MQ Enterprise Partnership Scheme

MQ Enterprise Partnership Scheme

Status Open
Aim The Macquarie University Enterprise Partnerships Scheme is intended to support the establishment and development of mutually beneficial links with private sector and government enterprises. The University and the partner organisation will contribute resources to a research project aimed at establishing a longer term relationship.
Funding University staff may seek support for research projects involving private or government enterprises which are prepared to provide a cash contribution to the project which at least matches the sum requested from the University. The maximum amount that may be requested from the University is $50,000. There is no limit on a partner's cash contribution.  Grants are for one year only and must commence within three months of the date of notification of success. It is expected that they will lead to further funding from the partner organisation on further projects.
Faculty and University Research Office Processes

Any queries relating to these Funding Rules or procedures should be directed to your Faculty Research Manager and the appropriate Research Partnerships Manager in the Research Office: 

Research Partnerships Manager (Healthy People)
Lisa Elliott ph. 9850 1064,
Research Partnerships Managers (Resilient Societies)
Lisa Elliott ph. 9850 1064,
Research Partnerships Manager (Prosperous Economies)
Research Partnerships Manager (Secure Planet)
Mark Berlage ph. 9850 4058,
Research Partnerships Manager (Innovative Technologies)
Mark Berlage ph. 9850 4058,

Key Dates

Applications may be submitted at any time.
Outcomes expected four weeks from the date of submission.


Funding Rules

Application Form

Template Guide for Partner Letter of Support

Macquarie research project form (APLI/coversheet)

Application Checklist 

Contacts Ms Fiona Collison
Research Partnerships Team
Research Office
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