Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Entry Pathway

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Entry Pathway

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Entry Pathway (ATSIEP) is run by Walanga Muru - Macquarie University. This admissions pathway provides opportunities for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students to study undergraduate level courses at Macquarie University and determines readiness for study or providing advice on alternative opportunities.

Applications are now open to commence study at Macquarie University in semester 1 2021. Click here to apply now!


Any undergraduate degree offered at Macquarie University.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible you must be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person in accordance with the Commonwealth definition.

You can apply through this pathway if you:

  • Would like peace of mind and an early offer
  • Have not completed your HSC or equivalent
  • Received an ATAR score lower than required for your chosen degree
  • Are a mature aged student

What's involved?

The selection process consists of two stages, a written application and an interview.

1. Written Application

1.1  Evidence of Aboriginality- this includes the submission of either of the following:

a) Confirmation of Aboriginality – Confirmation/Common Seal - This can be either the applicants own personal confirmation or the applicant's parent's/direct family member's confirmation accompanied by applicant's birth certificate and corresponding birth certificates to establish descent.

b) Letter of support from an appropriate community representative (e.g., AECG member, Aboriginal organisation, Land council etc.). If you require more information about this please email tayla.king@mq.edu.au

1.2  Educational history (e.g. copies of TAFE transcripts, latest school report if they are a school leaver, and university transcripts if they have previous tertiary study or are transferring etc.).
NOTE: If the applicant is a school leaver (year 12), they must submit their most recent school report which includes the marks for each subject. If the applicant is a non-school leaver and chooses to submit their HSC results, diploma or past university transcript, these must also include the results of each subject/unit. A picture of the a letter of completion that has no marks/results will not be accepted.

1.3  Work experience outlining the types of work you have been involved in - This can include paid work, work experience or volunteer work. Include the dates of when you were involved in these as well as a brief overview of the types of activities involved.

1.4 A 500-word personal statement outlining aspirations for attending university - This should include the reasons why you have chosen the degree you have listed on your application, including what interests you about your chosen area of study, what would you like to accomplish within this area of study, and what you see yourself doing after you graduate.
NOTE: If any documentation is missing or has been left out, an interview will not be made until the applicant has been contacted and all required documentation has been submitted and checked.

2. Interview

2.1 All applicants are to attend an online interview to determine readiness to undertake university studies. A link for each applicant will be emailed to the email address that has been provided in the application form.

The applicants will find out whether they have been successful or not within 2 weeks of attending an online interview.

Please note: The online interviews will only be allowed whilst our campus is disrupted by COVID-19, interviews will go back to face to face as soon as possible.

Apply now!

Applications are now open for 2021 commencement.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions contact Tayla King on (02) 9850 8624 or email tayla.king@mq.edu.au


“I chose Macquarie because the entry pathway was a stress-free process and it assisted me get into the education course I wanted. The green campus is pleasant and has an enjoyable atmosphere. The personalised engagement services helped me succeed and made me feel welcomed. I enjoy the social gatherings and the experiences of culture, such as didge group. I’ve made great friendships.”


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