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You to the power of us

Multiple your potential

Future success secured for (YOU)us

Macquarie’s mission has always been to prepare you for the future, whatever that future looks like. Yes, there might be some tough times ahead, but we’re not going to let them stop us from doing what we do best, which is providing you with an unmatched set of experiences and skills that will allow you to future proof your career.

So, we will continue to offer degrees that you can personalise to match your career aspirations, that are co-designed with industry to provide you with the key transferable skills that employers want, and that will again in the future offer the invaluable practical experiences that Macquarie degrees are known for.

Macquarie is a place that embraces collaboration and connection, whether that be on the ground or in cyberspace. It’s a place that is focused on educating you, preparing you for tomorrow’s world of work, helping you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring you to make a real difference. It’s a place where people are working together for a brighter future.

Together with (YOU)us

The exponential power of our collective

At Macquarie, we’ve discovered the human equation for success. By knocking down the walls between departments, and uniting industry powerhouses, human collaboration flourishes. This is the exponential power of our collective, where potential is multiplied by a campus and curriculum designed to foster collaboration for the benefit of everyone. Because we believe when we all work together, we multiply our ability to achieve remarkable things.

We call it You to the power of us.

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