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Contact, Careers & Media Enquiries

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MQ Marine Admin: 

Linda Armbrecht

MQ Marine Research Centre / Climate Futures
Phone: +61 (0)2 9850 6394

Department of Biological Sciences/Earth and Planetary Sciences
Building E8C, Room 153
Macquarie University
North Ryde NSW 2109

Interested in a Marine Science Degree? 

Have a look what Macquarie University has to offer:

 Any questions about a specific research topic?

Below you find a list of researchers who are more than happy to have a chat with you about their area of expertise. Email MQMarine Admin (above) or the researcher directly to get in contact!


NameArea of ExpertiseDepartment at MQEmail
Dr Leanne ArmandPhycology, Marine Biology, BiogeographyBiological
A/Prof. Melanie Bishop
Oyster aquaculture, oyster reef restoration, impacts of boat wake, blue carbon, beach nourishment and coastal protection, estuarine and coastal biodiversity, marine urbanisation and sustainable design
Prof. Simon GeorgeGeobiology, PetroleumEarth and Planetary
A/Prof. Ian GoodwinCoastal Sealevel, Wave ClimateEnvironmental
Prof. Robert HarcourtMarine Mammals and PredatorsBiological
Dr Martin OstrowskiMarine microbial oceanography, photosynthesis and genomicsChemistry and Biomolecular
Prof. Neil SaintilanMangroves, SaltmarshesEnvironmental Sciences (HoD)


NameArea of ExpertiseDepartment at MQEmail
Dr Linda ArmbrechtMarine PhytoplanktonBiological Sciences, Earth and Planetary
Dr Shari GallopCoastal Morphology and OceanographyEnvironmental
Dr Tim GreenOystersBiological
Dr Aline Jaeckel

Regulation of Deep Seabed Mineral Mining

Macquarie Law
Dr Stefan LoehrGeology-Biology InterfaceEarth and Planetary
Dr Thomas MortlockCoastal ProcessesEnvironmental
Dr Karita NegandhiGreenhouse Gas (GHG) production and emissionEarth and Planetary
Dr Hongwei PingPetroleum GeologyEarth and Planetary
Dr Emma ThompsonAquaculture, Oysters, Environmental ImpactsBiological
Dr Deepa VarkeyMarine Cyanobacteria, Microbial EcologyChemistry and Biomolecular

HDR students 

NameArea of ExpertiseDepartment at MQEmail
Ms Gemma CarrollSeabirdsBiological
Ms Sherrie ChambersSharksBiological
Ms Ina GeedickeSaltmarshes, MangrovesBiological
Mr Kostas KotzakoulakisOils SpillsEarth and Planetary
Mr Fallen TeohCyanobacteria, Life Processes, OmicsChemistry and Biomolecular
Ms Jessica ThompsonOysters, GeneticsBiological
Ms Louise TosettoCoastal Ecology, MicroplasticsBiological
Ms Catarina Vila PoucaSharks, Fish CognitionBiological
Ms Maria VozzoOyster Habitat and RestorationBiological
Ms Kaja WieruckaMarine Mammals, Animal Communication, Mark-Recapture AnalysesBiological
Mr Huiyuan Xu (Ian)GeochemistryEarth and Planetary

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