Adjustment Factors

Adjustment Factors

Who you are

If you are Year 12 completing the HSC (or equivalent) OR International Baccalaureate (IB) and you’ve included Macquarie in your preferences, you may be eligible to receive adjustments – additional points that can be added to your ATAR or equivalent admission rank.

Combine adjustment factors

You can receive a maximum of 10 additional points combined across eight schemes, excluding the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Advanced Science
  • Bachelor of Clinical Science

for which you can receive a maximum of 6 additional points. Catchment Adjustment Factors cannot be applied for the Bachelor of Clinical Science.

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and its double degrees

for which you can receive a maximum of 8 additional points.

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and its double degrees
  • for which you can receive a maximum of 5 additional points. Only the Educational Access Scheme and the Academic Advantage Scheme is applicable.

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with Professional Practice (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Professional Practice and Bachelor of Professional Accounting

are only eligible for the Educational Access Scheme. No other adjustment factor points can be applied.

Explore our adjustment factor schemes

Achievement-based adjustment factors

These factors recognise your track record in a range of interest areas and activities. That’s the best of you to the power of us.

Location-based adjustment factors

Geography matters! See if where you live can earn you an adjustment.

  • Macquarie Catchment

    Macquarie Catchment

    If you live in Macquarie’s catchment region, you may be eligible to receive five additional points.

  • Bonus Points Rural Bonus Scheme

    Regional Entry Scheme

    If you're from rural or regional Australia, we can help with up to nine additional points.

Equity-based adjustment factors

At Macquarie we recognise that life circumstances or events beyond your control can impact education, opportunity and achievement. That’s why we’ll consider your individual situation.

  • Bonus Points Educational Access Scheme

    Educational Access Scheme

    If you have experienced educational or social disadvantage, you may be eligible for up to five additional points.

    You're more than your ATAR

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