Emotional health

Emotional health 

Pioneers can treat phobias within hours

With one in six working age adults living with a mental illness, emotional health is one of the biggest issues facing society today.

Our psychology researchers and teachers are leaders in their field, with Macquarie’s Centre for Emotional Health internationally recognised for its groundbreaking research into the causes and treatment of emotional disorders.

Our pioneering approach

Our flagship program Cool Kids helps thousands of children, teenagers and their parents manage anxiety, while our on-site clinics are using novel approaches – including simulation – to help adults struggling with their own emotional health issues.

And with a rapidly ageing global population, Macquarie researchers are leading the world in treating mental health issues in the elderly – an area of increasing importance and growing employment opportunities across a range of fields.

Get hands-on experience

All of our health and medical sciences programs have been developed to respond to employers’ needs for graduates with both technical knowledge and practical work skills.

When you study emotional health at Macquarie, you will see first hand how our pioneering approach to treating phobias is helping people overcome their fear of everything from dogs and spiders to flying and social situations.

You will gain unique insights from internships and clinical placements at the Centre for Emotional Health, and see first hand how the right treatment program can make a permanent difference to people’s lives.

Our unique PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program also lets you translate classroom learning to the real world. Each year hundreds of Macquarie students undertake practical projects in aged care and other fields as part of their studies, giving them a valuable head start on finding a job.

Many of our degrees also open doors to postgraduate study, and whether you leave Macquarie with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, you’ll possess the skills you need to help improve the lives of people in need.

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