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  • Find a course

    Find a course. At Macquarie, we allow you the freedom to explore your interests across a range of areas, rather than lock you in to a single, narrow field. ... Many of our courses also offer majors, which represent a particular focus for your study.

  • How to search a database

    How to search a database. Databases are searchable by keyword, subject, article title, author, date or journal title. ... Step 3: search a database.

  • Undergraduate Research in Australia - Search for resources

    The database is being added to on a regular basis. You can contact those involved by clicking on the email address following your search. ... You can search the database by either text or keyword. A text search allows you to enter your own search

  • iLearn Glossary

    Search iLearn Website. Search Macquarie University. search. You are here:. ... Database Activity. The database activity module allows the teacher and/or students to build, display and search a bank of record entries about any conceivable topic.

  • Staff Portal - Intellectual property

    Don't forget you can use the Derwent Innovation database, now available via the Library (MultiSearch/Databases) to run a search. ... We recommend using a Patent Search and then selecting Title/Abstact/Claims to search for key words.

  • Undergraduate Research in Australia

    search. You are here:. ... You can search a database of resources, artifacts, protocols and case studies, an annotated bibliography of publications related to undergraduate research and a list of useful websites.

  • Cognitive-behavioural approach for children with autism spectrum disorder : a

    43 Visitors. 63 Hits. 0 Downloads. Title. Cognitive-behavioural approach for children with autism spectrum disorder : a literature review. ... Method: A total of 39 studies reporting on cognitive– behavioural approaches for children with ASD were…

  • Unit Guide

    Weighting: 5%. In-class presentation of the results of a database search related to your proposed individual research topic. ... See the iLearn website for details. Students' oral presentations, briefly summarising the results of their database

  • Database trials

    AcademicFocus (from CNKI). Academic Focus is a database of selected Chinese academic literatures that have been translated to English. ... Making this data available in a database form provides the user with the capability to search, analyse and…

  • Researching your assignment

    find specific electronic and print journal titles. To develop a search strategy, identify the key concepts or ideas contained in your topic. ... nutrition. sugar. infants. girls/boys. adolescents. hyperactivity. anxiety. depression. lethargy. Having …

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