R for Marine Scientists

R for Marine Scientists

Registrations open: R Workshop for Marine Scientists, 20th June 2016! 

We are happy to announce that our 'R for Marine Scientists' workshop will be held on the 20th of June 2016. Out of a sequence of R-workshops, this first one will be an introduction into R and project management within the software. Matthew Kosnik (Conservation Paleoebiology) will cover basics to answer questions such as “what is R”, “what is R-Studio”, “what is the R-language”, and how to load data and packages into the software. We will also cover where to get help and support for individual R-problems at Macquarie University. Daniel Falster (cofounder nicercode.github.io), will introduce you to the idea of a project and guide you on where to put R code data, outputs, etc. After the session you will be better placed to gain control over the steadily growing amount of unsorted files on your computer and make you work more robust. You need to bring your own laptop, and before the course begins you will need to have R and R-Studio installed. 

Registration: You will be emailed a personal invite with the details of the workshop via Eventbrite. If you are not a regular user of Eventbrite, please check your spam and clutter folders for this invite.
If you can't find the invite, try to register here, or email Linda Armbrecht at linda.armbrecht@mq.edu.au.

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