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    Databases. Unit readings. Past exam papers. Enter a search query. Search for Books, articles &more. ... video streaming. Search for Unit readings. Enter a search query. Search for Past exam papers.

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    Search for:. in. All. Staff Portal. Staff Directory. Policy Central.

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    We help students research organisations and opportunities, search and apply for jobs, prepare application documents and provide a platform where students can acquire the skills and experience to get them

  • FAQs How do I search for a unit in eStudent to add to my study plan?

    Publish date:In your elective set you can choose to add majors, minors and units. To add a unit you will need to select 'Undergraduate Units'. Use the text box on the right to search for your unit. A unit code with 4 letters should look as per the PSYC example below.  If your unit code contains 3 letters you will need to put a space between the letters and numbers (as per the MAS example below). For example: For PSYC104, search PSYC104. For MAS110, search MAS 110.

    search. How do I search for a unit in eStudent to add to my study plan? ... Use the text box on the right to search for your unit.

  • Staff Portal - University policies and procedures

    Policy Explorer to filter your search using the Category, Audience and/or Status (New/Amended etc.) filters; or. ... Find out which policy documents are new, amended or under review using the status search within the Policy Explorer tool.

  • Staff Portal - Data storage

    Truth creates descriptors about your datasets and provides version lists and search facilities. ... Search by metadata:Truth captures and stores both content and metadata (information about files/folders) of every item stored.

  • Student Portal - --Internships

    Search for unpaid internship opportunities on our online job board CareerHub and other job websites as listed above. ... have your resume and cover letter reviewed. search for jobs. create your Career Portfolio.

  • Student Portal - Career planning

    CareerWise has tips on how to search for jobs. As you search, think about:. ... If you need help with any of these steps, search for initial information on CareerWise before booking an appointment with the Career and Employment Service.

  • Student Portal - Access to systems

    keywords to narrow your search.

  • Student Portal - Examinations - search our library of student administration related questions and answers or submit an online enquiry to get the answers you're looking for.

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