Enrol with your international college offer - Term 7

Enrol with your international college offer - Term 7

Welcome to Macquarie University International College and the Macquarie family. If you’re an international student accepting your offer at the College, you’re in the right place!

We understand it's a big deal studying and living in another country. That's why we're making it as easy as possible.

Unit enrolment is now open for Term 7.

Class registration opens Monday 16 October at 9:30am.

  • International students study full-time, 2 units each term.
  • The Intensive Program is studied over 2 terms.
  • The Standard Foundation Program is studied over 4 terms.
  • The Diploma programs are studied over 4 terms.

Join in the fun of Orientation Day

This compulsory session will introduce and welcome students to the College. You'll be informed of your academic requirements, shown around campus, allocated a student card and have your enrolment finalised, ready to start your program. 

See below for your Orientation day details, depending on the program you have been offered for Term 7.

Foundation Orientation day

Date:Tuesday 24 October 2017
10am (registration will commence 9.30am)
Venue:Level 2, Building E3A, Macquarie University

Diploma Orientation day

Date:Wednesday 25 October 2017
Time:10am (registration will commence 9.30am)
Venue:Level 2, Building E3A, Macquarie University

Disability services

If you need help with any part of your enrolment due to disability, complete the registration form and contact Health and Wellbeing. Assistance is available to help complete the on-campus process and for support throughout your studies.

Let's get started! Follow Steps 1 - 4 to complete your enrolment.

Step 1

Your international College enrolment checklist

Follow this checklist to complete your enrolment for Term 7. 
Enrolment is now open.


Retrieve your Student ID and Program Guide in Step 2.

Familiarise yourself with University language and what you need to know in Step 3.

Log into eStudent in Step 4.

There you can:

1. Update and check your personal details

2. View/Pay any fees

3. Enrol into your units

4. Register for your classes on 16 October.

5. Go to iLearn in the What's Next tab.

6. Check out the eStudent tutorial series, should you need any extra help!

If you have done any previous studies that you want recognised, you can apply for Recognition of prior learning.

Activate your OneID. Your OneID allows access to iLearn, email and Ask.MQ using the same password. Your OneID is your 8-digit Student ID and password of choice.

You can find how to do this in the 'What's Next' tab on eStudent.

Log into your student email via gmail.com. You should have received your email address when you activated your OneID. To log in, use your email address and OneID password.

Log into iLearn, and access your Faculty support information, as well as learning materials for your units (once you are enrolled in units).

Make a diary note to attend Orientation, date to be confirmed!

Once you have enrolled into your units, you can get your campus card in one of two ways:

1. Online via CaptureMe, which enables you to take and submit your own photo for your Macquarie University campus card.

You can log into CaptureMe using your OneID.

You will be notified when your pre-ordered card is ready for pick up from Student Connect. Remember to bring official photo ID with you, such as a valid driver's license, passport, or proof of age card.

2. In person at Student Connect. Remember to bring official photo ID with you, such as a valid driver's license, passport or proof of age card.

You can find more information about getting your campus card here.
Have a question? 

Need more information? Search our knowledge base.

Step 2

Find your student ID

Received a letter of offer from Macquarie? 

Your 8-digit student ID is at the top of your offer letter. You'll need this to enrol.

Program guides

These are suggested study plans for your full program for students with offers commencing in Term 7.

Diploma of Accounting, Commerce and Business Administration

Diploma of Accounting, Commerce and Business Administration

Diploma of Engineering

Diploma of Engineering

Diploma of Information Technology

Diploma of Information Technology

Diploma of Media Communication

Diploma of Media Communication

Step 3

Get to know the language

You will find the following terms useful to navigate your way through your offer and enrolment process.

Intensive program/ Standard Foundation program

These programs equip you with the skills and capabilities you need to enter the first year of a Macquarie University bachelor degree.


These programs are equivalent to the first year of a bachelor degree. Once successfully completed, you can then move into the second year of a degree at Macquarie.


A degree is a qualification awarded by a university. It's awarded for successful work at undergraduate (bachelor degree) or postgraduate (higher degree e.g. Masters) level.


The Handbook sets out the requirements for your program as well as the majors and units available for study.

You must follow the Handbook of the year you started your program. This is to ensure you meet all the requirements necessary for you to graduate.


The University is divided into five key subject areas called faculties. Each program falls under one of the five faculties. To see what faculty in which a program falls, visit the Handbook.

  • Faculty of Human Sciences (FOHS)
  • Faculty of Business and Economics (FOBE) 
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering (FOSE) 
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FOMHS) 
  • Faculty of Arts (FOA)

Each unit is worth a specified number of credit points. This indicates the amount of work required in the unit. Each credit point reflects 3 hours of work – so a 3 credit point unit would require 9 hours of work (in class and at home) each week.


A unit is a subject studied within a program. An Intensive program, Standard Foundation program or Diploma program unit is worth 3 credit points.

The letters represent whether the units are Foundation (WF) or Diploma (W). The subject area of the unit can be found in the Handbook. The first number represents the year and level of understanding required for this unit.

For example, WACT101 Finance 1A, is a 100 level unit for Finance.

  • WACT - Subject area
  • 101 - Year level

Upon the successful completion of this unit, you will have the knowledge to attempt higher level units in a bachelor degree.

Required unit

A required unit is compulsory to complete your program.


Programs include a certain amount of elective units which you can select from any faculty, as long as you meet the entry requirements of the unit (the prerequisites).

Prerequisite Units or a requirement that must be met for you to enrol in a unit.

The College programs academic calendar is divided into 7 week terms.

  • Term 1: Jan - Feb
  • Term 2: Feb - April
  • Term 3: April - June
  • Term 4: June - July
  • Term 5: July - Sep
  • Term 6: Sep - Oct
  • Term 7: Oct - Dec
Study mode

As an international student, you'll be studying a full-time load. This is 2 units per term.

Attendance mode

The attendance mode for Intensive program, Standard Foundation program and Diploma program students is on-campus. Classes are taught face-to-face and learning resources can be accessed via iLearn.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is a calculation which reflects your overall grade. It's based on units completed at the College and does not take into account previous studies you may have completed.

The GPA is expressed as a number out of 7. You can find more information on calculating your GPA on the GPA calculator page.

Have a question? 

Need more information? Search our knowledge base.

What to study: Choosing a stream for Intensive programs and Standard Foundation programs

What is a stream?

The Intensive programs and Standard Foundation programs include a mixture of required and elective units. Elective units can be chosen from one of three specialist streams.

  • Arts
  • Business and Commerce
  • Science and Engineering

You can refer to the Handbook, and program guides for the units you can choose within these streams.

How do I choose a stream?
  • What degree do I want to study after my program?
  • What career can I have with this stream?
  • What am I good at? What subjects did I excel in at school?
  • Does it interest me?

Remember – you can consult the Handbook to help you with this decision.

Step 4

Ready to enrol?

Log into eStudent to enrol into your units.

First time logging in? The password is your date of birth (ddmmyyyy).

If you do need help navigating eStudent, you can check out the eStudent tutorial series.


Having difficulties logging in?

If you need to reset or change your password, you can contact the IT Service Desk.

Log a ticket 24x7 using OneHelp
Talk to the IT Service Desk:
Direct: +61 2 9850-HELP (4357)
Australian Toll-free: 1800-MQHELP (1800 67 4357)
Send an email to help@mq.edu.au
Come and visit the IT Service Desk. Find Us
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