Adjustment Factors calculator

Adjustment Factors calculator

Academic Advantage

Academic Advantage is Macquarie's adjustment factor scheme that recognises your achievements in subjects that correspond to certain courses. Depending on your performance in each of these subjects, you may receive up to three additional points for each one, with a maximum of six additional points available. You don't need to submit a specific application for Academic Advantage. The Universities Admission Centre (UAC) will calculate eligibility automatically if a Macquarie course is listed in your preferences.

Combine adjustment factors

You can receive a maximum of 10 additional points combined across our five schemes, excluding the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Laws and its double degrees;
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and its double degrees; and
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science,

for which you can receive a maximum of 6 additional points; and

  • Bachelor of Clinical Science

for which you can receive a maximum of 5 additional points.

  • Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting with the degree of Bachelor of Professional Practice
  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and its double degrees

for which you can only be eligible for the Educational Access Scheme. No other adjustment factors points can be applied.

Explore your options

Try our 2019 entry adjustment factors calculator and browse by subject or course to see how many additional points you may be eligible to receive for our Academic Advantage scheme.

B = Band
E = Extension band
Ext = Extension

More information about performance bands available at the NSW Education Standards Authority.

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