Pre Award and faculty contacts

Pre Award and faculty contacts

Pre Award Contacts

Objectives of the Pre Award Team

The main objectives of the Pre Award Team are to:

  • Help researchers to identify appropriate funding opportunities and collaborative partners
  • Assist in the development of high-quality, competitive research proposals
  • Manage submission processes on behalf of Macquarie University

Manager, Pre Award


Dr Erin Semon
T: 02 9850 8609

Research Development Managers

Objective: Develop high-quality, competitive external grant applications

  • Build, track and articulate research performance
  • Provide resources, programs and initiatives aimed at increasing researcher effectiveness in external research funding endeavours
  • Organise and deliver researcher development workshops
  • ARC and NHMRC focus

Dr Ross Hill

Dr Ross Hill

Research manager with experience as a researcher and in grant assessment

Assessor for ARC DP, Future Fellowship and DECRA schemes

Recipient of postdoctoral research fellowships, ARC and other grants

Available to assist researchers across all disciplines
T: 02 9850 4737

Ms Courtney Bendall

Administrator with experience in grant assessment, submission and management

Successful funding experience through NHMRC, NIH, WHO and pharma

Primarily assisting researchers in the medical, health and human sciences
T: 02 9850 4745

Research Partnerships Managers

Objective: Identify, develop and manage relationships with private sector, government and other external organisations to boost research funding

  • Identify and facilitate research funding opportunities to provide solutions to challenges faced by partners
  • Assist the University to achieve its strategic objectives in relation to Category 2 and 3 research income
  • Assist researchers to develop new partnerships, including through Enterprise Partnership Funding Scheme
  • Provide guidance, pitch development and relationship building advice
Mark Berlage 

Mark Berlage

Research Framework Themes:
Secure Planet
Innovative Technologies

Faculty of Science and Engineering
T: 02 9850 4058

Lisa Elliott 

Jenny-Lee (J-L) Heylen

Research Framework Themes:
Resilient Societies
Prosperous Economies

Faculty of Arts
Macquarie Business School
T: 02 9850 4057

Daniel Johnston 

Daniel Johnston

Research Framework Theme:
Healthy People

Faculty of Human Sciences
T: 02 9850 7577

For Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences please contact

Research Proposals Team

Objective: Provide compliance advice and submit proposals on behalf of MQ researchers

  • Provide advice and support to researchers applying for funding
  • Ensure compliance with funding rules
  • Responsible for submitting proposals on behalf of the University to funding bodies
  • Administer and run Macquarie University internal research funding schemes

Proposals Team Leader

  Anita Quinn

T: 02 9850 4462

Research Proposals Officers

 Fiona Collison

Monday and Tuesday
T: 02 9850 4877

Bec Syler

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
T: 02 9850 4193

 Donna Burgess

T: 02 9850 4877

Faculty Contacts

Faculty of Arts

Associate Dean, ResearchProf Robert Reynolds
Phone: 02 9850 7861
Faculty Research ManagerJan Zwar
Phone: 02 9850 4496
General Faculty Research Office
Faculty General ManagerNeil Durrant
Phone: 02 9850 7687

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Associate Dean, ResearchProf Roger Chung
Phone: 02 9850 2724
Faculty Research ManagerDr Kyle Ratinac
Phone: 02 9850 2788
General Faculty Research Office
Faculty General ManagerDr Welly Firmanto
Phone: 02 9850 3507

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Associate Dean, ResearchProf David Coutts
Phone: 02 9850 8970
Faculty Research ManagerIrina Zakoshanski
Phone: 02 9850 8912
General Faculty Research Office
Faculty General ManagerAmanda Croft
Phone: 02 9850 4282

Macquarie Business School

Associate Dean, ResearchProf Lorne Cummings
Phone: 02 9850 8531
Faculty Research ManagerAgnieszka Baginska
Phone: 02 9850 8485
General Faculty Research Office
Faculty General ManagerAnn Goldwater
Phone: 02 9850 7292

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