communicate in a business setting (the language of texting won’t cut it), how to work productively with people you don’t like and how to collaborate effectively on projects. Macquarie will help you master the art of fitting in while standing out through our Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) program, which gives all that and more to our students.

Fully integrated into the curriculum, students complete a PACE internship in a business, community or government organisation, where they not only learn to apply the skills they’ve learned in the classroom, they also gain the polish needed to enjoy career success.

3. Surround yourself with inspiring people

Passionate people are inspiring. It doesn’t matter what they’re passionate about, their enthusiasm is infectious. That passion can take many forms, from people who want to make the world a better place by bringing sustainable new technologies to remote communities, to developing innovations that cause a fundamental shift in how we live.

Macquarie University is part of the Macquarie Park Innovation District, Australia’s premier innovation hub. And through our close relationship with the world-leading brands on our doorstep we can introduce our students to businesses and experiences that no other university can offer.

4. Be open to new experiences

Everyone’s a bit afraid of the unknown, but at Macquarie we offer our students a huge diversity of great experiences that broaden their thinking and open their minds to new people and ideas. But we don’t just send our students off into the unknown. We’re there to nurture and support you so that you get the best out of everything you try, from our Study Abroad and International Exchange Programs to our Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) and Global Leadership Programs, you won’t be the same person when you leave.

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