You to the power of us

You to the power of us

When your potential is multiplied by a university built for collaboration, anything can be achieved

We’ve discovered the human equation for success. By knocking down the walls between departments, and uniting industry powerhouses, human collaboration flourishes. Because when we all work together, we multiply our ability to achieve remarkable things.

We call it You to the power of us.

A university built on collaboration
Made by (YOU)us

Collaboration means together, anything is possible. From the moment you walk into Macquarie campus, you’re a part of a bigger picture, where minds meet, faculties intersect, and nothing is impossible. Here, your courses are co-created by some of the world’s best companies, offering award winning internship programs, and backed up with the ability to personalise your own curriculum by mixing the courses you choose, your way. So, when you step out into the workforce - you’ve got it made.

The human equation for success

You can make oceans safer

We’re pooling our resources to develop shark-deterrent surfboards. Read more


You can find tomorrow’s answers yesterday

Our research into ancient Egyptian mummies is yielding secrets that could benefit us all. Read more

You can help the whole world hear

Macquarie and the Australian Hearing Hub are pushing the boundaries of hearing research. Read more

Students looking at camera

You can have the entire industry behind you

Our courses are co-created with some of the most recognised companies in the world. We call it ‘the human equation for success’. So, join forces with the industries of today, to help find the best jobs of tomorrow. Read more

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You can see potential with our internship programs

Macquarie offers a range of unique, award-winning internship programs, so you can really see what’s possible. This is your chance to reflect on who you want to be – then make it a reality. Read more

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You can personalise your degree

At Macquarie you can personalise your curriculum, by mixing the subjects you like. Think of it as a chance to mix things up a little and double your career potential. Read more

Join our collective

We’ve created an environment for open collaboration. Where businesses like Cochlear live on campus, along with our own state-of-the-art facilities. You’ll prosper in flexible, industry-relevant courses designed to enhance your employability, with active professional placements and the chance to study across the globe. You’ll find all the forces necessary to multiply your future potential.

Why study here?

The human equation to success

Award-winning internships

Macquarie is the only university in Australia to give hands-on practical experience fully integrated into your course.

Learn more about our award-winning internships

Student exchange

We partner with more than 170 universities across the globe. So you might study business in Denmark, psychology in Canada or marine biology in Fiji.

Discover how our courses can multiply your potential

Our courses are flexible, interdisciplinary and designed with your future employability in mind. Within each, your potential is multiplied by our connection to research and business.

#1 in Sydney for undergraduate employability (QILT, 2017: Engineering, Science, Law/Juris Doctor, Psychology and Information Technology, Undergraduate)

That’s YOU to the power of us.

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