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    Library. Search the Macquarie University library. Search by. Books, articles &more. ... Search shortcuts:. Levels 1 &2. Monday - Friday. 8 am. -. 10 pm. Saturday - Sunday. 10 am. -. 6 pm. Levels 3, 4 &5.

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    MQ Enterprise Partnerships Scheme- OPEN. OPEN. For other external funding opportunities, searchMacquarie University staff are encouraged to use this database to search for research funding opportunities.

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    Macquarie University staff are also able to utilise the Research Professional database to search for research funding opportunities.

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    Keyword search.

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    Advanced database searching including search/subject alerts. Identifying useful methodology. Evaluating sources, literature reviews and systematic reviews. ... Evidence-based practice question and literature search support. is Macquarie…

  • Our people | AIHI - Australian Institute of Health Innovation

    search. You are here.

  • Staff Portal - Data storage

    Truth creates descriptors about your datasets and provides version lists and search facilities. ... Search by metadata:Truth captures and stores both content and metadata (information about files/folders) of every item stored.

  • Student Portal - Exam timetables

    The seating/room allocation list is now available (search using your student ID number). ... UNE: The exam room allocation list is now available (search for your individual room/seating allocation using your Student ID number).

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