Domestic coursework student fees

Domestic coursework student fees

Course fees

When estimating how much uni study will cost, you need to consider course fees as well as other costs such as student services and amenities fees, textbooks and general living expenses.

If you're a domestic undergraduate student in a bachelor course or diploma, you're known as a Commonwealth supported student. We also offer Commonwealth supported places for a number of postgraduate degrees.

This means that the Australian Government will pay part of your fees, with the remaining amount being paid by you. This amount is called your student contribution and can be paid up front at the beginning of each session or deferred through HECS-HELP (if eligible).

A Commonwealth supported place (CSP) means that both you and the Australian government contribute towards the cost of the program. The student contribution listed in your student account is the amount you are required to pay. Eligible students can choose to defer their tuition fees to a HECS-HELP loan.

A Domestic fee paying place (DFP) means that you're required to meet the full cost of your course. The government does not make any contributions towards the cost of your program. Eligible students can choose to defer their tuition fees to a FEE-HELP loan.

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