Partner with us

Partner with us

Why partner with us?

Work collaboratively to
solve problems

Provide our expertise,
insights, inventions
and our facilities

Extract value to
achieve your
organisations objectives

Access to MQ
researchers, students
and facilities

Facilitate mutually
beneficial innovation

Help push the
boundaries of research

By partnering with us, you will be able to access our research expertise, capabilities and knowledge which will help you gain competitive insights and advantages.  You will also be able to use our world-class facilities and benefit from joint funding opportunities.

Different ways to partner

Depending on your research needs and anticipated outcomes, we’re able to undertake collaborative research or contract research. Collaborative research is determined together and funding is contributed by both parties. For contract research, the research agenda is set by you and all costs are met by you or your organisation.

To facilitate the efficient and timely transfer of our research to industry, government and the community, Macquarie University has a set of IP Guiding Principles.

We can also provide a range of consultancy services, including program evaluation, training, analysis and testing, and expert witness services.

How can I get involved?

Macquarie’s researchers and academics across disciplines and faculties are involved in research collaborations with partners, and they provide support at all stages of the partnership. Our research partnership management team can help you navigate the partnership process from making initial contact and exploring opportunities to negotiating and reaching an agreement. They will also discuss your research needs and find the right researcher(s) for you.

We also offer a generous Enterprise Partnership Scheme to encourage research engagement with commercial, government and philanthropic organisations, which could help fund your first pilot research project with the University.

As well, the following government grant programs provide attractive leveraging opportunities for eligible research partner organisations:

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