Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Global Leadership Entry Program - Frequently Asked Questions

After you apply

I missed the closing date in applying for GLEP, can I submit late application?

GLEP applications closed on Monday, 27 August 2018. However, there are still many other ways into Macquarie which you can find at our Macquarie Entry Navigator. Here you’ll be able to compare all of our entry pathways and work out which one suits you best – and you’ll quickly discover you have more options open to you than you first thought!

If I'm selected as a GLEP student, what are the benefits while I'm still at school?

You’ll be able to:

  • peace of mind that you’ve already received an early offer for your dream course
  • participate in many of the Global Leadership Program activities, including specialised workshops and speaker events – run by experts in their field – on topics such as leadership, public speaking, climate change, Indigenous issues, poverty, ethics and global population growth
  • enrol in university before you complete your Year 12 exams
  • participate in networking activities to get to know other students starting uni just like you.

How do I check if my application has been received?

On submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email to your nominated email address.

You may also log in to your application to check your application status.

How will I find out the outcome of my application?

We will notify you via the nominated email address provided in your application on the next applicable offer release date. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed and assessed. This process may take up to four to six weeks.

I have been made an offer. What are the next steps?

1. Click on the link in the outcome email you have received to accept the offer and register for an orientation session. Please note that you need your application number (to be put in the UAC number field) and your date of birth to retrieve your Macquarie student number.

2. Attend the orientation session and learn more about the program and opportunities on offer.

Do I need to accept my offer within a certain timeframe?

You're advised to accept your offer within two weeks from the date of the offer.

We encourage eligible students to accept their offer as soon as possible to gain early access to the GLEP benefits.

Once I’ve received an offer, can I change my course preferences to be considered for another offer so I can maximise my opportunities?

Yes, you can. Follow the offer round timetable on our Applying page to change your preference for it to be considered in the next available offer round.

I received an offer and changed my preferences but I didn’t get an outcome for my new course preference. Why?

As you have received an offer, you meet the requirements for the group that course falls into. However, you do not meet the requirements for the more competitive course group/s. If you are interested in other courses in the course group that you have already been made an offer for, or courses in a less competitive group, you can change your preference in your application by the next preference closing date for it to be considered.

I have received an unsuccessful letter for the courses I listed. I then changed my course preferences but I didn’t get an outcome letter for my new course preference. Why?

You do not meet the requirements to get into courses via the Global Leadership Entry Program. However, you can consider other entry options such as Academic Entry Program. Use our Macquarie Entry Navigator to compare all entry programs and work out which ones suit you.

Once I've received an offer, can it be taken away; for example, if I didn't end up getting the HSC (ATAR) prerequisite mark for the course?

A Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) offer is assessed on your year 11 results and the demonstration of leadership and community service. Your year 12 results will not change the outcome of a successful GLEP offer however, it's very important for you to try your personal best in your year 12 studies as this is a permanent record of your school achievement. Your year 12 results are often requested for scholarships, internship opportunities, leadership roles and employment.

How does this offer impact on other entry programs or schemes?

Your application to the GLEP does not prevent you from applying for other programs. An offer made via GLEP does not prevent you from receiving offers to other courses through the Schools Recommendation Scheme or Academic Entry Program. Use our Macquarie Entry Navigator to compare all entry programs and work out which ones suit you.

Do I still need to apply to the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)?

If you've received an offer, you are not required to apply via UAC. You do not have to preference the course for which you have received a GLEP offer in your UAC application.The Global Leadership Entry Program offer is an official offer to you and you are able to accept your offer upon receiving the offer letter via email.

Can I defer my offer?

Yes, you can. The deferment page will open in late August, you can follow the steps and conditions to defer your offer for one year.

I’ve changed my mind about which course I want to do, but I’ve already applied. Can I change my course?

Yes, you can change your course preference/s in your application any time before each preference closing date.

How do I find out the status of my application?

You can check your application status in the application portal.

How do I update my personal details?

You can update your personal details in the application portal.

How do I appeal a decision?

Submit an online enquiry at

What do I do if I’m asked for more documentation?

You may be asked to provide extra documentation to support your application. You can do this by logging in to your application and following the steps to upload the extra documents.

I applied for the Global Leadership Entry Program by the closing date, but I didn’t receive a confirmation email and haven’t heard anything. What do I do?

You can log in to your application and review the status of your application.

I want to make a late application due to extenuating circumstances. What do I do?

Unfortunately, no late applications can be accepted.

I am worried about how I might cope with university-level studies. Is there any academic support?

Yes, the University provides free workshops and online resources to help you with academic writing, referencing, exam strategies and more. Visit our Learning Skills page for more information.

We also offer assistance with mathematics and statistics through the Numeracy Centre. You can choose from a free drop-in service, weekly workshops for some first-year courses, bridging programs, preparatory courses and some online resources. Visit our Numeracy Centre page for more information.

If I decide I want to transfer courses, can I do that?

You may be able to transfer into your desired course if you meet the internal transfer criteria for the course. Students would need to commence and remain in the Global Leadership Entry Program offered course for at least one session. Visit our internal transfer page for more information on the internal transfer criteria.

Could I participate in the Global Leadership Program if I am unsuccessful in the application for early entry?

Yes, you can read more about the program and how to sign up as an undergraduate student by visiting our Global Leadership Program page, or contact once you have been accepted into the University.

Do I get any recognition for the activities I did in Year 12?

A benefit of being a Global Leadership Entry Program student is that you can have your activities that you did in Year 12 considered as Global Leadership Program ‘experiential points’. More information about how this works will be covered in the orientation session, should you receive an offer.

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