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You to the power of us

Multiple your potential

When your potential is multiplied by a university built for collaboration, anything can be achieved.

We’ve discovered the human equation for success. By knocking down the walls between departments, and uniting industry powerhouses, human collaboration flourishes. Because when we all work together, we multiply our ability to achieve remarkable things.

We call it You to the power of us.

At Macquarie your research is multiplied by the support you need to accelerate and realise its potential. That’s how we have become a place for firsts, for innovations like shark-deterring surfboards, wi-fi and synthetic yeast. For demonstrating how a collective force is generated when you harness the power of business, research and academia to solve real-world problems.

You can personalise your degree

Our courses are co-created by some of the world’s best companies, offering award-winning internship programs, and let you personalise your own curriculum by mixing the courses you want to study, your way. So, when you step out into the workforce - you’ll be qualified to take on the future.

Research that’s solving real-world problems

Why study at Macquarie?

Our courses can multiply your potential

Our courses are flexible, interdisciplinary and designed with your future employability in mind. Within each, your potential is multiplied by our connection to research and business.

#1 in Sydney for undergraduate employability (QILT, 2017: Engineering, Science, Law/Juris Doctor, Psychology and Information Technology, Undergraduate)

That’s YOU to the power of us.

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