Personalised degrees

Personalised degrees

Courses made by (YOU)us

Extraordinary curriculum

Courses made by YOU to the power of us. It’s our unique approach to learning inspired by the world of ever-increasing change. Imagine being empowered with greater choice, flexibility and diversity in order to meet this change. Well, that’s exactly what we embody in our innovative curriculum.

Future-proof your employment potential

More flexible and better aligned to your needs, our curriculum will deliver you a richer experience that will enable you to gain broader or more specialised knowledge in the areas that interest you and empower you to pursue the careers of tomorrow.

Three choices are better than one

You have the choice of undertaking one of our single bachelor degrees, double bachelor degrees or combined bachelor + master degrees.

  • Single bachelor degrees

Single bachelor degrees are perfect if you have a strong interest in one area or if you have a specific career goal. These degrees allow you to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in your chosen field.

  • Double bachelor degrees*

Double bachelor degrees allow you to undertake two degrees at the same time. They’re an excellent choice if you have two distinct passions or if you have career aspirations that combine two different fields.

  • Combined bachelor + master degrees

Combined bachelor + master degrees allow you to take your knowledge to the next level. You’ll establish yourself as a specialist sooner, and you’ll enjoy accelerated career opportunities.

*Some double degree exclusions apply.

Personalised degrees – Suraya Newell

Suraya Newell is undertaking a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Radio, Digital Audio and Broadcast Production (now called Radio Podcasting) and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences.

While it might seem an unlikely combination, this double degree is allowing Suraya to explore a potential career in the exciting field of science communication.

“During high school, I loved studying music and live performance, but also physics and chemistry. I didn’t want to choose between them as I didn’t know what profession I wanted to get into. When I saw Macquarie offered the combined arts and science degree I couldn’t think of anything more perfect. Since starting uni, I’ve found the wonderful world of science communication where these two areas marry beautifully.”

Testament to Macquarie’s extraordinary range of double bachelor degrees, more students undertake this option at Macquarie than at any other university in Australia. In fact, 28 per cent of Macquarie students choose to study one of our double bachelor degrees – more than twice the national average.

“I’m so thrilled Macquarie offers so much flexibility when it comes to choosing a double degree combination. If they only offered traditional combinations – like so many other unis – I would have had to let go of one of my passions or spend much longer studying to complete both. One of the most important things I’ve learned while at Macquarie is that you should never limit yourself to what is normal or traditional.”

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