Research Vessel Marion Dufresne - Climate Futures

Research Vessel Marion Dufresne - Climate Futures

 About the ship.

The Marion Dufresne is a multi-purpose vessel. It was launched in 1995, and has two main purposes:

1. Oceanographic research: in many regions of the worlds oceans.

2. Assisting with the supply logistics for the French Sub-Antarctic islands: Crozet, Kerguelen, Amsterdam / Saint Paul, under the responsibility of the Terres australes et antarctiques françaises (TAAF).


It is used as a:

 research vessel (R / V) equipped with 650 square meters of laboratories

 ship used to transport personnel and bases of visitors to the Subantarctic Islands and Antarctica (110 passengers)

 cargo ship to the bases and stations

 oil tanker carrying fuel for the stations

 helicopter carrier 


Characteristics of the Marion Dufresne
Overall length 120.5 m
Width 20.6 m
Depth 12.8 m
Draft 6.95 m
Propulsion Diesel-electric
Propulsion power 2 x 3000 kilowatts
1 bow thruster 750 kilowatts
Maximum speed 16 knots
Passengers 110
Crew 10 officers +20 marine crew

 Source IPEV 2011


Want to know more about the Marion Dufresne? Take a look at the Fact Sheet.

 IPEV have provided an English fact sheet on the Marion Dufresne for you;  click here to view.


Download Colouring Sheet

Image courtesy IPEV 2011

Colouring Sheet of the Research Vessel Marion Dufresne

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