Our people

Our people

Centre Director

Professor Simon George, Earth and Planetary sciences

Simon George is Professor of Organic Geochemistry and Director of the Macquarie University Marine Research Centre, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. He has 25 years experience in organic geochemistry, including 15 years specialising in petroleum geochemistry at CSIRO. Professor George research focuses on organic geochemistry, archean, geobiology, astrobiology, and marine geoscience.


A/Prof. Jane Williamson, Biological Sciences

A/Prof. Williamson's research focuses on life-history aspects of marine organisms, particularly the relative effects of recruitment and post-recruitment processes on the demography of marine herbivores. Her current interests are diverse and can be broadly categorised into the following areas: effects of climate-induced changes on early life stages of marine invertebrates, the ecology and behaviour of marine organisms, and conservation of endangered species.


Associate Professor Ian Goodwin, Environmental Sciences

Ian Goodwin is Associate Professor in Marine Climate Risk and is Deputy Director of the Marine Research Centre at Macquarie University, a principal researcher in Marine Climatology and Geoscience at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, and a leading researcher in Antarctic Glaciology. His research areas include Marine climate, paleoclimatology and paleoceanography, coastal geoscience and oceanography.

Martin Ostrowski


Dr Martin Ostrowski, Department of Molecular Sciences

Dr Ostrowski is a Senior Research Fellow and an expert on phytoplankton physiology, genomics and ecology. His research on microbial oceanography and genetics is helping to transform our understanding of how marine food webs function. His research areas include marine microbial oceanography, photosynthesis and genomics.

Advisors and partners

  Name Position
 Distinguished Prof. Lesley Hughes PVC Research Integrity and Development, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University
 Prof. Bernard Mans Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University
 Prof. Emeritus Patrick De Deckker Australian National University (ANU) College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
 Dr Bob Creese NSW Department of Primary Industries
 Dr Robert McKayVictoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Academic staff (A-K)

 Name Research interests
 Dr April Abbott
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
AHH Lvl 2.248
E: april.abbott@mq.edu.au
Neodymium isotopes, rare earth elements, sediment geochemistry, oceanography, paleo-oceanography
 A/Prof, Leanne Armand
Department of Biological Sciences
E8C 157
Director Collaborative Australian Postgraduate Sea Training Alliance Network (CAPSTAN)
Southern Ocean diatom taxonomy, palaeoceanography, micropalaeontology.
Marine and coastal Phytoplankton Lab Website

Dr Kerstin Bilgmann
Department of Biological Sciences, Associate Lecturer
E8B 322
E: kerstin.bilgmann@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8151

Conservation biology and genomics in the marine environment (dispersal, abundance and movement of marine megafauna). Genetic and genomic techniques to investigate mechanisms that drive dispersal in marine megafauna, influence of habitat type, oceanographic features and food resources on dispersal. Evolutionary processes responsible for generating and maintaining genetic diversity within populations with the aim of maintaining biodiversity. Aerial survey and distance sampling techniques to estimate animal abundance, satellite telemetry to investigate animal movement. Google Scholar Profile.

A/Prof. Melanie J. Bishop
Department of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
E8B 107
E: melanie.bishop@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 4075

Estuarine and coastal ecology, benthic ecology, ecoengineering, oysters, restoration, conservation, Benthic Ecology Lab Website
 A/Prof. Glenn Brock
Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
E8A 322
E: glenn.brock@mq.edu.au
T:  +61 (2) 9850 8335
Elucidating the evolution, phylogeny, biodiversity, ecology and biostratigraphy of the earliest (stem group) members of the three major supergroups of bilaterian animals (Ecdysozoa, Spiralia and Deuterostomia)
 A/Prof. Culum Brown
Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
W21B-209b Culloden Road
E: culum.brown@mq.edu.au
T:  +61 (2) 9850 6292
Behavioural Ecology and in particular predator avoidance behaviour, learning and memory in freshwater fishes

A/Prof. Nathan R. Daczko
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
ARC National Key Centre for Geochemical Evolution and Metallogeny of Continents (GEMOC), Associate Professor
E7A-12 Wally's Walk 220
E: nathan.daczko@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8371

Structural geology and tectonics, metamorphic petrology and thermobarometry, evolution of plate boundary zones, integration of geological and geophysical data, geochronology, and field mapping
 Dr Shari Gallop
Department of Environmental Sciences 
Australian Hearing Hub-16 University Avenue L2
E:  shari.gallop@mq.edu.au
T:  +61 (2) 9850 6971
Coastal morphodynamics, coastal oceanography, sediment transport

Prof. Robert Harcourt
Department of Biological Sciences, Professor
E8A-14 Eastern Road 272
E: robert.harcourt@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 7970

Importance of individual variation in behaviour to foraging, communication, mating tactics and life experience
 A/Prof. Nathan Hart
Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
E8B-6 Science Road 219
E: nathan.hart@mq.edu.au
T:  +61 (2) 9850 6952
Sensory perception, nformation processing, behaviour, ecological adaptation, evolution

Dr Paul Hesse
Department of Environmental Sciences, Senior Lecturer
430, Building E7A, 12 Wally's Walk
E: paul.hesse@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8384

Quaternary climate change detected in deep-sea sediments and in continental arid environments, the impacts of aeolian dust on the oceans and carbon cycle and the response of atmospheric circulation patterns to the glacial cycles
 Prof. Dorrit Jacob
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
BD, 4 Research Park Drive, level 3
E:  dorrit.jacob@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8428
Eciphering the code of biominerals (mussel shells, bryozoa, etc.) which are used for paleoclimate reconstructions

Dr Ian Jonsen
Department of Biological Sciences, Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Fellow
E8A-14 Eastern road 375
E: ian.jonsen@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 6952

Quantitative methods for exploring movement behaviours and population ecology of marine and terrestrial animals

 Prof. Peter Helmuth Karuso
Department of Molecular Sciences, Professsor
Room 232, Building F7B
5 Research Park Drive
Macquarie University
E: peter.karuso@mq.edu.au
T: +61 2 9850 8290
The full spectrum of natural products chemistry, with particular emphasis on chemical biology, biomimetic synthesis of marine natural products and fluorescence.

Natural products, chemical biology, proteomics, fluorescence, organic synthesis

Prof. Martin Kennedy
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Head of Department
Australian Hearing Hub - Level 2, 16 University Avenue - S2.69
E: martin.j.kennedy@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8394

Mechanisms of carbon sequestration and triggers of rapid climate change using an interdisciplinary and process-based approach

Prof. Natalie Klein
Department of Policing
Level 2, Building Y3A
E: natalie.klein@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 1423

Public international law, particularly international dispute resolution, law of the sea, international humanitarian law, and international organisations.

Dr Matthew Kosnik
Department of Biological Sciences, Senior Leturer
E8A-14 Eastern Road 330
E: matthew.kosnik@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 7248

Conservation Paleobiology
Palaeoecology, taphonomy, time-averaging, marine molluscs, historical baselines for measuring community change, marine conservation biology, soft-sediment communities

Academic staff (L-Z)

 Name Research interests

Dr Stefan C. Löhr
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
12 Wally's Walk, Office 3.34
E: stefan.loehr@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8378

Field biogeoscience

Dr Elizabeth M.P. Madin
Department of Biological Sciences
DECRA Research Fellow
E8A-14 Eastern Road 224
E: elizabeth.madin@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8179

Behavioural ecology, human impacts on oceans, conservation

Dr Joshua S. Madin
Department of Biological Sciences
ARC Future Fellow
E8B-6 Science Road 213
E: joshua.madin@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8667

Coral reefs, biophysics, technology, Quantitative Ecology & Evolution
 Dr Laurie Menviel
Department of Erath and Planetary Sciences
E:  laurie.menviel@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8424

Paleoclimatology, Glacial/interglacial cycles, Millenial scale variability, Carbon cycle and its interaction with climate


Prof. Lisa Moore
Department of Molecular Sciences
E:  lisa.moore@mq.edu.au

Marine Cyanobacteria, physiology, ecology
  Dr Philip E. O’Brien
Department of Environment and Geography
Honorary Associate
Antarctic Geology

A/Prof. Helen Pask
Department of Physics and Astronomy
ARC Future Fellow (formerly MQ VC Innovation Fellow)
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.607
E: helen.pask@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8932

Optical remote sensing, Raman scattering, measuring water temperature and salinity

Prof. Ian Paulsen
Department of Molecular Sciences
CORE Professor
E8A-14 Eastern Road 202
E: ian.paulsen@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8152

Understanding microbial physiology and evolution through global approaches such as genome sequencing, metagenomics, bioinformatics, transcriptomics and proteomics

Prof. David Raftos
Department of Physics and Astronomy
E8A - 6 Wally's Walk 205
E: david.raftos@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8402

Aquaculture, ecotoxicology, cell & molecular biology

Dr Marta Ribo Gene
Department of Environmental Sciences
E: marta.ribogene@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8932

Marine geomorphologist. Coastal processes and geomorphology, Continental shelf sediment distribution and exchange with the inner shelf and coast, Paleoceanography and paleoshoreline evolution.

Prof. Neil Saintilan
Department of Environmental Sciences
Head of Department
12 Wally's walk, Room 403
E: neil.saintilan@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8422

Coastal geomorphology, wetland ecology, wetland hydrology, river and wetland management.

A/Prof. Adam Stow
Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
E8A-14 Eastern Road 270
E: adam.stow@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8153

Conservation genetics, evolutionary processes and molecular ecology

Dr Sasha Tetu
Department of Molecular Sciences
E8A-14 Eastern Road 201
E: sasha.tetu@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8155

Microbial Ecology, Mobile Genetic Elements, Ecotoxicogenomics

A/Prof. Jane E. Williamson
Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
W21B-209b Culloden Road 103
E: jane.williamson@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8167

Sea urchins to sharks, and spans larval biology, genetics, climate impacts and conservation
 Dr Scott Wilson
Department of Environmental Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science
E: scott.p.wilson@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8419
Ecotoxicology, human impacts, water quality, microplastics and marine debris

Prof. Leigh Wood
Department of Marketing and Management
E: leigh.wood@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 4756

My research area is in learning and teaching in higher education and, recently has focussed on transition to the workplace. I work with international teams to investigate cross cultural student learning. My latest work involves interviews with graduates and their reflections on their studies. Topics include: Transition to the workplace (graduate attributes, generic skills etc) Discipline-specific academic language development for non-English speaking background students Mapping course components Professional development for university lecturers.

Postdoctoral researchers

  Name Research interests
 Dr Soumaya Abbassi

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
E: soumaya.abbassi@mq.edu.au

Hydrocarbon potential characterisation and kinetic models for source rocks in the Bonaparte and Gippsland basins, Australia

Dr Linda Armbrecht
Department of Biological Sciences
Research Fellow
E8C-6 Wally's Walk 153
E: linda.armbrecht@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 6394

Phytoplankton Biology, Biological Oceanography, Geomicrobiology (aDNA)

Personal Website
Lab Website
Research Gate

Dr Vivian Cumbo
Department of Biological Sciences
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
E8C-6 Wally's Walk 159
E: vivian.cumbo@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 9686

Oysters, selective breeding, restoration

Dr Tim Green
Department of Biological Sciences
Macquarie University Research Fellow
E: tim.green@mq.edu.au

Shellfish genetics, Oyster, Ostreid herpesvirus, Invertebrate Immunity, Aquatic Animal Health

Ms Sarah Houlahan
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Research Assistant
E7B 340/344
E: sarah.houlahan@mq.edu.au

Organic geochemistry, palaeobiology

Dr Aline Jaeckel
Macquarie Law School
Research Fellow
E: aline.jaeckel@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 7867

Regulation of Deep Seabed Mineral Mining, Law of the Sea, Marine Environmental Law

Dr Jeffrey Kelleway
Department of Environmental Sciences
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Level 5, 12 Wally's walk E7A
E: jeffrey.kelleway@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8396

Saltmarsh, mangroves, blue carbon

Dr Kate Lee
Department of Biological Sciences
Post-doctoral Researcher
E8A 385
E: kathryn.lee@mq.edu.au

Data analysis, IMOS, sharks, fisheries

Dr Thomas Mortlock
Department of Environmental Sciences
Risk Frontiers, 100 Christie Street, St. Leonards, NSW, 2065
E: thomas.mortlock@riskfrontiers.com T: +61 (2) 9850 6311 

Wave, hydrodynamic and sediment transport modelling; Coastal processes and engineering; Shelf oceanography, Topographic and bathymetric surveying
 Dr Johann Mourier
Department of Biological Sciences
E: johann.mourier@mq.edu.au
Sharks, Conservation Biology, and Sustainable Tourism

 Dr Sean Murray
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Postdoc Research Fellow
12 Wally's Walk room 230 E: sean.murray@mq.edu.au
Paleoceanography/Stable Isotopes, more specifically clumped isotopes.

Dr Karita Negandhi
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Postdoc Research Fellow
12 Wally's Walk room 230
E: karita.negandhi@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 9114

Molecular Biology, Ecology, Biodiversity & Conservation, Molecular Cloning, Marine Ecology, Limnology, Aquatic Ecosystems, Carbon Cycle

Dr Anahit Penesyan
Dept of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences, Research Fellow
E: anahit.penesyan@mq.edu.au T: +61-2-9850-8181

Microbial Interactions
Study of Microbial Communities- Biofilms
Microbial Ecology
Microbial Genomics

Dr Benjamin Pitcher
Department of Biological Sciences
MQ Research Fellow
E8A 3765
E: ben.pitcher@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 1031

Sensory ecology of marine birds and mammals (use of sensory cues in foraging and recognition)

Ms Bhumika Shah
Department of Molecular Sciences
E: bhumika.shah@mq.edu.au

Cyanobacteria, Periplasmic binding proteins, Structure biology, Protein chemistry

Dr K-lynn Smith
Department of Biological Sciences
Honorary Fellow
W21C 1
E: klynn.smith@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 9233

Animal Behaviour, Communication, Conservation. Working with Regent Honeyeaters and Asian elephants.

Dr Emma Thompson
Department of Biological Sciences
Research Fellow
E: emma.thompson@mq.edu.au

Environmental proteomics, Sydney Rock oysters, climate change, contamination. Assessing the impacts of environmental stressors on the Sydney Rock oyster in both laboratory-based exposures and field trials. Particular stressors include contamination and CO2 using techniques such as proteomics, ELISAs and fast throughput assays.

Dr Deepa Varkey
Department of Molecular Sciences
PhD Student
E8A 260
E: deepa.varkey@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8313

Marine microbiology and molecular biology (marine cyanobacteria: ecological distribution, environmental stress response, proteomics and transcriptomics)

Higher degree research students (A-K)

  Name Research interests

Mr Abdullah-Al Arif
Macquarie Law School
E: abdullah-al.arif@mq.edu.au 

Achieving Sustainable Marine Fisheries in Bangladesh: A Legal and Policy Analysis

Mr Chad Ajamian
Department of Environmental Sciences
E: chad.ajamian@hdr.mq.edu.au

Hyperspectral remote sensing methods to search for invasive species in Kosciusko national park.

Ms Nicolette Armansin
Department of Biological Sciences
E: nicolette.armansin@mq.edu.au

Sealion behaviour, mother-pup interactions

Mr Nathan Bass
Department of Biological Sciences

Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution of Fishes Laboratory, Sharks

Ms Sophia Bratenkov (Aharonovich)
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
PhD Student
AHH Level 2
E: sophia.aharonovich@students.mq.edu.au

Exploration of climatic conditions during the Miocene period utilizing various biomarkers in cored sediments
 Ms Caroline Candebat
Department of Biological Sciences
E: caroline.candebat@mq.edu.au

Ms Penelope Carbia
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E: penelope.carbia@students.mq.edu.au

Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution of Fishes

Ms Gemma Carroll
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E8A 264
E: gemma.carroll@students.mq.edu.au

Behavioural and physiological adaptations of marine animals (especially little penguins) to the environment.

Ms Sherrie Chambers
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Candidate
W21B, 101
E: sherrie.chambers@students.mq.edu.au

Stable isotope analysis, acoustic telemetry and behavioural assays

Mr Xiong Cheng
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
E: xiong.cheng@mq.edu.au

Visiting researcher, China University of Geosciences, Beijing

Ms Jennalee Clark
Department of Biological Sciences
Research Assistant
E: jenna.clark@mq.edu.au

Reproduction and early life history stages of sharks, fish behaviour and climate change impacts, marine conservation and management, climate change impacts on marine ecosystems

Mr Thomas Connell 
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
E: thomas.connell@students.mq.edu.au

Geosciences, data analysis

Mr Lincoln Critchley
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E8C 153
E: lincoln.critchley@students.mq.edu.au

Coastal armouring through seawalls, and their effect on diversity, carbon movement, habitat functioning and sedimentary shorelines

Mr Patrick Da Roza
Department of Molecular Sciences, SCH HOLDER - APA1
E: patrick.da-roza@students.mq.edu.au

Biotechnological applications for a microalga 'Euglena gracilis'. Exploration of the development and processing of paramylon (a beta-glucan) in Euglena, which is known to have number of medical and dietary benefits. Development of flow cytometry based analysis (and potentially sorting) of paramylon production in Euglena.

Mr Peter David
Department of Biological Sciences

Environmental influences on reef corals, particularly the effects of swell on coral breakage and growth form

Mr Gabriel Dominguez
Department of Biological Sciences
E8A014 Eastern road 322
E: gabriel.dominguez@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 7719

Anthropogenic impacts on estuarine molluscs from shell growth to community structure, composition of molluscan communities, Holocene geochronology

Ms Sally Dupont
Department of Biological Sciences

Marine animals (especially rays), and coral reefs
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Organic geochemistry

Mr Michael Farmer
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
SCH HOLDER - APA1E: michael.farmer@students.mq.edu.au

Structural geology and geochemistry looking at migmatites in the New England Orogen and how melt moves through the upper crust

Ms Amaranta Focardi
Department of Molecular Sciences, SCH HOLDER - APA1
PhD Student & Research Assistant
E: amaranta.focardi@mq.edu.au

Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Picoplankton, viruses

Ms Luisa Fontoura
Department of Biological Sciences

Macroecology of reef fish interactions, use of remote videos to compare across coral reef communities globally.

Mr Michael Forster
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
E: michael.forster@students.mq.edu.au

Deep mantle research.

Ms Bianca Frary
Department of Biological Sciences

Impact and evolution of viruses in a marine and terrestrial setting.

Research Gate

Ms Ramila Furtado
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E8C 153
E: ramila.furtado@mq.edu.au

Benthic ecology, the effects of multiple stressors on estuarine meiobethos

Ms Ina Geedicke
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E8B 104
E: ina.geedicke@students.mq.edu.au

Saltmarshes, Mangroves

Mr Connor Gervais
Department of Biological Sciences
E: conor.gervais@mq.edu.au

Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution of Fishes Laboratory, Sharks

Ms Elle Gillard
Department of Environmental Sciences
E: elle.gillard@students.mq.edu.au


Mr Bradley Graves
Department of Environmental Sciences
E: bradley.graves@hdr.mq.edu.au

Palaeofire history in the Macquarie Marshes

Mr Guyo-Duba Gufu
Department of Biological Sciences
E: guyo-duba.gufu@hdr.mq.edu.au

 Ms Lian Jiang 

Ms Julianna Kadar
Department of Biological Sciences

Migration patterns and fine-scale movements of Port Jackson sharks using accelerometers and other sensor equipment.
Research Gate

Mr Matthew Kerr
Department of Biological Sciences
E: matthew.kerr@mq.edu.au

Mollusca, marine biogeography, conservation palaeobiology, marine latitudinal gradients.

Ms Melanie Kime

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences E: melanie.kime@hdr.mq.edu.au

Effects of weathering processes, specifically evaporation, on hydrocarbons present within a fuel spill as well as hydrocarbon solubility. Focus on fuel spills that occur in marine environments and whether the hydrocarbons are heavily influenced by the ocean water temperatures in which they are spilled.

Higher degree research students (L-Z)

 NameResearch interests

Ms Kelly-Anne Lawler
Department of Biological Sciences
MRes Candidate
E: kelly-anne.lawler@hdr.mq.edu.au

Southern Ocean radiolaria, paleobiology/-oceanography

Mr Harry Leung
Department of Environmental Sciences


Ms Samantha Lynch
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E8A 264

Environmental predictors/correlations for shark attacks in Australian waters.

Mr Peter Mahoney
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E8C 153
E: peter.mahoney@students.mq.edu.au

Benthic ecology, ecosystem-based risk assessment of estuarine ecosystem collapse

Mr Paco Martinez-Baena
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E8C 153
E: francisco.martinez-baena@students.mq.edu.au

Benthic Ecology

Mr Dominic McAfee
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E8C-6 Wally's Walk 153
E: dominic.mcafee@mq.edu.au

Benthic Ecology, Oysters

Mr Andrew McLeish
Department of Molecular Sciences
Research Assistant
E8A 264
E: andrew.mcleish@mq.edu.au

 Mr Ryan Nevatte
Department of Biological Sciences
E: ryan.nevatte@students.mq.edu.au
T: +61 2 9850 8234
Sensory systems and behaviour of sawsharks

 Ms Molly O'Halloran
Department of Biological Sciences
E: molly.ohalloran@mq.edu.au

Ms Laura Otter
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
E: laura.otter@mq.edu.au

Biomineralization, calcification, composite materials, biogeochemistry, geochemical labelling, aquaculture.

Mr Stephen O'Shea
E: stephen.oshea2@students.mq.edu.au


Ms Kathleen Perry
Department of Biological Sciences
E: kathleen.perry@hdr.mq.edu.au

Palaeoecology, predation in marine molluscs.

Ms Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons
Department of Biological Sciences

Behaviour, ecology and biology of stingrays, evaluation of human-wildlife interactions in the marine realm.

Ms Vanessa Pirotta
Department of Environmental Sciences
PhD Student
E8A 385
E: vanessa.pirotta@students.mq.edu.au

Spatial conservation for cetaceans within Australian waters

Mr Habib Rahman
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, E: md-habibur.rahman@students.mq.edu.au

Shale diagenesis, Organic matter maturation, Hydrocarbon generation, Clay catalysis, Shale fabrics.

Ms Andrea Ribeiro
Department of Physics and Astronomy
PhD Student, SCH HOLDER - APA1
C5A 410
E: andrea.ribeiro@students.mq.edu.au

BSc/honours and masters in oceanography. Now developing a laser system to measure depth-resolved water temperature using Raman spectroscopy 

Ms Indrani Sarker
Department of Molecular Sciences, SCH HOLDER - APA1
E: indrani.sarker@students.mq.edu.au

Impact of plastic leachates on marine Prochlorococcus

Ms Bronwyn Teece
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
E: bronwyn.teece@hdr.mq.edu.au

Stromatolites/ancient life and biogenicity requirements, biomarkers in microbialites from Cambrian sedimentary rocks in the Arrowie Basin in South Australia. Astrobiologist with interest in marine science (life in the oceans and seafloor sediments).

Mr Fallen Teoh
Department of Molecular Sciences
E: fallen.teoh@students.mq.edu.au


Ms Jessica Thompson
Department of Biological Sciences
E: jessica.thompson@mq.edu.au

Sydney rock oyster commercial applications, development of new marker-assisted selection technologies for aquaculture industry

Ms Louise Tosetto
Department of Biological Sciences
E: louise.tosetto@mq.edu.au

Microplastics in the marine environment: Understanding impacts on marine biota and potential for trophic transfer

Mr Alexander Tunnadine
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences 
E: alexander.tunnadine@hdr.mq.edu.au

 Ms Ari Vilafuerte Pereyra
Department of Biological Sciences
1. Uncovering marine Cinderella species in a systematic way. 2. Application of forest classification methods for images obtained by Synthetic Aperture Radar. Master in Marine Sciences and Management.

Ms Catarina Vila Pouca
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E: catarina.castro-pauperio-vi@students.mq.edu.au 

Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution of Fishes Laboratory, Port Jackson Sharks
 Ms Peta Vine
Department of Biological Sciences
MRes Student
E: peta.vine@hdr.mq.edu.au
Marine phytoplankotn pigments (Chl a)

Marine and coastal phytoplankton lab

Ms Maria Vozzo
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E: maria.vozzo@students.mq.edu.au

Benthic ecology, habitat-forming species, oyster restoration, ecosystem services of oysters
 Mr Zac Warham
Department of Biological Sciences
E: zac.warham@students.mq.edu.au
Software development, data analysis

Ms Jessica Wilks
Department of Biological Sciences
E: jessica.wilks@mq.edu.au

Diatom taxonomy and ecology, diatom sedimentation, ecological seasonality, sediment-traps, Southern Ocean, New Zealand

Ms Kaja Wierucka
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Candidate
E: kaja.wierucka@students.mq.edu.au

Multimodal communication and individual recognition in Australian sea lions (Neophoca cinerea)

Ms Rachael Woods
Department of Biological Sciences
PhD Student
E: rachael.woods@students.mq.edu.au

Quantitative Ecology and Evolution, effects of anthropogenic impacts on the environment, particularly on coral reefs, coral larval settlement processes and the influence of climate change on this particularly sensitive life history stage, role of successful settlement in species geographical range shifts.

Mr Huiyuan Xu (Ian)
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Geochemical Characteristics of Petroleum Generated from Lacustrine Coals and Mudstones in Xihu Depression, East China Sea Basin

Technical & administrative staff and external members

 Name Contact details

Ms Jennifer Rowland
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Department of Environmental Sciences
Department Administrator

E8B-6 Science Road 206
E: jennifer.rowland@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8173

Mr Josh Aldridge
Department of Biological Sciences
Senior Scientific Officer

W19F 149
E: josh.aldridge@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 9241
 Dr Daniel Bateman
Teacher at Parramatta Marist
Benthic ecology, Crustaceans

Mr Nick Harris
Department of Biological Sciences
Senior Scientific Officer

E8A 106
E: nick.harris@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 4078
 A. Prof. Kelsie Dadd Volcanology, geochemistry and tectonics of ancient and modern volcanic rocks in eastern Australia and the surrounding oceans

Ms Leigh Staas
Department of Biological Sciences
Executive Officer of Climate Futures

E8C-6 Wally's Walk 153
E: leigh.staas@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 6297

Ms Triana O'Keefe
PR/Media and Communications

E: triana.okeefe@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 4051

Dr Jo Day

Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Andrew Irvine

Taronga Zoo, Sydney
 Anna Fitzgerald Bioplatforms Australia
 Dr Vic Peddemors NSW Department of Primary Industries
 Dr Alana Grech
ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies
Assistant Director
James Cook University
 Dr Belinda Cooke Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Ecology, Benthic Ecology
  Mr Michael Kloster, PhD student Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, automated morphometry of diatoms (SHERPA)
  Dr Monique Ladds NIWA, NZ; Energetics of fur seals and sea lions, modelling, eals, clustering techniques, traits and functional groupings of marine species
  Dr Marine Lasbleiz Links between phytoplankton communities and biogeochemical cycles (mainly carbon and silicon) in response to variable environmental conditions
  Catherine Maher Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS)

Dr Sophie Mazard
Health and Safety Advisor, Honorary Associate Molecular Sciences
Research Fellow
C5C-17 Wally's Walk Level 4
E: sophie.mazard@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 9279

Marine cyanobacteria, photosynthetic symbionts, stable isotope probing

 Tim Moltman  Director, Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)
  Robyn Gentle
Department of Biological Sciences
E: robyn.gentle@mq.edu.au
T: +61-2-9850-7778
Head, Macquarie Animal Research Services
  Dr Andres Rigual-Hernandez Postdoc, Marine phytoplankton, sediment traps, ecology, bio(geo)chemistry
  Dr Nadia Suarez-Bosche Expert in Microscopy
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