Accelerate your ambition - study security and intelligence

Accelerate your ambition - study security and intelligence

Accelerate your ambition

“I want to find better ways to respond to emerging security threats.”

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Stake out your intelligence career

At no other point in history has our world experienced security challenges to the extent to which it does today. Because of this, governments and businesses need security analysts, criminologists and professionals with the knowledge, skills and creativity to respond to such dynamic and complex challenges.

Study the way you want

Life is often a balancing act, so we provide you with a host of flexible learning options. You can opt to study part time, online or in the evening – whichever works best for you. In fact, our postgrad security and intelligence courses can all be undertaken online for complete flexibility. And because we recognise prior learning, you could even complete a postgrad degree sooner than you think.

We’ve got your employability front of mind

With a third of Australian businesses having already been the victims of cyber crime and the cost of cyber attacks estimated to exceed $1 billion a year, cyber security experts are in demand worldwide. This demand far exceeds supply across a broad range of industries, meaning that a cyber security qualification opens the door to a wide range of interesting and rewarding careers.

Recently, Macquarie and Optus invested $10 million to establish a Cyber Security Hub on campus. The hub aims to become the cyber security partner of choice for industry and government while also educating the next generation of cyber security experts.

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