Students Associated with Climate Futures

Students Associated with Climate Futures

Higher Degree Research Students associated with Climate Futures at Macquarie

NameDegreeSupervisor/s Thesis Title
AINLEY, Lara PhDDr Melanie BishopMore than Mud: How will Disruption of Soft Sediments Threaten Coastal Biodiversity
AJANI, PenelopePhDDr Leanne ArmandPhytoplankton Patterns in the Coastal Waters of New South Wales
ARMBRECHT, LindaPhDDr Leanne ArmandPhytoplankton characterization of the Coffs Harbour region, Eastern Australia, with special interest emphasis on changing biogeochemical parameters due to global warming.

Dr Belinda Medlyn

Professor Lesley Hughes

Modelling Climate Change Impacts on Plant Competition
BROWNING, StuartPhDA/Professor Ian GoodwinThe Drivers of Multi-decadal Climate Variability in the Extra-tropics
BUSH, AlexanderPhDProfessor Lesley HughesAssessment of Protected Areas For Freshwater Invertebrates and Their Potential to Continue Conserving Species in the Future
BYAMBADORJ, TseregmaaPhDDr Marco AmatiAdapting to Climate Change in the “Ger” District of Ulaanbaatar
CABRELLI, AbigailPhDProfessor Lesley HughesImpact of Climate change on Australian Reptiles
CANDIDO, ChristhinaPhDDr Paul BeggsNatural Ventilation and Thermal Comfort in Office Buildings in The Humid Tropics
CAYANAN, LukeHonA/Professor Stefan TrueckThe Relationship between Electricity Demand and Prices in Australian Markets
COOKE, BelindaPhD

Dr Melanie Bishop

A/Professor Ian Goodwin

The effects of management on sandy beaches
COURT, JohnPhDProfessor Peter NelsonAssessing Government Environmental Management programs
COTTON, DeborahPhDA/Professor Stefan TrueckEfficiency of Carbon Trading Schemes in Australia
CRITTENDEN, PatrickPhDDr Ram RanjanBusiness Response to Climate Change:Strategic Management and Organisational Change in a Rapidly Emerging Policy and Commercial Environment
CROMPTON, RyanPhDProfessor John McAneneyNatural Disaster Losses and Global Climate Change
De MELLO, LurionPhDA/Professor Stefan TrueckUpstream and Downstream Hydrocarbon prices: Crude oil to Plastics
DEUBLE, MaxPhDDr Paul BeggsEnergy Conservation and Climate Change Mitigation
DEZI, SilviaPhDDr Belinda MedlynModelling the effects of nitrogen deposition and carbon dioxide enrichment on forest carbon balance
DJALANTE, RyantiPhDDr Frank ThomallaDisaster Management in Ache, Indonesia
ERICKSON, IanPhDDr Marco AmatiSelfishness and the Environment
FIGUEROA NERI, FabiolaPhDDr Ram RanjanEnvironment, Social Capital and Corruption: Latin America Environmental Policies vis-à-vis Climate Change
GALLAGHER, RachaelPhDProfessor Lesley HughesPredicting the Effects of Climate Change on Vine and Liana Species
GARSIDE, CliffordPhDDr Melanie BishopManagement of Coastal Lakes to Minimise Invasion
HANCOCK, NolaPhDProfessor Lesley HughesThe Role of Plant Provenance in Restoration Ecology Under Climate Change
HANLEY, ClairePhDDr Marco AmatiClimate Change and oil depletion challenges for Sydney’s fresh food
HARVEY, Kerinne   PhDProfessor Lesley HughesThe Impact of Invasive Plants on the Functioning of Native Communities with the Onset of Climate Change
HERNANDEZ RAMOS, MariaPhDDr Kevin CheungCulture and education for sustainable development: a critical analysis of international discourses
HOETZER, IrenePhDDr Erika TecheraEcofeminist perspectives on sustainable development and international environmental law
IRELAND, PhilipPhDDr Frank ThomallaClimate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction
JAFARZADEH, Nafiseh    PhDDr Erika TecheraIndicators, Indices and International law: The role of international environmental law in developing and implementing on environmental performance index
JI, YaoyaoPhDDr Ram RanjanEssays in Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
KARIM, SaifulPhDDr Erika TecheraInternational Law and Judicial Settlement of Maritime Security Disputes: Maintaining Legal Order of the Ocean in the 21st Century
KELLY, Jeff   PhD

Dr Belinda Medlyn

A/Prof Brian Atwell

Interaction between drought and elevated CO2 in eucalypts
KEARNEY, VictoriaPhDProfessor Richie HowittUrban Development and Health
KITHIIA, JustusPhDProfessor Richie HowittMainstreaming risk, risk management strategies in urban development planning
LUIZJR, OsmarPhDDr Joshua MadinEcology & Evolution Global Macro Ecology on Reef Fishes
MATHEW, SupriyaPhD

Prof Ann Henderson-Sellers

A/Professor Stefan Trueck

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Local Governments
MAXINO, ClarePhDProfessor John McAneneyChanges in climate and climate extremes due to Urban Development
McCLELLAN, KatherinePhDProfessor Lesley HughesPlant-Animal Interactions in a Changing Environment
MBUI, JosephPhDDr Joshua MadinCritical Coastal and Marine Ecosystems: Change Analysis of the Ecoregions in the Western Indian Ocean
MIRZAEI, MehdiPhDA/Prof Brian AtwellProteomics and Drought Tolerance in Rice
MOHIUDDIN, KaziPhDProfessor Peter NelsonEnvironmental Assessment of Atmospheric Particle Emissions During Minerals Processing
MORGAN, Elizabeth-AnnePhDProfessor Richie HowittFood Security and Climate Change in Australia
MORRISON, AnthonyPhDProfessor Peter NelsonBio-accessibility and leaching of trace elements from industrial emission: Historical effects and current consequences lessons for modern day practice
NADAR, FernandoPhDDr Erika TecheraA legal insight on environmental regulation mechanisms for the protection of water resources. The insufficiency of the Mexican water management policy instruments and the likely applicability of the Australian mechanism of interactive regulatory tools as an alternative for improvement
NAZIFI, MarjanPhDA/Professor Stefan TrueckThe European Union Emissions Trading
NERI, FabiolaPhDDr Marco AmatiEnvironment, Social, Capital and Corruption: Latin America Environmental Policies vis-à-vis Climate Change
NICASTRO, AndreaPhDDr Melanie BishopHow Pre-existing Stressors Determine Climate Impacts
NOOTEN, SabinePhDProfessor Lesley HughesImpacts of Climate change on Plant-Insect Interactions
OKWUOFU-THOMAS, BenjaminPhDDr Paul BeggsExamining the Effects of Climate Warming on Health
PHELAN, LiamPhDProf Ann Henderson-SellersThe relationship between anthropogenic Climate change and the insurance system: Imperatives, options and reflections theory
 PUTHIYYAVEETIL, SureshPhDDr Paul HesseTimescale of Soil Evolution & Sediment Transport in Australia
RAMLI, RosiatiPhDA/Prof Hope AshiaborThe Challenges of Sustainable Transportation: An International Comparative Perspective with particular Reference to the South East Asian Experience
RICE, MartinPhD

Prof Ann Henderson-Sellers and Prof Tim Flannery

Integrated Earth System Science: Genesis, Evolution and Future
ROCHE, KevinPhDProf John McAneneyFinancial Implications of Weather    Catastrophes
SCAFARO, AndrewPhDA/Prof Brian AtwellHeat Tolerance in Australian Wild Rice Relatives
SMITH, NicolaMPhilDr Paul Hesse and Dr Kirstie FryirsEffects future climate change will have on the location and extent of the Macquarie Marshes, NSW
STONE, ChrisPhDDr Erika TecheraMaking Environmental Governance Behaviourally Effective: Examining Underlying Motivators of Regulatory Compliance and Rejection
SUICH, JulietPhDA/Prof Brian AtwellGrowth & modelled carbon gain in cultivated and wild Australian Rice species under elevated CO2
SUZUKI, YuriPhDDr Erika TecheraRegional framework on access to genetic resources in Pacific: Implementing fair and equitable sharing of benefit arising from utilization of genetic resources from Pacific small islands developing countries under the Convention on Biological Diversity
TAYLOR, JohnMPhilA/Prof Brian Atwell and Dr Belinda MedlynModeling Canopy Morphology in Rice
TILMOUTH, LeighPhDProfessor Richie HowittAboriginal participation in sustainable environment management and economic development on Aboriginal land in Northern Australia
TITOVA, Evgenia   PhDProfessor Murry Salby and Dr Kevin CheungRelationship of the Antarctic oscillation to the changes of the Antarctic ozone hole
TOOTH, IfeannaPhDProfessor Lesley HughesImpacts of Climate Change on Weeds in Australia
UDU-GAMA, NatashaPhDDr Frank ThomallaMulti-Hazard Early Warning System in the Asia-Pacific
VELAND, SiriPhDDr Frank Thomalla and Professor Richie HowittIndigenous responses to climate-related hazards
VERHOEVEN, MirellaPhDDr Melanie BishopDetritus transport and benthic productivity in regulated rivers
WILCOCK, DeirdrePhDProfessor Richie HowittDeveloping Interdisciplinary and Indigenous Approaches to Adaptive River Management
WILLIAMS, TimothyPhDDr Marco AmatiSustainability, Leadership and Organizational Complexity
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