SSAF Survey

SSAF Survey

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) contributes towards the funding for student services, support and facilities of a non-academic nature and of benefit to all students.

We'd love your feedback!

Help us to understand how the SSAF revenue could benefit Macquarie students and you can be in the prize draw.

There are campus common vouchers and a major prize of a new iPad up for grabs!

A link to the survey will be sent to your student email account. The earlier you complete the survey, the more chances you have to win, as each week you will go in the draw for the minor prizes and earn another entry into the major prize draw.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, prizes or SSAF, please email

2019 SSAF Survey Prize Draw  - Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry

  1. Failure to fully complete the questionnaire does not disqualify a respondent from entry to the free prize draw.
  2. The closing date for entry into the prize draw is 31 October 2019. Failure to participate prior to the closing date will mean the respondent will not be eligible to be entered into the prize draw.
  3. The respondent must be a student at the institution in order to qualify for entry into the prize draw, and must not be owing outstanding debts to the institution or otherwise be in legal dispute with the institution.
  4. The prize-winner(s) to be notified of their win by email at the end of the competition periods. Macquarie University, the survey administrator, will directly notify the winner of their prize and the full name of the weekly winner of food voucher and iPad will be published in MQ Campus Facebook page. (Please note: no survey response data or other information will be attached to this information, and the name and email will be used only for the purposes of the administration of the prize draw, unless the respondent elsewhere gives express permission for it to be used for other purposes, in which case those purposes will be clearly stated)

Other information regarding the prize draw

  1. The nature of the prize(s) is stated on the survey landing page and a cash alternative cannot be substituted.
  2. The prize draw will be administered by Macquarie University, who will endeavour to ensure that the winner(s) will be notified no more than 4 weeks after the closing date unless otherwise stated on the landing page of the survey.
  3. The winner(s) must respond to the prize notification email notification email within 2 weeks of receiving the email. Failure to respond to 2 reminder emails and after 2 weeks after the first prize notification email will result in the prize being deemed to be unclaimed.
  4. It will then be at the discretion of the prize administrator at the institution as to whether another winner will be selected or the prize will not be reallocated.
  5. The closing date for entry will not be changed unless circumstances outside the reasonable control of the draw organisers make it unavoidable.
  6. Extending the closing date for entry will not be acceptable unless the draw organisers can show that unforeseen factors apply and that existing participants will not be disadvantaged in any way.
  7. Withholding prizes can only be justified if participants have not met clear criteria set out in the rules above and/or, if applicable, on the landing page of the survey.
  8. Winner(s) in the prize draw will be selected by Macquarie University in a manner that ensures fair application of the laws of chance. The process by  which winners will be selected involves a clear audit trail and an independent draw. (This process can be explained to individual respondents if requested.)
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