Domestic student entry requirements

Domestic student entry requirements

At Macquarie we’re all about success. With Macquarie Entry, we recognise your strengths, interests and personal circumstances.

Through a range of tailored entry criteria, we ensure that you enter university with the appropriate support for success both in your studies and beyond to your career.

Whether you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student, we've got the right entry program to suit your specific requirements.

Domestic undergraduate students

The standard UAC preference and offer process is just one of the ways you can get into Macquarie. It’s true that your ATAR rank can be a useful indicator of your chances for success in a specific course. But it’s equally true that there are other indicators we can use to assess your suitability for a course. That’s why we have 11 different admission pathways to Macquarie.

Students come to Macquarie from different places and stages in their lives. Because students bring different strengths, interests and personal circumstances to their studies we believe that our entry requirements should also reflect this diversity. This is why Macquarie Entry is tailored for you.

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Domestic postgraduate students

If you're looking to further your studies with a masters in either groundbreaking coursework or research, Macquarie is the thriving hub of discovery you've been looking for.

To be eligible for a masters (coursework) program you must hold a bachelor degree or equivalent from a recognised institution – find out more about entry requirements on our Postgraduate coursework application process page.

To apply for a masters (research) or PhD program you should be able to show research experience in your previous studies – find out more about entry requirements for research and PhD programs.

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