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Who we are

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The Centre’s aim is to facilitate and promote marine science at MU, led by the Centre Director, who liaises with three deputy directors, mentored ECR’s and administrative support on the day-to-day running of the centre. An advisory board will be convened annually to provide critical strategic input into the direction of the centre’s activities and focus.

Simon George 

Prof. Simon George (Director)
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Organic geochemistry; Archean; Geobiology; Astrobiology; Marine geoscience
Contact and find Simon at MQ

Elizabeth Madin 

Dr Elizabeth Madin
(Deputy Director)

Biological Sciences

Behavioural ecology, human impacts on oceans, conservation
Contact and find Liz at MQ

Ian Goodwin 

A/Prof. Ian Goodwin
(Deputy Director)
Environmental Sciences

Marine climate, paleoclimatology and paleoceanography, coastal geoscience and oceanography
Contact and find Ian at MQ

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Dr Martin Ostrowski
(Deputy Director)

Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Marine microbial oceanography, photosynthesis and genomics
Contact and find Martin at MQ

Linda Armbrecht

Dr Linda Armbrecht
(Centre Administrator)

Biological Sciences

Marine phytoplankton ecology, biological oceanography, geomicrobiology
Contact and find Linda at MQ


Advisors and Partners

Lesley Hughes 

Distinguished Prof. Lesley Hughes, PVC Research Integrity and Development, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University

Bernard Mans 

Prof. Bernard Mans, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University

Patrick DeDeckker 

Prof. Emeritus Patrick De Deckker, Australian National University (ANU) College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Bob Creese

Dr Bob Creese, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Academic Staff

April Abbott

Dr April Abbott, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research areas: neodymium isotopes, rare earth elements, sediment geochemistry, oceanography, paleo-oceanography

April Abbott on LinkedIn

Leanne Armand

A/Prof, Leanne Armand, Biological Sciences, Director Collaborative Australian Postgraduate Sea Training Alliance Network (CAPSTAN)

Research Areas: Southern Ocean diatom taxonomy, palaeoceanography, micropalaeontology

Mel Bishop

A/Prof. Melanie J. Bishop, Biological Sciences

Research areas: estuarine and coastal ecology, benthic ecology, ecoengineering, oysters, restoration, conservation, Benthic Ecology Lab Website

Mel is seeking for HDR students in the following project themes: 

  • Eco-engineering:  habitat enhancements to increase the ecological value of seawalls
  • Genetic pollution or genetic solution: how does aquaculture of selectively bred oysters modify the structure and function of wild oyster populations?
  • Seagrasslandscapes as carbon stores: what to protect and where to restore
  • Beach restoration using nourishment: ecological costs and benefits
  • Facilitation cascades: understanding positive interactions among organisms to inform ecological restoration

Glenn Brock 

A/Prof. Glenn Brock, Biological Sciences

Culum Brown 

A/Prof. Culum Brown, Biological Sciences, Behaviour, Ecology & Evolution of Fishes Website

Nathan Daczko 

A/Prof. Nathan R. Daczko, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research areas: structural geology and tectonics, metamorphic petrology and thermobarometry, evolution of plate boundary zones, integration of geological and geophysical data, geochronology, and field mapping.

Contact Nathan if you are interested in pursuing any of the following topics as Masters or PhD projects:

1. Microcontinents under the sea – helpful for plate tectonic reconstructions? 2. Fluid-rock interaction during deformation. 3. Cryptic pathways of magma migration.

Kelsie Dadd 

A/Prof. Kelsie Dadd, Earth and Planetary Science (Associate Dean International, FSE), GEMOC Website

Robert Harcourt 

Prof. Robert Harcourt, Biological Sciences, Marine Predator Research Group

Shari Gallop 

Dr Shari Gallop, Environmental Sciences

Research areas: coastal morphodynamics, coastal oceanography, sediment transport

Shari is interested in pursuing the following HDR project areas:

- Impacts of reefs and rocks on coastal response

- Storm and storm cluster impacts on coastal erosion and recovery

- Sea level rise impacts on wave energy and coastal response

Coral (Placeholder)

A/Prof. Nathan Hart, Biological Sciences

Coral (Placeholder) 

Dr Paul Hesse, Environmental Sciences

Dorrit Jacob 

Prof. Dorrit Jacob, Earth and Planetary Sciences, ARC Future Fellow

Ian Jonsen 

Dr. Ian Jonsen, Biological Sciences, Research Website

Coral (Placeholder) 

Prof. Martin Kennedy, Earth and Planetary Sciences (Head of Department)

Coral (Placeholder) 

Prof. Natalie Klein, Professor & Dean of Macquarie Law School, Department of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

Matthew Kosnik 

Dr Matthew Kosnik, Biological Sciences, Conservation Paleobiology

Dr Kaikai Li, Visiting Lecturer, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dr Stefan C. Löhr, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Elizabeth Madin 

Dr Elizabeth M.P. Madin, Biological Sciences, ARC DECRA Fellow

Research areas: behavioural ecology, human impacts on oceans, conservation

Elizabeth is interested in pursuing the following topics as Masters or PhD projects:

- How does predation risk structure marine ecosystems?

- How are humans affecting marine predators – and thus predation risk and marine ecosystem structure?

- How can new and emerging technologies be applied to marine ecological and conservation questions? e.g., using satellite imagery (and, possibly, drones) to remotely monitor coral reef 'health'

OCEANSHPERE - Marine Ecology & Conservation

Josh Madin 

Dr Joshua S. Madin, Biological Sciences, ARC Future Fellow

Research areas: Coral reefs, biophysics, technology, Quantitative Ecology & Evolution

Josh is interested in pursuing these HDR project themes in the future:

- Ecological consequences of physical disturbance 

- Trait-based approaches to ecology

Coral (Placeholder) 

Dr Philip E. O’Brien, Honorary Associate, Department of Environment and Geography (retired from Geoscience Australia)

Helen Pask

A/Prof. Helen Pask, ARC Future Felllow, Physics and Astronomy

Research areas: optical remote sensing, Raman scattering, measuring water temperature and salinity

Helen would like to recruit a PhD student to work on the following:  Implementing depth-resolved optical remote sensing of  temperature and salinity

Ian Paulsen 

Prof. Ian Paulsen, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, Macquarie University Distinguished Professor, Laureate Fellow

Coral (Placeholder) 

A/Prof. Hongwei Ping, Visiting Lecturer, Earth and Planetary Sciences

David Raftos

Prof. David Raftos, Biological Sciences, Aquaculture, Ecotoxicology, cell &Molecular Biology

Coral (Placeholder) 

Dr. Marta Ribogene, Environmental Sciences

Prof. Neil Saintilan, Environmental Sciences (Head of Department)

Adam Stow 

A/Prof. Adam Stow, Biological Sciences, Conservation Genetics

Coral (Placeholder) 

Dr Sasha Tetu, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, ARC DECRA Fellow

Jane Williamson 

A/Prof. Jane E. Williamson, Biological Sciences, Marine Ecology Group

Coral (Placeholder) 

Prof. Leigh Wood, Department of Marketing and Management, and Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Business and Economics

Postdoctoral Researchers

Ms Soumaya Abbassi, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Linda Armbrecht 

Dr Linda Armbrecht, Biological Sciences

Research areas: Phytoplankton Ecology, Biological Oceanography


Dr Kerstin Bilgmann, Biological Sciences

Dr Belinda Cooke, Biological Sciences

Vivian Cumbo 

Dr Vivian Cumbo, Biological Sciences

Research areas: oysters, selective breeding, restoration

Lab website

Dr Tim Green, Biological Sciences

Ms Sarah Houlahan, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Aline Jaeckel

Dr Aline Jaeckel, Macquarie Law School, 

Research Areas: Regulation of Deep Seabed Mineral Mining, Law of the Sea, Marine Environmental Law




Dr Jeffrey Kelleway, Department of Environmental Sciences

Research areas: saltmarsh, mangroves, blue carbon

Dr Kate Lee, Biological Sciences

Dr Tim Leefmann, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Sophie Mazard

Dr Sophie Mazard, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Research areas: marine cyanobacteria, photosynthetic symbionts, stable isotope probing

Thomas Mortlock 

Dr Thomas MortlockEnvironmental Sciences

Research areas: Wave, hydrodynamic and sediment transport modelling; Coastal processes and engineering; Shelf oceanography, Topographic and bathymetric surveying

Dr Karita Negandhi, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dr Benjamin Pitcher, Biological Sciences

Ms Jennifer Rowland, Biological Sciences

Dr K-lynn Smith, Biological Sciences

Dr Catherine Stafford, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dr Emma Thompson, Biological Sciences

Deepa Varkey 

Dr Deepa Varkey, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Research areas: Marine microbiology and molecular biology (marine cyanobacteria: ecological distribution, environmental stress response, proteomics and transcriptomics)

Higher Degree Research Students

Mr Philippe Ahier, Biological Sciences

Mr Abdullah-Al Arif, Macquarie Law School

Ms Nicolette Armansin, Biological Sciences

Yueyue Bai, Visiting PhD, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mr Nathan Bass, Biological Sciences

Ms Shirin Baydjanova, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Ms Sophia Bratenkov, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Ms Penelope Carbia, Biological Sciences

Gemma Carroll 

Ms Gemma Carroll, Biological Sciences

Research areas: Behavioural and physiological adaptations of marine animals (especially little penguins) to the environment.





Ms Sherrie Chambers, Biological Sciences

Ms Jennalee Clark, Biological Sciences

Mr Lincoln Critchley, Biological Sciences

Mr Peter David, Biological Sciences

Mr Gabriel Dominguez, Biological Sciences

Ms Sally Dupont, Biological Sciences

Ms Natalie Debenham, Earth and Planetary Science

Mr Michael Farmer, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Ms Amaranta Focardi, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Ms Bianca Frary, Biological Sciences

Ms Ramila Furtado, Biological Sciences

Ina Geedicke

Ms Ina Geedicke, Biological Sciences







Mr Connor Gervais, Biological Sciences

Ms Lisa Marie Harrison, Biological Sciences

Mr Tao Huang, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Ms Julianna Kadar, Biological Sciences

Mr Kostas Kotzakoulakis, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mr Harry Leung, Environmental Sciences

Ms Samantha Lynch, Biological Sciences

Mr Peter Mahoney, Biological Sciences

Mr Andrew McLeish, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Mr Dominic McAfee, Biological Sciences

Mr Johann Mourier, Biological Sciences

Ms Molly O'Halloran, Biological Sciences

Ms Laura Otter, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Mr Carl Peters, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons

Ms Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons, 

Conservation biology of sharks and rays, Biological Sciences


Ms Vanessa Pirotta, Biological Sciences

Mr Habib Raman, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Ms Andrea Ribeiro, Physics and Astronomy

Ms Tanya Smith, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Ms Yanan Sun, Biological Sciences and The Australian Museum, Sydney

Ms Brodie Sutcliffe, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Mr Fallen Teoh, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Ms Jessica Thompson, Biological Sciences

Ms Louise Tosetto, Biological Sciences

Ms Melissa Vallee, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Ms Catarina Vila Pouca, Biological Sciences

Maria Vozzo

Ms Maria Vozzo, Biological Sciences

Research areas: Benthic ecology, habitat-forming species, oyster restoration, ecosystem services of oysters

Lab Website



Mr Harry West, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Ms Jessica Wilks, Biological Sciences

Ms Kaja Wierucka, Biological Sciences

Ms Rachael Woods, Biological Sciences

Mr Huiyuan Xu (Ian), Earth and Planetary Sciences & Geosciences Beijing, China Uni

Technical & Administrative Staff and External Members

Profile Photo

Mr Josh Aldridge, Senior Scientific Officer, Seawater Facility Manager, Biological Sciences

  • Mr Nick Harris, Senior Scientific Officer, Marine Fieldwork Manager, Biological Sciences
  • Ms Triana O'Keefe, PR/Media and Communications
  • Dr Jo Day, Taronga Zoo, Sydney
  • Andrew Irvine, Taronga Zoo, Sydney

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