Young people, sex, love and the media

Macquarie University has a ten-year history working with Australia’s NRL (National Rugby League) leading the development of ethics-based education programs for players to counter anti-social and violent behavior off the field. It has also worked with the Full Stop Foundation to raise funds for the work of Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, which provides counseling to survivors and develops evidence-based prevention strategies. Macquarie has also undertaken extensive research work on the cultural and social impacts of social and online media, including research projects for Google Australia. In 2013, an extensive research project commenced into integrating social media into education to encourage critical engagement with new platforms and technologies on the part of students. 

Building on this work, through an ARC Discovery Grant, Macquarie will lead a project called ‘Young people, sex, love and media’. This project involves interviewing female and male high school students about the way they use social and online media and where and how they are learning about relationships and sexuality. The project will result in evidence-based advice for educators and parents aimed at supporting young people to navigate the opportunities and risks of social media. It will also deliver recommendations around ethics-based approaches to educating young people.

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