Cross-institutional study

Cross-institutional study


Cross-institutional study is for students currently admitted to an undergraduate or postgraduate award at an Australian higher education provider, and who wish to undertake nominated Macquarie units which will count towards that particular award at their home institution within Australia.

Cross-institutional study at Macquarie University may be suitable for domestic students in the following categories:

  • the unit/s that you are interested in are not offered at your home institution; or
  • the units may not be offered in the appropriate study period.


To be eligible for cross-institution study:

  • you must remain admitted at your home institution within Australia whilst enrolled at Macquarie
  • students who are suspended from their home institution will not be eligible for Cross-institution until they are reinstated
  • the unit/s that you wish to enrol in must count for credit towards your award at your home institution
  • you must be a domestic student (ie. an Australian citizen or permanent resident).

Undergraduate students are welcome to apply and be considered for undergraduate units of study.

Postgraduate students are welcome to apply and be considered for postgraduate units of study.

Postgraduate Research students (Research Training Program) are not eligible for cross institution coursework studies.

International students are NOT eligible for cross-institution study.

If you are an international student at another higher education provider, and are interested in enrolling in Macquarie units, you should contact Student Connect regarding non-award studies.



Please note that applications can only be made for the upcoming teaching session. Students wishing to continue cross-institution studies in any subsequent session will need to re-apply for each session in which they wish to study.

Permitted enrolment:

Applicants will be permitted to enrol in a unit or units of study provided that:

  • accommodation and facilities are available, and
  • the relevant unit convenor considers the applicant to have fulfilled any prerequisites.

Details of Units

Details of units, including prerequisites, may be found in the Macquarie University Handbook.

Please ensure that the units you are interested in:

    • are offered in the study mode you require (ie. on-campus/via distance) and
    • are scheduled for the study period you are applying for.
    • have pre-requisites that you will need to meet
    Important information to note about units:
  • Macquarie units offered through Open Universities Australia (OUA) cross institutional studies:
  • PACE units are not available for Cross-institutional study.
  • During Session 3, students are permitted to undertake a maximum of two units.

Application Process

Please follow through all Steps 1 to 4 below to complete the Cross-institution application process.

Important for students interested in studying Macquarie University units through OUA cross institutional studies. Please apply through All enrolment queries should be directed to Open Universities Australia (OUA). If you have not met the pre-requisites for the unit you wish to study via OUA, please apply for an OUA Pre-Requisite Waiver:

Please be advised that incomplete applications (ie. without all supporting documentation) will automatically be deemed unsuccessful.

Closing dates  2020

Applications for Session 1 close on 7 February 2020

Applications for Session 2 close on  10 July 2020

Applications for Session 3 close on 16 November 2020

Step 1

Gather ALL required documents as listed below:

a)  A fully completed Macquarie University Institution Form (Mandatory)

Have your home university complete our Macquarie University Institution form. The fully completed form will need to be submitted with the application to evidence that your Cross-institution studies have been approved by your Home University and approved unit/s will be counted towards your Home University degree.

All information on the Macquarie University Institution Form to be completed (by an Authorising Officer at your Home University):

  • Family Name, Given Name
  • Home University Student Number
  • Macquarie unit code and name you are applying for
  • Credits that will be granted towards your degree upon completion of the unit/s at Macquarie University
  • Home University Award Name and Year of Commencement
  • Mandatory Information on the form:
    • Your Enrolment Status : Circle if you are currently enrolled
    • Your Fee Liability Status : Circle the fee liability status at your home university
    • Authorising Details : Full Details and signature of the Authorising Officer at your home university
    • Your home University Stamp
b) Most recent academic transcript ( pdf format) that covers the current semester and clearly shows:
  • the name of your home university institution
  • your student number and your name
  • the result for each unit/subject.
  • the names of each unit or subject you have undertaken
  • the semester in which the study was undertaken

A printout of your current academic record from your University’s student system is acceptable.

c) Evidence of your current fee liability status at your home university:

Your fee liability status indicates if you are a Commonwealth Supported OR Domestic Full-Fee student.

At least ONE of the following documents must be provided:

  • A Macquarie University  Institution Form, completed by you and an authorising officer at your home university OR
  • a statement of fees or invoice from your home University’s student record’s system. This statement should list your name and the name of your home university.

Your documentation should clearly state your fee liability status, the name of your degree in which you are enrolled and your name.

Step 2

Gather ALL required documents as listed below about yourself:

a) Evidence of Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency:

ONE of the following documents must be provided:

  • A current passport OR
  • An Australian citizenship certificate OR
  • Current Visa Grant Notification
b) Unit Outlines of your previous completed units at your Home University ( pdf format). 

If you are applying for a Macquarie University unit that has pre-requisites, you will need to provide unit outlines from relevant units you have completed at your home university.  This is to demonstrate that you have met the pre-requisites for the Macquarie units of study in which you intend to enrol. Please see the Macquarie University Handbook for specific pre-requisite information about each unit.

For example: If you wish to take a second year French unit at Macquarie University, you will need to demonstrate you have completed the equivalent of first year French at your home university.

c) Proof of name change:

If your name has changed, you will need to provide documents demonstrating proof of name change.

  • marriage certificate OR
  • divorce order OR
  • deed poll

Step 3

Submit this online Cross-institutional application by application deadline.

  • Please be sure to attach all required documents into the online application form.
  • Please check the Macquarie Handbook to choose your units and study session. If the unit is offered through OUA, please apply through

Important Notes:

Undergraduate students will not be considered for postgraduate units unless they have completed an undergraduate degree.

Applications without all required documents will not be assessed and deemed UNSUCCESSFUL.

Macquarie University will assess all submitted Cross-institutional applications that have all the required documents attached.

The outcome of your Cross Institutional application will be emailed to your nominated email address in 2 to 3 weeks.

Please be sure to check your nominated email regularly for our correspondence.

Should you receive a a successful outcome, log in to your student account to accept your offer and subsequently enrol in unit(s).

Should you have any enquiries regarding your application, please email

Fee Liability

Undergraduate students who are commonwealth-supported at their home institutions will be allocated commonwealth-supported places in Macquarie's undergraduate cross-institution program. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident (humanitarian), as a commonwealth-supported student, you will be eligible for HECS-HELP.

If you are in an undergraduate domestic fee-paying place at your home institution, you will be allocated a domestic fee-paying place in Macquarie's undergraduate cross-institution program. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident (humanitarian), you will be eligible for FEE-HELP, providing you have not exceeded your FEE-HELP limit.

Postgraduate students will be allocated domestic fee-paying places in Macquarie's postgraduate cross-institution program by default. There are no commonwealth-supported places available for postgraduate cross-institution students. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident (humanitarian), you will be eligible for FEE-HELP, providing you have not exceeded your FEE-HELP limit.

Please note that student contribution amounts (for commonwealth-supported students) and tuition fees (for domestic fee-paying students) may vary from those charged by your home institution. For further information, please refer to the relevant link below:


Offers of cross-institutional enrolment are made shortly before commencement of session.

You will need to accept your offer before you can enrol in the unit(s) using your student account.


After acceptance of your offer, you will need to self-enrol in the units for which approval has been granted. It is the responsibility of students to finalise lecture/tutorial and /or practical sessions online via their eStudent account.

Withdrawing From Units

Withdrawal from any or all units is your responsibility. You can do this via your eStudent account.

The deadline for withdrawal without incurring academic or financial penalty is the census date. If you withdraw from units of study up to four weeks after the relevant census date you will incur financial penalty but you will be granted a W (withdrawal without academic penalty) grade for the unit(s). If you are wanting to withdraw due to serious and unavoidable disruption (ie. apply for special consideration) please visit: Withdrawing from Unit(s) of Study page.

Note that the census date at Macquarie University may be different from the census date at your Home Institution.

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