Depending on your circumstances, there are three main ways to apply to Macquarie.

The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

You should apply to Macquarie University via the Universities Admissions Centre if you are:

  • currently studying at another university
  • currently completing secondary studies including pathways to Macquarie such as TAFE Diplomas
  • a previous student who has already completed or partly completed any undergraduate degree
  • planning to sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)
  • a student who began your first year of study but withdrew from all units without deferring
  • a former Macquarie student who has had a break from study and now wants to apply for a different degree
  • a student who has previously completed their HSC, received a sufficient TER/UAI/ATAR, and has not undertaken any further study

As part of your UAC application, you are able to list up to five course preferences. Read more about how UAC preferences work.

Applications are via UAC online.

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