NSW COVID-19 Research Grants

NSW COVID-19 Research Grants

StatusOpen (Round Two)

The NSW COVID-19 Research Grants program has been designed to ensure that research results are obtained as quickly as possible to directly support the NSW Health response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Round One of this program has concluded. Round Two is now open.

NSW Health invites eligible individuals to apply for the COVID-19 Research Grants Program.

Funding of up to $1 million per project, for a period of up to 24 months, is available.

Funding is available for existing and new research projects. Applications submitted in round one but not funded may re-apply in the second round if the project is eligible and aligns with research topics.

Expressions of Interest for round two must be submitted by completing administrative details and uploading a project summary using the online form. This will be completed by Research Services Pre-Award on your behalf.

Applications will be peer reviewed against the eligibility and selection criteria in accordance with the process detailed in the COVID-19 Research Grants guidelines for Round two.

Expressions of Interest will be reviewed against the eligibility and selection criteria in accordance with the process detailed in the COVID-19 Research Grants Round Two Guidelines.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Round Two

Eligibility criteria

Applications must meet all eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria for Round Two include:

  • Address specific topic areas
  • Based in NSW
  • Submit a complete EOI (and full application if progressing to Stage 2)
  • Australian citizen, permanent residency status or appropriate visa
  • Host organisation requirements
  • Administering organisation requirements

For full eligibility details please refer to the COVID-19 Research Grants Round Two Guidelines.

Selection criteria

Across all research topics, NSW Health will prioritise projects for funding that fulfil the following criteria:

  • Research using a system-wide approach so that findings can be scaled in NSW
  • Research that has potential to be translated directly into policy and practice
  • Studies measuring clinically important outcomes
  • Large, multidisciplinary and/or collaborative projects and trials
  • Research that includes consideration of health equity between different population groups.

The Project Summary will be forwarded to reviewers for shortlisting purposes. It should aim to clearly justify that the research topic under investigation is important for the COVID-19 response in NSW, and that the research proposed can provide strong evidence and be translated into policy and practice.

The summary should be succinct and written in plain English, and the format should be easy to follow.

Reviewers will use the following selection criteria to assess the Project Summary:

  1. Strength and utility of the research plan and project team (50%)
  2. Evidence generated will be directly translatable into supporting the COVID-19 response in NSW (50%)

For full selection details please refer to the COVID-19 Research Grants Round Two Guidelines.

Research Topics

Round Two

  1. Identifying effective models of care
  2. Mental health impact of COVID-19
  3. Public health messaging
  4. Prevention and therapeutics
  5. Diagnostics
Faculty Processes

The Faculties have their own approval and review processes for grants under this scheme. They may also have deadlines for submission of draft applications that are earlier than the Research Services deadlines. Please ensure that you contact your Faculty, as early as possible, for information on process and deadlines. Faculty contacts:

Faculty of Arts
Ph 9850 4496 (x4496), Faculty Research Manager, Dr Jan Zwar

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences
Ph 9850 2788 (x2788), Faculty Research Manager, Dr Kyle Ratinac

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Ph 9850 8912 (x8912), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Irina Zakoshanski

Macquarie Business School
Ph 9850 8485 (x8485), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Agnieszka Baginska

Key Dates

Round Two EOI

Grant guidelines released: Monday 27 July 2020
Applications open: Monday 27 July 2020
Macquarie University Internal Deadline (strategic review and compliance check): 9 am Thursday 6 August 2020
Applications close: 5 pm Monday 17 August 2020
Outcomes notified: by Wednesday 16 September 2020

Full Application (by invitation)

Applications open: Wednesday 16 September 2020
Macquarie University strategic review deadline: TBA
Macquarie University compliance check deadline: TBA
Applications close: TBA – October 2020
Outcomes notified: TBA – November 2020

These are indicative dates from the funding agency and may be subject to change

Applications must be submitted to the Research Services Pre Award team via PURE. Research Services will submit the application.

Applications that do not have a Pure record and/or do not have all the appropriate approvals in Pure (Head of Department and Associate Dean Research) will not be submitted to the external funding agency.


COVID-19 Research Grants Round Two Guidelines

Round Two EOI Template

NSW Health Online Submission Details

Pure Quick Reference Guide for creating and submitting application

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MQ Partner-Funded Research Budget Calculator

MQ Salary Rates (Academic, Professional, PhD Scholarships)

MQ Guide to Appropriate Salary Levels and Steps

View expedited review process for ethics applications about COVID-19

ContactsInformation and Compliance
Research Proposals Team
Research Services
Ph: +61 2 9850 4193

Strategic Advice
Daniel Johnston
Research Partnerships Manager
Research Services
Ph: +61 2 9850 7577
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