NHMRC Project Grants

NHMRC Project Grants

Status Closed

The NHMRC Project Grants scheme aims to support the creation of new knowledge by funding the best investigator-initiated research project plan of between one and five years, in any area relevant to human health.

The NHMRC Project Grants are a highly competitive scheme. The assessment criteria is:

50% Scientific Quality

25% Significance of the expected outcomes and/or Innovation

25% Track Record (CI Team)

Scores of 6 and above for Project Grants should be successful.


RAO certification of Project Grant scheme New Investigator (NI) status request forms
Note changes to the Project Grant scheme for funding commencing in 2018 include the requirement that New Investigator status request forms be certified by the RAO before they are submitted to NHMRC. Forms must be submitted by 5pm AEDT on 24 January 2018 for applicants to be considered for NI status.

Change to Project Grant application limit for 2018
Applicants should be aware of the new limit on Project Grant applications in 2018 (see section 5.1.1 of the Project Grant funding rules).
The maximum number of applications any Chief Investigator (CIA-CIJ) may submit in the 2018 Project Grant round is two.
The maximum number of Project Grants a Chief Investigator (CIA-CIJ) can hold is six. For the purpose of determining eligibility for this round, the number of Project Grants an applicant holds is the number scheduled to continue from 1 January 2019. For example, if an applicant will hold five active Project Grants in 2019, only one Project Grant application may be submitted in 2018.
Note that the application cap of two per Chief Investigator applies only to applications seeking funding from NHMRC. Applications seeking funding only from Cancer Council and/or Cancer Australia and Funding Partners are not capped.


Project Grants can be requested for between one and five years. Applicants are required to fully and clearly justify their requested budget on a yearly basis in order to demonstrate value for money.

Faculty Processes

Guide for NHMRC Applicants on Macquarie Approvals Process Through PURE

The Faculties have their own approval and review processes for grants under this scheme. They may also have deadlines for submission of draft applications that are earlier than Research Services deadlines. Please ensure that you contact your Faculty, as early as possible, for information on process and deadlines. Faculty contacts:

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Business and Economics
Ph 9850 8485 (x8485), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Agnieszka Baginska

Faculty of Human Sciences
Ph 9850 9607 (x9607), Acting Faculty Research Manager, Ms Jo Tuck

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Ph 9850 2788 (x2788), Faculty Research Manager, Dr Kyle Ratinac

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Ph 9850 8912 (x8912), Faculty Research Manager, Ms Irina Zakoshanski

Key Dates

NHMRC opening date in RGMS: Wednesday 10 January 2018
Faculty deadline: Wednesday 7 February 2018
NHMRC minimum data deadline: Wednesday 14 February 2018
Research Office Compliance Check deadline: Wednesday 28 February 2018
NHMRC closing date: Wednesday 14 March 2018
Outcomes expected: TBA


Note: NHMRC locates all their Scheme documentation in GrantConnect. You will be required to set-up a username and password to access.

Funding Rules
Instructions to Applicants
RGMS Information and Offline Forms
Grant Proposal Template
NHMRC Budget Mechanism
NHMRC Direct Research Costs Guidelines
Guide to NHMRC Peer Review

MQ Resources
Guide for Completing your NHMRC Project Grant Application
Chief Investigator Track Record Guide
Career Disruption Example
Project Grant Budget CalculatorTeam Quality and Capability Guide
Advice on Writing your Rebuttal 

MQRTP Scholarship Schedule
Pure Research Management System
MQ Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
Application Checklist

2018 Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) Scheme
Request an MQRES allocation

NHMRC Chief Investigator Certification Email Template
NHMRC Associate Investigator Certification Email Template


Information and Compliance
Research Proposals Team
Research Services
Ph: +61 2 9850 4193

Strategic Advice
Ms Courtney Bendall
Research Development Manager
Research Services
Ph: +61 2 9850 4745

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