Catchment Adjustment Factors

Catchment Adjustment Factors

Macquarie University campus

What is it?

If you qualify for adjustment factors, they are added to your selection rank and may improve your chances of receiving an offer for your preferred degree. Macquarie offers five additional adjustment factors to students who live or go to school in Macquarie’s catchment region. These are called catchment adjustment factors. Use the tool below to check if your postcode qualifies. If you qualify, you will automatically receive five adjustment factors when you have a Macquarie course listed as one of your preferences through UAC.

Who are you?

Catchment Adjustment Factors are applicable to all undergraduate bachelor programs, except Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and its double degrees, Bachelor of Clinical Science and Macquarie’s Cooperative Education programs (Co-op).

For all other courses, students may receive a maximum of 10 additional factors combined across all adjustment factor schemes, excluding the following, for which students may receive a maximum of 6 adjustment factors:

  • Bachelor of Laws and its double degrees
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and its double degrees
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science

PLEASE NOTE: If you qualify for both the Catchment Adjustment Factors and the Regional Entry Scheme, you will only receive adjustment factors for one, from whichever scheme awards you the highest amount.

Enter your school or residential postcode to see if you qualify for Catchment Adjustment Factors.

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