Domestic undergraduate enrolments

Domestic undergraduate enrolments

1: Accept your offer

Accept your offer and secure your place, even if you are waiting on more offers.

The eStudent 'MY OFFER' tab is where you can choose the offer you wish to accept. 

Log in to eStudent to secure your place
(You'll need your Student ID and password to log in).

Information to help secure your place

What's my password?

The first time you log in to eStudent your password will be your date of birth. Enter this in the form ddmmyyyy i.e. if your date of birth is 30 January 1990 you would enter 30011990.

I don't have my Student ID yet

If you’ve received an offer letter directly from Macquarie you can find your 8-digit Student ID number at the top of your offer letter.

If you applied via UAC you first need to obtain your Student ID. You can use the tool below to find this.

If you experience difficulty, please contact our Help Desk.

Can I defer my studies?

If you wish to defer your placement, select the MY OFFER tab and choose the offer you wish to defer. 

If you you have already accepted or enrolled but now wish to defer, use to contact the Admissions Team for help. 

You can find further information at the deferment website.

I want to access a HECS-HELP loan but don't have a Tax File Number

If you are eligible, you can defer your HECS/Fees and Student Amenities fee. Doing so requires that you have a Tax File Number (TFN).

If need a TFN and you do not have one yet you must apply to the ATO for one – it can take up to 1 month.

I have a different question or need help

Use to contact the Admissions Team for help.

2: Enrol and choose your classes

Before you can choose your classes, you need to decide how you will be paying your fees. You can choose to:

  1. defer your HECS/Fees and Student Amenities fees, or
  2. pay them upfront. 

To make your choice you need to fill out two separate eCAFs (electronic Commonwealth Assistance Forms) – one for HECS-HELP and one for Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). Find information to help you complete these forms below.

Enrolment Navigator helps you with your unit and class enrolment. We'll ask a few quick questions to guide you through the enrolment process.

Complete the Enrolment Navigator and choose your units

Information to help you enrol

How to Complete your electronic Commonwealth Assistance forms

  1. Select 'MY OFFER' tab in eStudent.
  2. Select Submit Commonwealth Assistance Form from left-hand menu.
  3. Select the course you intend to complete at Macquarie University.
  4. You should be presented with the relevant forms for your course - HECS-HELP and SA-HELP. Before completing the eCAF, you need to visit the Study Assist website and understand the information on Commonwealth support.
  5. Following the submission of this form, automatic online approval will occur displaying a green tick and the word 'Approved'. If you do not see this confirmation, then submit a new form and follow the same steps as above to resubmit the eCAF.

What is an eCAF? Why is this important to me?

An eCAF is an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form. As a student in a Commonwealth supported place, you need to complete eCAF form(s) to enable you to choose your units and classes. You are only required to complete each relevant eCAF once for the duration of your course but if you change courses you will need to complete new eCAFs.

Australian Citizens and Humanitarian Visas

HECS-HELP eCAF can be found and submitted online in eStudent. Australian citizens or holders of Permanent Humanitarian Visas can choose to defer their fees.

Permanent Residents and New Zealand Citizens

You will still need to submit a HECS-HELP eCAF, however, as you are required to pay your fees upfront, you do not need to provide your TFN. This will enable you to choose your units and classes.

Note: New Zealand citizens who hold a Special Category Visa (SCV) may be eligible to defer their fees with the Australian Taxation Office. Find more details here.

What if I do not have a Tax File Number (TFN)?

If you don't yet have your Tax File Number (TFN) you can still enrol and choose classes. To do so you will need to submit a HECS-HELP form with the Full Upfront payment option selected.
Once you receive your TFN, send an email including your name, Student ID and TFN to This information must be provided by the census date of 26 August 2016.

What is a Student Amenities Fee? Why is this important to me?

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is charged by universities to help provide a range of services and facilities for students. All students can pay this fee upfront. Australian citizens or holders of Permanent Humanitarian Visas have the option to defer the fee by completing the SA-HELP form via eStudent. You must have a TFN to complete this form and submit it by the census date of 26 August 2016. 

To defer this fee, a separate form needs to be submitted as it is not covered by the HECS-HELP eCAF.

Your Information Starter-Pack

Find out all you need to know with ready-made information including:

* Degree requirements - provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Handbook and a list of program guides to assist you in planning units to enrol in.

* University basics - introduces you to university terminology, explaining the meaning of terms such as degree, faculty, unit and session.

* Types of units - highlights the difference between various categories of units that are on offer.

* Focus areas - Find a major that interests you, learn how a major fits into a degree and our top tips for selecting a major.

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