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     26 July 2002
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The Library will 'go live' with several new information systems and services on the 26th July.  Look below Q Resources on the Library home page:

Catalogue+ - A new web enabled integrated Library System 

We have selected Endeavor's Voyager as the new integrated Library System. Voyager, regarded as a premier Library system, is used by some of the world's leading research Libraries including the Library of Congress, the National Libraries of New Zealand and Scotland and several Australian universities.

Voyager provides an integrated solution for cataloguing, acquisitions, loans, reporting and systems administration. Catalogue+ offers you an easy to use web search interface with the facility to save and re-run searches, check and renew loans, and place and cancel holds.

Databases+ - A new way of discovering information

We are one of the first sites in the world to 'go live' with the first stage of Fretwell- Downing's new information portal which is an innovative way of searching simultaneously across catalogues, databases and web sites to discover resources available on any particular topic.
 Staff and students are recommended to search using Profiles or collections of recommended resources for subject areas set up by the Library.  Searches may also be saved and personalised profiles created.

There is still much work to be done in the development of the Library information portal so it will be on ongoing project for the rest of this year. 

eZerve - A new copyright compliant electronic reserve system

The Copyright Amendment (Digital/Agenda) Act 2001 requires much greater requirements for auditing and statistical reporting of electronic use copied under our CAL agreement and other licensing agreements. The Library is pleased to have developed a new copyright compliant electronic reserve system with Fretwell-Downing (UK). Students may find electronic reserve material by course code or by keyword.

A new helpdesk service

We are in the early stages of trialing a new IT helpdesk service with our colleagues in Information Technology Services. New software will assist us to provide timely, responsive IT helpdesk services to students and staff.

The new service, to be ready for 2003, will build on the successful 24x7 IT services to students which we have developed in partnership with the London School of Economics and the University of Colorado.

Find out more

Please come to half-hour demonstrations of the new systems at 1.10pm in the Library during the first two weeks of semester. 

Penny Carnaby
University Librarian


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Many members of staff are now considering adding a web site with online communication tools to their teaching units. Some staff members launch into this new educational experience without really understanding the implications for themselves and their students. 

The Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) offers a short course that can help staff better prepare themselves. As one staff member said after attending the course: "The technology is merciless in dealing with the untrained and unprepared!" 

If you are interested in improving your understanding of communication online, we highly recommend Learning and Teaching Online. Staff who have completed the course have commented positively on their exposure to the technology. By directly experiencing the technology for themselves, participants discover its positive and negative aspects, and go on to develop their own online teaching strategies. 

The course runs over four weeks, and there are only two face-to-face sessions. The rest of the time participants discuss issues online. Participants are put in the position of the student and learn how to manage their time as an online learner, and how to use WebCT discussions, mail and chat facilities. 

Learning and Teaching Online

From 15 August to 13 September 2002. More details: 
Enquiries: Maree Gosper, Centre for Flexible Learning,, phone x9752. 

To enrol, contact Phoebe Dangerfield, Centre for Flexible Learning,, phone x7570.

Senior academic and administrative staff will provide keynote addresses on how changes in government policies, technology and employment conditions affect university policies and the way the organization works. Opportunities will be provided for focus groups to discuss issues raised. 

Troubleshooting Session

This Q&A session is an opportunity for staff with units on the Online Teaching Facility to discuss issues and concerns for them and their students in the online environment. Time and Location: 14 August, 1.00pm to 2.00pm, Training Room 2, Library. Booking: Contact Phoebe Dangerfield, Centre for Flexible Learning,, phone x7570. 

Tackling Online Issues

This discussion forum for teachers and researchers will examine critical issues in the online environment. The topic of the next forum will be "Mixed Mode Delivery". Time and Location: 21 August, 1.00pm to 2.00pm, CFL Meeting Room, Library Level 1, (rear entrance opposite Union Shop). Bookings not necessary, bring your lunch.

Judy King
Centre for Flexible Learning

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Are you interested in innovation in teaching, and think you might like to participate in a research project with innovation as its focus?  An internal research grant (MUECRG) awarded to Dr Sharon Fraser ( from the Centre for Professional Development, aims at teasing out what it means to be innovative from the perspective of those who teach at Macquarie.  Your participation would involve a short conversational interview of about an hour’s duration.  If you teach at Macquarie and would like to participate in the research project, or find out a bit more about it, please contact Agnes Bosanquet ( at CPD on x9721.

Dr Sharon Fraser
Centre for Professional Development

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Did you know that there are a number of Staff Contact Officers throughout the University who are trained to assist you if you have a work related grievance? 

You may feel that you are being treated unfairly or subject to harassment or bullying.  If you believe that this behaviour is unwelcome or has something to do with (but not limited to) your sex, age, marital status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, family or carer responsibilities, transgender, compulsory retirement, colour, race, ethnic, ethno-religious or social origin, sexual preference, political or religious belief, trade union membership or activity, HIV or AIDS status or past, present, future or presumed disability - you may wish to speak to a Staff Contact Officer.

Staff Contact Officers are trained in grievance handling and will talk to you about your concerns informally and in confidence. They will help you to consider your choices and make suitable suggestions that may assist you to resolve the matter. 

Most grievances can be settled informally in the workplace. Heads, other managers and supervisors will try to prevent problems in the workplace and settle grievances at the local level. Macquarie University has a duty of care towards all staff and must provide a safe and supportive workplace free from unfair treatment, unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment. 

A Staff Contact Officer‘s role is to assist in creating a harmonious working environment wherever possible. The Vice-Chancellor has appointed the following Staff Contact Officers:
Ms Helen Boneham  EFS  x8488
Ms Robyn Burke  BGO  x7160 
Ms Jean Cavanagh  EFS  x7280
Mr Kamal Deo  Finance  x9624 
Ms Rhondda Fahey  Ling/Psych  x8742
Mrs Margaret Frith  Finance  x7210 
Mrs Sharyn Gilkes   Spec Ed  x8695 
Ms Annette Hely  MGSM  x6085 
Mr Andrew Heys  MGSM  x9963
Ms Anna Kamenos  MGSM  x8873 
Ms Liz Kean  Biology  x8140 
Ms Bronwyn Kosman  ICS  x9523 
Ms Anne Mainsbridge  Law  x7052 
Ms Di Mitchell   Library  x7520 
Mrs Pam Morpeth  MGSM  x8985 
Mrs Denise Osmand Finance  x7201 
Dr Chris Patel   EFS   x7825 
Ms Samantha Sin  EFS  x8529 
Ms Bronte Somerset  Library  x7200
Mr Greg Stark  Library  x7527 
Prof Peter Steane  MGSM  x9136
Mr Graeme Traves  OCS   x7409
Dr Rein Vesilo  ICS  x9133
Ms Jan Wilson  Warawara  x8036

Lindy Walker and Lyn Nasir
A/EEO Officers

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The Macquarie University International Office and the Macquarie University Singers (MUS) are pleased to present the glorious voices of
Cantoria and MUS in concert. 

A choral ensemble from Truman State University (Missouri, USA), Cantoria have toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Cantoria performs choral works from the sixteenth century to the present, with an emphasis on a capella works. The choir consists of sixty university students, of which two thirds are music majors. Conductor Dr Paul Crabb and twenty-two choir members will be touring Australia during July and August for a series of concerts.

The program will feature a wide selection of accompanied and a capella works, including the Missa Ad Imitationem Moduli Vinum Bonum and Surrexit Pastor Bonus (Orlando Di Lasso), O Jesu Christ, Mein's Lebens Licht (J. S. Bach), Songs of Passage (Stephen Leek) and choral works by Wilby, Joio, Clausen, Colonna and Pepping. The Macquarie University Singers will also perform John Rutter's O Clap Your Hands.

Guest artists in this performance include trumpeters Greg Jones (from Truman State University) and Andrew Del Riccio, and Peter Hamilton as organist. The choirs will be conducted by Paul Crabb and Margot McLaughlin.

The concert will be held on Friday  26 July 2002, 7.00pm in MacquarieTheatre, Macquarie University. Admission is free.

For more details, visit the MUS website at: or
contact MUS on (02) 9850 7818.

Blanche Ling

MUS publicity officer and webmaster

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Do you have difficulty finding the right words for your feelings? Is it hard for you to describe how you are feeling to someone close to you? Do you sometimes feel numb even though something upsetting has happened? Is it hard for you to understand what others are feeling? Do you feel ashamed of experiencing and expressing certain feelings?

If you can answer yes to all or some of these questions it may be comforting to know you are not alone. Many men and women have difficulty identifying and expressing their emotions. Being aware of emotions is an important part of life, yet for many people they remain confusing and difficult to express constructively.

Macquarie University is running a group programme to help people learn to identify and express their emotions. The programme runs once weekly (2 hours) for 9 weeks. The programme will cover the following topics: difficulties in identifying and expressing emotion; role of the family and early learning; identifying feelings in the self; understanding others’ feelings; expressing feelings; anger; love, caring and gratitude. This is a research study where, during the course of treatment, you will be asked to complete several questionnaires about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

The group programme will be conducted one evening a week at The Psychology Clinic, Level 4 Building C5A  The programme will be run by Mataji Kennedy who is a Clinical Psychologist with experience in helping people with emotional expression.

Please contact Mataji on x7736 or email: if you would like more information or would like to be involved.

Mataji Kennedy
Macquarie University Psychology Clinic

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The next Ordinary Meeting of the Royal Society of New South Wales will take place on Wednesday 7 August in the Barnett Court of the Justice and Police Museum, corner of Phillip and Albert Streets, Sydney (Albert Street entrance) at 6.30pm. 

The Curator of the Museum, Margot Bray, will lecture on “Fair deeds and foul: the history of the Justice and Police Museum and Policing in New South Wales”. 

Mr D Craddock, President
Royal Society of New South Wales

A public lecture by world authority on brain research, Professor Colin Blakemore, entitled “Mad Cows and Mobile Phones - are we destroying our brains?” will be held on Wednesday 14 August at 6.30pm Eugene Goosens Hall, ABC Centre.

$25 Adults; $10 Students/Concessions.To order tickets, please call (02) 9926 6569. All proceeds to Andrew Olle Memorial Trust for research into neuroscience at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Greg Welsh
Public Relations and Marketing

Unicom logo                 UNICOM CREDIT UNION
To all our friends at Macquarie University, a reminder of our very special Car Loan on offer 7.5% (terms and conditions apply). 

If you mean business then come to Unicom and we will make your next motor vehicle purchase a pleasant one. 

Call Kerry or Anne x7616.

Kerry Graham
Unicom Branch Manager

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Introduction to OH&S

In this workshop the following issues will be addressed:

  • Legal responsibilities of the employer, e.g. liabilities for employees and non-employees, rights and responsibilities of employees;
  • Management of risk and ability to demonstrate due diligence, e.g. how we identify, assess and control risks, how we manage exposure to unexpected risks;
  • How do we handle ergonomics? e.g. introductory ergonomics principles and an approach to workstation assessment (both office and workshop), occupational overuse syndrome prevention, posture and workplace design;
  • How do we manage the significant risk of manual handling?  e.g. what are some of the issues associated with manual handling, how do we manage this risk currently and how confident are we that personnel are following requirements, what are some of the significant barriers to following manual handling requirements?
  • Recognition of emergencies or the potential for an emergency, e.g. medical and environmental emergencies; contact with the appropriate services in the event of an emergency; discussion of the importance of knowing and following established emergency procedures; discussion of the options for the response to emergencies; and
  • Importance of documentation processes.
Lunch will be provided.

Date:  Friday 9 August
9.30am to 5.00pm
E6A 116
Facilitator: Julie Armour
Enquiries: Ugo Cernot, x9723

EO Workshop: Supporting Students with a Disability

Students with a disability have needs that may not always be obvious to the people who teach them, or support staff.  A number of issues will be raised and discussed, with the focus on supporting staff in practical ways to be effective in their interactions with these groups of students.

Date:  Wednesday 14 August
1.00pm to 2.00pm
E6A 116
Facilitator:  Sondra Wibberley
Enquiries: Mariejosee Shurey-Boesten, x9619

‘Exploring the Heart of Leadership’ Program

This exciting program was first offered in 2001 and received universally positive feedback from its participants.  It addresses leadership at its most fundamental level ... that of the self.  This is because leadership ultimately boils down to our personal capacity to influence others compellingly and constructively.  How is it that some people have this ability to a high degree, some partially have it and others have only a little of it (irrespective of personality type)?  Can we develop this ability?  The answer is YES!  This program unravels why and how. 

In this program you will:

  • Discover how to deepen and strengthen your sense of self, and therefore that of others;
  • Learn more about the fundamental principles of personal power in order to further build it within yourself and others;
  • Discover the underlying principles of relationship and how to transform relationships without relying on requisite changes in others; 
  • Understand the essence of human motivation.
This is a gentle program where new paradigms will be presented for your consideration.  These will be continually related to the Macquarie University context, and their relevance and applicability to your work will be explored throughout. 

Who should attend?  Anyone (general or academic staff) who wants to break new ground in their relationships, including those wanting to further develop their leadership capacities.  Registration for the program is on a first come, first served basis by sending in your Registration Form.  This can be obtained from Kim Richard at CPD (x9721).

We are offering this groundbreaking program for no fee.  This program will be offered for a maximum number of 16 participants.

Participants commit themselves to attending ALL 5 sessions.

Date:  Thursday 22 August,
Wednesday 28 August,
Monday 2 September,
Thursday 5 September 
Tuesday 10 September,
9.30am to 1.00pm 
E6A 116
Facilitator and enquiries: Brenda Turnbull, x9799

CPD bookings can be made on x9721 or email: 

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Media mentions:  We are now using both print and broadcasting monitoring services, but they do sometimes miss Macquarie mentions. To ensure a more comprehensive and accurate MACQUARIE IN THE MEDIA column, please always let us know whenever you have been a subject or an author of any print media item, including reviews of your work or letters-to-the-editor from you, and if you appear on the electronic media.  Kindly forward the information by email to Fiona Crawford: by fax to (9850) 9457; or through internal mail to W6B 148.

Professor Peter Abelson (Economics): interviewed about the sale of Telstra, saying that telecommunications companies are some of the least well managed outfits on the stockmarket. To maintain regional services, the government could enforce regulations or implement subsidies, Radio 2GB, 17 July

Dr Michelle Arrow (Modern History): Article on popular culture can and should galvanise popular opinion caused a stir in the letters pages. One letter criticised her left-wing opinions, another her teaching abilities, while a third was in support of her article, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 July; was interviewed about her research into the long-running ABC serials ‘The Lawsons’ and ‘Blue Hills’, ABC Radio 702, 1 July, ABC Radio Canberra, 3 July; the reason why dissent is becoming harder to find, says one journalist in disagreement with her article, is that people in Australia have little to dissent from. Newspoll again showed popular support for Prime Minister and the perception of his leadership continues to increase, while support for Simon Crean continues to head down, Australian Financial Review, 18 July

Professor Ros Atherton (Law): was interviewed about the problems of plagiarism arising through use of the internet as a resource tool, ABC Radio West Australia, 19 July

Sue Butler (Macquarie Dictionary): said the word ‘rig’ – meaning a big, dominating object, could now enter mainstream usage and if it is commonly used for 3 or 4 years it will warrant an entry in the Macquarie Dictionary, Daily Telegraph, 2 July; a colloquialism is language with its shirt sleeves rolled up and a regionalism is specific to a particular region and is not just slang but is the correct word for something, Sunday Mail Brisbane, 14 July; says that there is a myth in Australia that children can’t spell, but at a recent spelling competition students performed very well, ABC Radio Victoria, 16 July

Miss Anita Chang (Asian Languages): was one of the participants at a Chinese culture seminar in Sydney, Tsing Tao Chinese Newspaper, 27 June; was a guest of honour at a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China, Channel 31, 24 June, Tsing Tao Chinese Newspaper, 27 June

Professor John Croucher (Statistics): was interviewed about the odds of winning in various gambling activities in Australia, Readers Digest, June; was interviewed about the growing art of cheating at universities and the responsibility of students and staff, Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin, 29-30 June; his weekly Number Crunch columns included statistics such as ‘Longest time someone has survived without a discernible pulse: 3 days’, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, 6 July; ‘Number of Australians who were organ donors in 2000: 200; number of recipients: 650’, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, 20  July

Professor Paul Davies (Centre for Astrobiology): attending the Bioastronomy 2002: Life Among the Stars Conference, said the universe is ‘bio-friendly’ and the possibility of alien life existing on other planets is ‘an idea whose time has come’, Weekend Australian, 13 July

Mr Errol Davis (Sculpture Park): was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his service to the arts, in particular with recognition of the establishment of the Sculpture Park at Macquarie University, Ku-ring-gai Observer, 1 July

Dr Chris Evans (Psychology): is part of team researching the behaviour of male Jacky dragons. They have found that the lizards can get just as riled by videos of aggressive territorial males as by the real thing, Discovery Channel, 3 July

Associate Professor Alma Fleet (IEC): was interviewed about parents spending quality time with their children, Radio 2GB, 18 July

Associate Professor Jim Forrest (Human Geography): a report he has released on racism in NSW and QLD indicates that Western Sydney in NSW is the least tolerant area in terms of racism, and is especially intolerant of Muslims, Radio 2CH, 11 July, Radio 2GB, 11 July, The Australian, 11 July, West Australian, 13 July, Daily Telegraph, 17 July; the report rates Cairns as one of the most racially-tolerant parts of Australia, WIN TV News Cairns, 11 July; Prime Minister John Howard has been urged to do more to encourage tolerance in the wake of the report, SBS Television National Television News, 11 July; Forrest was interviewed about the report and said the groups which are targeted for discrimination change every decade from Asian last decade to Muslims in the current years, ABC Radio Canberra, 11 July; said that multiculturalism is alive and well but incidents such as the Tampa and the war on terrorism have given refugees and immigrants a bad image, ABC Radio QLD, 11 July; the report caused a stir in the letters pages with writers both for and against its findings, Weekend Australian, 13 July; the study shows that while most of us recognise racial intolerance in our midst, only about one in eight consider themselves racist, Weekend Australian, 13 July; the survey, which the researchers believe used a good spread of postcodes, was based on 5056 telephone calls. Many in the Fairfield-Liverpool area where 182 people were polled, dispute the findings that their area is racist, Fairfield City Champion, 17 July, Liverpool Champion, 17 July, Liverpool Leader, 17 July; Parramatta Lord Mayor John Haines has rejected the survey which says Parramatta, as part of central western Sydney, is the most racist place in Australia, Parramatta Advertiser, 17 July, Parramatta Sun, 17 July; Lower Northern Sydney was ranked the third most tolerant area, Northern District Times, 17 July

Professor Murray Goot (Politics): said for Simon Crean to become Prime Minister, he has got to cotton onto some underlying values – he’s got to work out what values he’s trying to appeal to and how Labour tailors policies which cater to them, Sydney Morning Herald, 20 July

Dr Jim Kohen (Biology): was interviewed about a public lecture he is giving on the impact Aborigines have had on the Australian landscape. He said many myths and misconceptions about the Aborigines would be challenged in his lecture, Manly Daily, 17 July

Ms Michelle Lemon (Graduate School of the Environment PhD student): was interviewed about research she is conducting in Port Stephens on the affect of noise on dolphins and their response to human induced noise, ABC Radio Newcastle, 3 July; her findings that dolphin sightings could increase if noise from boats and low flying aircraft was reduced could boost tourism, Sunday Telegraph, 7 July; her research was mentioned with regard to NSW Government legislation that will affect whale watching operators, Radio Illawarra, 12 July

Mr Graham Meikle (Media): wrote an article about cultural dissent, stating that today’s activists have abandoned traditional cultural spaces such as plays, songs and films to voice their dissent and have instead created their own spaces and other media networks such as the internet to voice their opinions, Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July; was interviewed about his new book Future Active: Media Activism and The Internet, Radio National, 10 July; Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July

Professor Bob Miller (Business): said that the cost of scrapping existing car advertisements that feature speedy driving, and launching new campaigns, would be passed on to buyers, Sunday Telegraph, 14 July; Sunday Times Perth, 14 July

Ms Lisa Moore (Centre for Astrobiology): was interviewed alongside Mr Ian Neal-Read from the Space Telescope Institute about the differences in star gazing between the southern and the northern hemisphere, ABC Radio Tropical QLD, 9 July

Associate Professor Pam Peters (Linguistics): was interviewed about political correctness after the Hunchback of Notre Dame was renamed Bell Ringer of Notre Dame, ABC Radio Canberra, 2 July

Professor Jill Row (Modern History): was interviewed about the Australian Historical Association conference being held in Brisbane. She says people want to know more and more of their history and feels those under 40 years of age are returning to history and it is again becoming popular. She says that the alleged Kernot/Evans affair is an example of setting the record straight for the purpose of history, but it is too soon to know how the Australian people will ultimately view the episode, ABC Radio QLD, 5 July

Dr Nonna Ryan (European Languages): was interviewed about the Russian Centre at Macquarie University, Avstraliada Russian magazine, April 2002, Russian newspaper Slovo, May 30, 2002

Dr Leslie Stein (Economics): was interviewed about recent events in the Middle East, ABC TV ‘The World at Noon’, 26 June

Professor John Talent (Earth and Planetary Sciences): was interviewed about the First International Palaeontological Congress held at Macquarie University in July, ABC Regional West Radio, 10 July

Dr Andrew Vincent (Politics): was interviewed about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying it is likely that we will see Australian military action in Iraq, Radio 3AK, 18 July

Professor Malcolm Walter (Centre for Astrobiology): was mentioned with regard to the Bioastronomy 2002: Life Among the Stars Conference which was hosted by the Centre for Astrobiology. More than 400 astronomers and biologists discussed such topics as life in space and the need for an Australian space industry, ABC Radio National, 10 July; is among scientists who have discovered that organisms called extremophiles exist under extraordinarily high temperatures, low temperatures and high pressure, giving weight to the argument that alien life may exist on other planets, Weekend Australian, 13 July

Professor Kevin Wheldall (MUSEC): and the Multilit Program at Macquarie University were mentioned with regard to a report on literacy and boys, ABC TV ‘Health Dimensions’, 9 July

Professor Di Yerbury (Vice Chancellor): was interviewed about the partnership between Macquarie University and the International College of Tourism and Hospitality which has produced a Master of International Business degree, Quorum, 1 June

Issues and Events

The Chatswood to Epping rail link, on which work will begin on later this year, will include a station at Macquarie University, North Shore Times, 28 June, Northern District Times, 3 July

Whitehall Property Group will develop two office buildings in Waterloo Rd located near Macquarie University, Macquarie Centre, the Lane Cove tunnel and Parramatta rail link, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 July

Newcastle University is lending a model of Minna the 110 million year old dinosaur to Macquarie University where she will appear in the Palaeographia exhibition alongside the skeleton of real dinosaur Minmi paravertebra, Newcastle Herald, 3 July

Ms Julia Romano, who has been re-appointed to the vocal department of Mitchell Conservatorium, was a music teacher at Macquarie University’s Institute of Early Childhood in 1998, Western Advocate Bathurst, 3 July

Combining art and science, Macquarie University’s Art Gallery and Earth Sciences Museum present a joint project focussing on Australia’s rich fossil record. Palaeographia features fossils of various ages and artworks in a variety of media that have been inspired by the prehistoric world, Northern District Times, 3 July, Sydney Morning Herald, 6 July

The Macquarie University Singers go back in time with their concert based on The Grand Tour of Europe, which features music from Handel, Lully and Gabrieli’s, Sydney Morning Herald, 6 July

Entries are open for senior secondary students who want to enter the Macquarie Business Mathematics Competition to be held online in August, The Australian, 8 July

The Sunday Tasmanian has reported on research from Macquarie University that shows Australians are more interested in politics now than we have ever been, ABC Radio National, 7 July

According to the Macquarie Dictionary, the word ‘ripper’, used by Wimbledon champion Lleyton Hewitt, is a colloquial term meaning ‘something or someone exciting extreme admiration’, Courier Mail, 9 July; The crisp, crumbly fried wafer that accompanies Indian curries is given three different spellings by the Dictionary – pappadum, pappadam and poppadum, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 July; the Dictionary defines the word plagiarism as appropriation or imitation of another’s ideas and manner of expressing them, to be passed off as one’s own, Sun Herald, 21 July

Dr Mike Archer from the Australian Museum spoke on his excitement about the First International Palaeontological Congress held at Macquarie University in July, ABC Radio 702, 9 July

Macquarie University is one of nine Australian universities to make it into the top 100 international rankings for science citations in the past ten years, The Australian, 10 July

Anthropologist Mr Ghassan Hage, a critic of multiculturalism in the name of equality, studied politics and sociology at Macquarie University in the 70s, Bulletin with Newsweek, 9 July

The music industry is cracking down on commercial piracy, particularly in the field of academia. A spokesperson for Macquarie University indicated it was looking into the piracy issue but wouldn’t comment on specific anti-piracy policies, Bulletin with Newsweek, 9 July

During July Macquarie University will host performances by the Macquarie University Singers, The Macquarie Trio and the Stuttgart Orchestra, Ku-ring-gai Observer, 1 July

One of Australia’s boldest con men, Mr Ahmad Ali Rida, who posed as barrister-at-law for many years, enrolled in a law course at Macquarie University whilst in prison in 1999. He did not pass any subjects and there is no record he ever attended any classes at Macquarie, West Australian, 13 July

Peter Edward Nygh, who died last month after a short illness, was a leading international lawyer, professor of law and founding head of Macquarie University’s Law School, and a judge of the Family Court of Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, 15 July

Professor Elizabeth More, who begins her new job as deputy vice-chancellor at the University of Canberra, was formerly professor of management and director of management at Macquarie University, Canberra Times, 15 July, Radio 2CA Canberra, 15 July, Radio 2CC Canberra, 15 July; University of Canberra has a lovely ambience, like Macquarie University where she has come from, Canberra Times, 16 July

The Siemens Science Experience for students entering Year 10 in 2003 will be running camps at various NSW universities, including Macquarie University in January, Sussex Inlet Times, 10 July

More than 300 linguists, linguistic students and language professionals will attend the Australian Linguistic Institute 2000 conference at Macquarie University in July, Northern District Times, 10 July

Ryde Council has had to defer a decision on Macquarie University’s accommodation development application after it was revealed that the University has crown privilege over the land at the corner of Waterloo Rd and Vimiera Rd. The University wants to build 114 dwellings but council wants the number reduced to 98, Northern District Times, 10 July; a Marsfield resident wrote a letter to the editor asking Macquarie University to consider the local resident’s concerns over the development, Northern District Times, 10 July

Mosman will continue to run mental health programs to highlight the issues of anxiety and stress. After the success of a seminar run last November, where two psychologists from Macquarie University gave a presentation on adult anxiety and social fears, another seminar was run in May, Mosman Daily, 18 July

Macquarie University is ranked fourth for Non-Award enrolments in 2001. The university allows the Sydney Institute of Business to teach a range of courses on campus and provides the Institute’s passing students with advanced standing entry to the university, Weekend Australian, 20 July

Macquarie University has the fourth highest enrolment figures for Society and Culture courses, Weekend Australian, 20 July

Fiona Crawford
Media Officer, Public Relations and Marketing

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Australian Proteome Analysis Facility (APAF) 

After long negotiations, both the Commonwealth and NSW Government Agreements for the funding of APAF over the next five years have been signed and the funds for the first year have been transferred to Macquarie University.  One of the immediate uses of the funds will be the upgrade of the Facility’s computing facilities so that it can better service its Clients and to initiate operations at the three new nodes of APAF at TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd in Adelaide and the Universities of Sydney and NSW.

Disability Services

An Expression of Interest proposing the expertise of Dr Coral Kemp, Macquarie University Special Education Centre, was submitted to the ACT Department of Health and Community Care - Register of Expert Advisers in Disability Services.  The register has been established to provide a pool of experts who can be called upon by the ACT Department to provide advice on the implementation of reforms in disability services.

Implementation of the Western Cape Communities Co-Existence Agreement 

Dr Sandie Suchet-Pearson, Human Geography, made a second visit to Weipa, Queensland for the project.   She presented a report prepared by Dr Richie Howitt and herself on “ Monitoring Implementation of the Western Cape Communities Co-Existence Agreement and Weipa Township Agreement”. During her visit she also met with representatives of the mining group Comalco and the local indigenous community.

Evaluation of the Men in Families Project

Ms Kat Anderson, postgraduate student from Psychology travelled to Coffs Harbour, NSW for a week to interview people exposed to the Men in Families and Families First interventions.  The evaluation is led by Associate Professor Graeme Russell and its final report is scheduled for July 2002.

Sydney Water - Corporate Social Responsibility 

Due to the success of this project a Project Variation has been agreed to cover three more focus groups.  The initial milestone, the Reputation Index Advice was completed this week.  Dr. Daniella Tilbury and Richard Boele, GSE, gave a formal presentation to Sydney Water’s senior management on the Reputation Index and an update on mapping Sydney Water’s corporate social responsibility.

Georges River Environmental History

The NSW Department of Fisheries has commissioned Dr Lyn McLoughlin, GSE, to undertake research on the various factors impacting on the environmental history of the Georges River in southern Sydney. 


Open Learning Australia

Twenty one courses were scheduled during June. These were conducted in Sydney, Holsworthy, Glenbrook, Richmond, Williamtown, Moorebank and Wagga.

During mid June, to the end of the month, the following two courses ran: “Appraise Capability & Provide Feedback in the Workplace” a two day course at Sydney Defence Plaza and “Implement & Monitor the Organisation’s OHS Policies, Procedures and Programs”. 

Stormwater Education Project

As part of the Action Research & Learning Proposal for the Clarence Valley Councils, a series of workshops and meetings have been arranged in Grafton by Dr. Daniella Tilbury and Lyn Bowdler, GSE. 

Sustainability Education

Dr Daniella Tilbury and Lyn Bowdler, GSE, were successful in a bid to the Environmental Protection Agency of NSW.  The project involves educating community educators throughout NSW on Sustainability issues.  The project contains an innovative mentoring segment involving GSE staff providing on-line support of the community educators.

Families First – Conferences

A consortium of government departments, coordinated by the Premier’s Department, is funding this project to provide better professional development and training to family support workers in the Inner West region of Sydney. The theme of the first conference day was on the “Strengths Based Approach to Working with Families” and was held on 27 June at Balmain Tigers.  Dr Jennifer Bowes and Marina Harvey, IEC, are providing the academic input to this project.


During June, MRL consultants have provided short-term technical advice in the higher education sector with respect to a number of activities conducted under AusAID's country program in Viet Nam. 
MRL is also working on some Expressions of Interest with academics from the Department of Physical Geography on environmental management studies in the Pacific Islands’ region.

MACQUARIE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS [also trading as Statlab]

The MBS Web Site has had the Data Recovery section totally re-written.  Staff have received the new versions of GFI Mail Security and Mail Essentials software and these versions have been added to MBS’ expanding portfolio of software packages aimed at electronic IT security.
Staff have been negotiating with clients to install this improved security software on their systems and in one case on an Internet Service Provider.
The laptop hard disc data recovery service is continuing to attract clients. For assistance please call x8796.
Concord Hospital burns unit has requested assistance with their skin grafts sampling database. This encompasses digital photography of tissue samples taken through microscopes and storing these images in a searchable database.
The (HREOC) Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission also contacted StatLab to analyse their annual customer satisfaction survey. This will be the 5th year that StatLab has performed this analysis. 


Project Assistants Rebecca Murray and Claire Todd-Egglestone attended the “Writing Winning Tenders and Proposals” course at the Australian Institute of Management.
The course focused on the tender/proposal process including seeking tenders, analysis of opportunity, planning, writing, compilation and post-proposal evaluation and action. It was felt that the course consolidated their knowledge, and equipped them with a variety of new approaches in line with current trends.
Project Manager, Sophie Beauvais, attended a three day course entitled Advanced Project Management at the Australian Institute of Management.  The course aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills to define, plan, implement, control and complete projects irrespective of their type, size and complexity.


MRL has released an Annual Report containing financial information and an Annual Review summarizing the Company’s operations.  This latter publication can be found at: If you would like a hard copy please contact MRL.

From 1 July 2002, the compulsory superannuation levy rose from 8 to 9 per cent.  Project Directors and consultants should take this into account when framing project budgets.

Richard Walker
Executive Director

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The Office of Graduate Affairs and the Macquarie Foundation is always looking for opportunities to bring graduates and the university community together.  The Office provides a communication bridge to the alumni and university community both through the organization of functions and the provision of information services to a targeted audience of the university’s past students.


The opportunity to personally meet Justice Michael Kirby over dinner is being organized for Friday 2 August 2002 at 6.30pm at Parliament House in Sydney.  This is the University’s annual alumni dinner and the topic of Justice Kirby’s address is “National Laws an answer to Global Problems?”


The MQ Channel is the Office of Graduate Affairs communication strategy for the graduate community of over 65 000 members.  It provides a mindset and a practical model for communication across an audience of diverse interests and geographical spread. We are using email and webcast technologies to attract, hold and inspire our audience.  Our online community is now reaching over 5000 graduates via email whilst the magazine, Sirius, reaches over 50,000 graduates worldwide. 


Advertise your Event Notices and Invitations to attend exhibitions and lectures. Promote your events through our monthly email program iMQ to an audience of over 5000 graduates worldwide.  Just send your text to: and we will include it in our next mailing.

We can also include your notices into Sirius the magazine, which is the paper version of the MQ Channel mailed out to over 50,000 graduates in May and November. 

Profile your Research and Consultancy Services

We are currently using webcast technology to provide a 2 to 5 minute webcast of research and industry applications to the alumni and wider community.  The Office of Graduate Affairs can produce a short webcast of you discussing your research from your office.

The webcast is then streamed on the web through the MQ Channel and is viewable on Macintosh, Windows, Unix, Palm and PocketPCs.  Just send an email to: to initiate this promotion of your expertise to the alumni audience.

So if you have a lecture, seminar or even a new book released, consider the MQ Channel as a resource to promote you to this wide audience.

Sandra Lamaro
Office of Graduate Affairs

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IDP Education Australia is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified Australian academics to participate in the Joint Selection Team for postgraduate scholarships in the coming selection round.

The SDS Program in Indonesia, which is funded by the Australian Government through AusAID, promotes capacity building through human resource development in priority developmental sectors. 

Selection of postgraduate scholars to study in Australia is via a joint selection process which is overseen by the Governments of Australia and Indonesia, consistent with agreed general policy objectives.

The Joint Selection Team of Australian and Indonesian academics will recommend awardees for studies in the following development priority areas:

  • Governance
  • Agriculture and Natural Resource Management
  • Engineering
  • Education and Training
  • Health and Science
The time commitment for the 2002/2003 round for Joint Selection Team members would be approximately three weeks during January and February 2003. Travel and accommodation are arranged and funded by IDP, and members will be paid a per diem and professional fee. 

Some knowledge of Indonesia and its development needs is desirable.

Expressions of interest, accompanied by a curriculum vitae, should nominate your area of specialisation vis a vis one of the above development priority areas.

Deadline: Friday 16 August 2002

Expressions of interest should be sent to and further information may be obtained from John Anglim tel: 02 6285 8280 or email:


Postgraduate Awards
Value up to $A40 000 to 50 000

Fulbright Postgraduate Awards are available for Australian citizens wishing to: undertake an approved course of study for an American higher degree or its equivalent; engage in 8 to 12 months relevant research to an Australian higher degree.
Up to eight Postgraduate Awards are available and open to all fields of study. A number of sponsored Awards are available for 2003: 

  • Business Administration Award sponsored by AT Kearney
  • Engineering Award sponsored by Clough Engineering 
  • Science and Engineering Award sponsored by BHP Billiton
  • Visual and Performing Arts Award sponsored by Anthony Joseph Pratt

  • Senior Scholar Awards
    Value up to $A40 000

    For senior scholars and professionals of academically based professions to visit the US for 3 to 6 months duration.

    Postdoctoral Awards
    Value up to $A40 00

    One award is provided for the support of those who have recently completed a PhD. 

    Awards in this category are to enable grantees to conduct postdoctoral research, further their professional training or lecture at a university for 3 to 12 months duration.

    Closing Date: 31 August 2002

    Further information can be obtained from:


    “In these changing times of our globalised world, the need for clear, concise academic writing has never been more urgent. The Australian Academy of the Humanities is proud to be associated with “The Co-op Bookshop Dialogica Awards”. Professor Iain McCalman President, The Australian Academy of the Humanities.

    The aim of these Awards is to encourage excellence in written communication with the broader public by today's busy academics, researchers (including postgraduates), teachers and all people professionally connected with the higher education and VET sectors.

    Major prizes are on offer for the best writing on topics of community interest - from bio-ethics to geo-politics, news and current affairs, historical developments to mathematical breakthroughs, new teaching skills to cultural insights, and everything in between. 

    Entrants are asked to write 2, 000 words on their chosen topic with the emphasis on clear, concise, and persuasive communication. The article should expand logically, coherently and elegantly on the chosen topic or theme. Discipline-specific terminology and jargon should be avoided. 

    Selected articles will be published in a special edition of the Campus Review, which is the organiser of the Awards.

    To be presented in November, the Awards consist of a $10,000 first prize, $5,000 for second and $2000 for third prize. A special $3000 prize for an under-30 scholar will also be awarded.

    A distinguished panel of scholars consisting of Professor Malcolm Gillies, Professor Fay Gale and Professor Peter Spearritt will judge the competition.

    Closing date: 9 September 2002 although earlier submissions are encouraged.

    For competition rules and details on how to enter the Dialogica Awards contact:
    David Myton:  Tel: 9936 8668

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    OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR AND VICE-PRINCIPAL Undergraduate Studies Section Admissions Officer (Part-time (fixed-term)) Ref.  5889

    The appointee will share responsibility for the administration of the undergraduate Honours program; assist in the administration of undergraduate studies in general including admissions, assessing credit for previous study, and process course transfers and changes of program. 

    Essential Criteria: Proved ability to deal with complex matters; meet deadlines; communicate effectively (both orally and in writing); experience of computerised systems and their applications; excellent interpersonal skills.

    Desirable Criteria: Relevant administrative experience in the tertiary sector; relevant tertiary qualification.

    Enquiries:  Mr Ron Kendall on (02) 9850 7327 or email:

    Selection criteria must be addressed in the application. 

    The position is a replacement for the current occupant who is on maternity leave.  The appointment is available on a part-time (fixed-term) basis (Monday and Tuesday, 8 hours per day) until 18 February 2003. 

    Salary range:  Level 7 - up to $57,215 pa, including base salary $48,105 to $51,853 pa, plus annual leave loading and 9% employer’s contribution to superannuation. Pro rata rates apply.

    Applications, including full curriculum vitae and quoting the reference number, visa status, and the names and addresses (including email address) of three referees should be forwarded to the Recruitment Manager, Personnel Office, Macquarie University, NSW 2109 by 31 July 2002.  Applications will not be acknowledged unless specifically requested. 


    To apply for internally advertised positions, you must be: a current Macquarie University staff member AND a Continuing, Fixed-term or long-term Casual staff member

    DIVISION OF ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL STUDIES Department of Accounting and Finance Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance (Full-time (continuing))Ref.  19391

    The appointee will be Assistant Director of the Graduate Accounting and Commerce Centre (GACC) within the Department, reporting to the Director GACC.  The appointee will be responsible for the strategic development and operational management of the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Master of Accounting programs, and will also teach on these programs.

    Essential Criteria: Undergraduate degree in Accounting; be a member or eligible for membership of CPA Australia or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia; experience and demonstrated excellence in developing and managing a postgraduate professional accounting program at least at postgraduate diploma level and have demonstrated ability to teach on such a program; demonstrated awareness of current research issues; evidence of teaching quality.

    Desirable Criteria: Postgraduate degree in a relevant area; demonstrated awareness and sensitivity towards multicultural students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

    Enquiries: Professor Peter Eddey x8523 or email: or Professor Robert Reeve on x7848 or email:

    Applicants MUST obtain an information package, available from Mrs Anne Mercieca on x7848 or email:

    Selection criteria must be addressed in the application. 

    The position is available on a full-time (continuing) basis,  and may be subject to probationary conditions.

    Salary Level:  Level C (Lecturer Senior) $76,860 - $88,626pa, including base salary $64,948 to $74,890 pa, annual leave loading and 17% employer's superannuation. Salary supplementation is available.

    Applications, including full curriculum vitae, quoting the reference number, visa status, and the names and addresses (including postal and/or email address) of three referees, should be forwarded to the Recruitment Manager, Personnel Office, Macquarie University, NSW 2109 by 2 August 2002. Applications will not be acknowledged unless specifically requested.

    Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

    DIVISION OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND LIFE SCIENCES Department of Chemistry Lecturer in Chemistry (Physical Chemistry) (Full-time (continuing)) Ref.   19390

    The appointee will contribute to the teaching of undergraduate units, supervise and teach postgraduate students, conduct research, and contribute to the administration, organisation and promotion of the Department. While the appointee will be expected to develop and lead their own research program, potential for innovative collaboration with existing strengths in the University would be well regarded.   An ideal appointee would be one who has a strong track record in physical chemistry, a commitment to chemical education, and ability to teach effectively in several areas of the subject.  Applicants are invited to set out their plans for research over the next three to five years, and also to comment on innovative teaching and learning strategies, including flexible delivery.

    Essential Criteria:  A doctoral degree (or equivalent) in chemistry or a closely related discipline; an established record of scholarship relevant to physical chemistry; demonstrated research record in physical chemistry; a demonstrated commitment to high-quality teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with an emphasis on curriculum development and flexible delivery; demonstrated ability to communicate and interact productively with students, staff and the community; capacity to supervise or co-supervise undergraduate and postgraduate research students.

    Desirable criteria: Demonstrated research record in chemical education; research interests and experience complementary to those of current academic staff; experience in the teaching of university-level physical, theoretical or general chemistry; awareness of occupational health and safety measures, with emphasis of chemical laboratory practice; demonstrated administrative skills; demonstrated skills in information technology and computer-based applications; a significant postdoctoral record.

     Enquiries and Application Package: Professor Brian Orr, Head of Department, on (02) 9850 8275.  An application package MUST be obtained prior to sending your application and is available from Ms Maria Hyland on (02) 9850 8275 or email: or from the Department's website at

    Selection criteria must be addressed in the application.

    The position is available on a full-time (continuing) basis from January 2003 and will be subject to probationary conditions.

    Salary Range:  Level B (Lecturer) - $62,744 to $74,508 pa, including base salary $53,019 to $62,960 pa, 17% employer's superannuation and annual leave loading. 

    Applications, including full curriculum vitae, quoting the reference number, visa status, and the names and addresses (including email address) of three referees, should be forwarded to the Recruitment Manager, Personnel Office, Macquarie University, NSW 2109 by 23 August 2002.  Applications will not be acknowledged unless specifically requested. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

    Equal Employment Opportunity is a University Policy.


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    Advertisements may only be placed by and for Macquarie University staff members.

    FOR SALE Lounge Suite - one three seater sofa bed and two arm chairs, in upholstered fabric ("Tomahawk" pattern) in good condition $400. Also matching Dining Suite - extendable lime wash-look table and six matching chairs with upholstered fabric, also in good condition $400. Or $750 the lot. Contact: Lola  9629 4543 FOR SALE Above ground pool, 7.5m x 4.0m x 1.2m, including pump, filter, pool cleaner, accessories and cover, buyer to dismantle. Good condition, $1300 negotiable. Penrith. Contact:  Ash  0403 23 2535 or x9056.
    FOR SALE Yamaha PSR150 electric keyboard, $150; VCR, $145; colour TV, $95; amplifier $90; mattress (double), $60; futon base (queen), $60; bedside tables, $55 each; small cupboard, $65; chairs, $35 each; wire basket sets of draws, $30 each; various shelving, from $45; desk & floor lamps, from $25; juicer, $25; blender, $25; reel hose, $25. Contact: Sallyanne 0414 935 021. WANTED TO BUY Second hand washing machine/ dryer wanted to buy. Looking for decent but fairly cheap washing machine also interested in dryer. Fine if it is old but working ok. Contact: Prue x9299.
    FOR RENT Townhouse in Ashfield for rent - gorgeous, brand new 2 bedrooms with built-ins.  3 bathrooms, double lock up garage, video intercom, separate lounge and dining, polished floors, outdoor entertaining area, great street.  Contact: Kate x6420 FOR RENT As new two bedroom, two bathroom security apartment in Liberty Grove/Concord West. Large balcony overlooking park, internal laundry with dryer, security carspace, gym, tennis and basketball court and convenience store. 15 minute drive to Macquarie. Available from 8 August. Contact: Puwang x8311, 9736 2417 (h), email:
    ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE Marsfield:  Unfurnished room with large built-ins and own bathroom in large modern two bedroom unit.  Quiet security block, pool, tennis court, parking space.  Close to transport, Macquarie University and Centre.  Non-smoker preferred.  $175 per week +bond+expenses.  Contact: Maureen 9888 6364 or 0414 510 952. SHORT-TERM SHARE ACCOMODATION Newtown.  Room available August 2 to September 12 in spacious, remodelled townhouse two blocks from Newtown train station. Rent: $130 p.w.+ share of bills.  Contact Jessica on 9557 0643 or email:
    Advertisements may only be placed by and for Macquarie University staff members.  Advertisements may only be placed by and for Macquarie University staff members. 

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     DIARY 2002



    Friday 26 July 

    MACQUARIE ANCIENT HISTORY ASSOCIATION Greek Drama Festival State Finals. Macquarie Theatre, 9.30am to 3.00pm. Finals of the annual schools competition. Spectators are welcome at any time of the day to watch the performances.
    Tuesday 30 July

    SOCIOLOGY COLLOQUIUM "What has Civilisation go to do with Liberalism? Political theory, settler colonialism and the stolen generations"  Robert Van Krieken, Sociology, University of Sydney.  11.00am to 1.00pm Room 707 W6A.


    Thursday 1 August

    AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A PRINCESS The Biological Sciences Museum hosts lunchtime entertainment/documentary programs each Thursday 1.00pm to 2.00pm E8B 110.
    Friday 2 August

    GRADUATE SCHOOL OF THE ENVIRONMENT SEMINAR Speaker: Tiffany Morrison, PhD candidate, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems & School of Geography, Planning & Architecture, UQld. Topic:Integration for Sustainable Regions: expanding our notion of resources, participation and outcomes. Seminars are open to all and start promptly at 1.00pm in Building E7B Lecture Theatre T3 (Level 3). 
    Tuesday 6 August

    ANCIENT HISTORY Society for the Study of Early Christianity. Research series, talk by Dr Paul Barnett on Paul’s Readers in Rome and his Reason for Writing. W3A 501. 7.30pm, donation $7.00, ($5.00 SSEC members). Contact: Pat Geidans x 7512.
    Thursday 8 August

    BEN SPOCK, BABY DOCTOR The Biological Sciences Museum hosts lunchtime entertainment/documentary programs each Thursday 1.00pm to 2.00pm E8B 110.

    MACQUARIE LAW SEMINARS "The Legal Regulation of Hatred" series will be presented by Wayne Morgan (Faculty of Law, ANU), "Language, violence and anti-discrimination law: the experience of sexual outsiders". Law Staff Library, 6th Floor W3A, 1.00pm to 2.00pm. All welcome.
    Friday 9 August

    DEPARTMENT OF EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCES SEMINAR. Experimental dehydration of subducted oceanic crust – the search for a geochemical signature. Speaker Professor Trevor Green GEMOC, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. E6A in Room 102 commencing at 1.05pm.

    INTRODUCTION TO OH&S 9.30am to 5.00pm in E6A 116.  Facilitator: Julie Armour.Enquiries: Ugo Cernot, x9723. Lunch will be provided.To book call CPD on x9721 or email:
    Tuesday August 13

    SOCIOLOGY COLLOQUIUM Topic to be announced, Kerstin Wuenster, Barry Hindess Political Science RSSS, ANU. 10.00am to 1.00pm Room 707 W6A.
    Wednesday August 14

    WebCT Troubleshooting. Q & A session to discuss issues and concerns arising from teaching and learning in an online environment. 1.00pm to  2.00pm, Training Room 2, Library. Enquiries: Judy King x9945. Bookings: Phoebe Dangerfield x7570, email:

    EO Workshop: Supporting Students with a Disability 1.00pm to 2.00pm in E6A 116. Facilitator: Sondra Wibberley Enquiries Mariejosee Shurey-Boesten, x9619.To book call CPD on x9721 or email:
    Thursday August 15

    Learning and Teaching Online. Explore teaching and learning issues and experience the online environment as a student in this four week course (conducted in face-to-face and online mode, concludes September 13). Enquiries: Maree Gosper x9752. Bookings: Phoebe Dangerfield x7570, email:
    Thursday 15 August and Friday 16 August

    CHOPPER PART 1 and PART 2 The Biological Sciences Museum hosts lunchtime entertainment/documentary programs each Thursday 1.00pm to 2.00pm E8B 110.
    Friday August 16

    DEPARTMENT OF EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCES SEMINAR. Mantle Plumes and Supercontinents Part 1. Geologic Track Record of a Neoproteozoic Supercontinent. Speaker Professor Kent Condie, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, Socorro, New Mexico. E6A in Room 102 commencing at 1.05pm.
    Wednesday  August 21

    Tackling Online Issues III: Mixed Mode Delivery. A discussion forumlooking at critical issues in the online environment. 1.00pm to 2.00pm, CFL Meeting Room, Library Level 1 (rear entrance, opposite Union Shop).
    Wednesday 21 August, Thursday 22 August and Friday 23 August

    GHANDI PART 1, PART 2 and PART 3 The Biological Sciences Museum hosts lunchtime entertainment/documentary programs each Thursday 1.00pm to 2.00pm E8B 110. 
    Thursday 22 August

    ANCIENT HISTORY Society for the Study of Early Christianity. Public lecture by Peter Edwell on Christian Architecture in late Roman Syria. 1.00pm to 2.00pm in C5C T1. Free. Contact: Pat Geidans x 7512.
    Thursday 22 August, Wednesday 28 August, Monday 2 September, Thursday 5 September and Tuesday 10 September

    ‘Exploring the Heart of Leadership’ Program 9.30am to 1.00pm in E6A 116 Facilitator and enquiries: Brenda Turnbull, x9799. To obtain a registration form call CPD on x9721 or email: Program 9.30am to 1.00pm in E6A 116 Facilitator and enquiries: Brenda Turnbull, x9799. To obtain a registration form call CPD on x9721 or email:
    Friday 23 August

    DEPARTMENT OF EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCES SEMINAR. Mantle Plumes and Supercontinents Part 2. Catastrophic Events in the mantle 1.9 and 2.7 billion years ago. Speaker Professor Kent Condie, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, Socorro, New Mexico. E6A in Room 102 commencing at 1.05pm.

    OUTSTANDING TEACHING AWARDS 2002 Completed applications are due on 23 August.  Nomination forms can be found at, or pick them up at C4C.  Please contact Anna Reid on x9780 for more information.
    Friday 23  to Sunday 25 August

    MACQUARIE ANCIENT HISTORY ASSOCIATION Annual Weekend Conference “Ancient World Mysteries”. Chaldercot, one hour’s drive South of Royal National Park. Includes guest speakers, dinner, fancy dress party, bushwalking and punting in boats. Cost: $105 per person. Jim Hamilton x9965 or Anne Irish x 8833.
    Tuesday 27 August

    ANCIENT HISTORY Society for the Study of Early Christianity. Research series, talk by Dr Margaret Beirne on Jewish Women in the Fourth Gospel. W3A 501. 7.30pm, donation $7.00, ($5.00 SSEC members). Contact: Pat Geidans x 7512.

    SOCIOLOGY COLLOQUIUM Elements for a Political Economy of Hope. Ghassan Hage, Anthropology, University of Sydney, 11.00am to 1.00pm Room 707 W6A.
    Thursday 29 August

    HORSE THIEF; DAO ME ZEI The Biological Sciences Museum hosts lunchtime entertainment/documentary programs each Thursday 1.00pm to 2.00pm E8B 110.
    Friday 30 August

    GRADUATE SCHOOL OF THE ENVIRONMENT  SEMINAR  Speaker: Ms Sue Holliday, Director General, Planning NSW Topic: New Directions for Sustainability Planning in NSW. Seminars are open to all and start promptly at 1.00pm in Building E7B Lecture Theatre T3 (Level 3). 

    DEPARTMENT OF EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCES SEMINAR. Late Carboniferous Volcanic, Magnetic and Tectonic Events in the Tamworth belt, Southern New England Orogen. Speaker Professor John Roberts University of NSW. E6A in Room 102 commencing at 1.05pm.

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    to_top The next issue of Staff News will be published on Friday  9 August  2002.
    All items for inclusion to be submitted in writingor by email ( by noon, Monday 5 August  2002.
    Michelle Coventry, C9B, x7379, Fax x7391.