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  • Data-Driven Correction of Function Words in Non-Native English Adriane ...

    10 Sep 2011  PDF (155k)

    To adapt the prediction approach for the HOO shared task, we replace the Yahoo search engine used by Elghafari et al. ... Using ARC rather than web searches allows us to abstract away from the surface context by substi- tuting POS tags and lemmas in …

  • Handling Outlandish Occurrences: Using Rules and Lexicons for Correcting ...

    10 Sep 2011  PDF (275k)

    2009. Using Statistical Techniques and Web Search to Correct ESL Errors.

  • acl-hlt2011-4

    11 Sep 2011  PDF (87k)

    i. In certain cases where the words are marked, we search for a gerund or noun after the marked word.

  • cmhreport04

    8 Sep 2011  PDF (252k)

    Email: Over the past year considerable publicity for MAP has been generated, the search for media archives in private hands has continued, and relationships with organisations such

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