Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

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Our innovative and translational research is conducted through partnerships and collaborations across the University and throughout the community.


Macquarie’s magnetoencephalography (MEG) facility, established in 2012 with $40 million awarded by the Department of Education and Training, has facilitated opportunities for Macquarie research centres and teams, government research organisations such as the National Acoustics Laboratories, leading Australian companies, for example Cochlear, and NGOs including the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre, a service of the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

In 2013, Macquarie also invested $3 million in a new Simulation Hub, the only facility of its type in the world, which co-locates a range of simulation devices to enable applied research.


Macquarie has five established community clinics, which have delivered assessment and treatment services to more than 75,000 community members. With more than 85 full-time professional staff delivering services for mental health, learning disorders, and employment services, often for free or at a reduced fee, our clinics also have more than 43 research collaborations with community, government, and industry partners to translate research knowledge, methods and resources to better support consumers nationally and internationally.

Macquarie has made sustained strategic investment through national, university, and faculty research centres. At the national level, we have facilitated the development of the Department of Health-funded MindSpot Clinic, Australia's first free national online mental health clinic. At the University level, Macquarie hosts the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic, the Macquarie University Reading Clinic, eCentreClinic and the Macquarie Psychology Clinic.

Children’s emotional health and the Cool Kids suite  A child with headphones on, in a studio with her mother

The Cool Kids suite of programs, developed by researchers at Macquarie, have improved the mental health of thousands of children in Australia and across the world. These programs arose from our researchers’ vision to build an emotionally healthy community through science and practice. Translating scientific evidence into applied materials to change the way clinicians treat youth with anxiety disorders, Cool Kids has also pioneered treatment services for youth in remote areas and is now accessed across the world. The Cool Kids suite operates at the interface of research and practice, directly translating research into benefits for children, parents, clinicians, schools and teachers. Children that go through the programs show positive mental health outcomes and improved quality of life with reduced rates of anxiety and depression that are sustained.

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