Movies - Climate Futures

Movies - Climate Futures


Bongo Net with Dr. Carlotti


Shrinking Cups on a CTD


Marion Dufresne - King Penguins


Marion Dufresne - Albatrosses and Elephant Seal


Movies from The Southern Ocean

Some official videos from IPEV of the equipment and life on board the Marion Dufresne. (These are in French but you will get the idea).

Dining room view  Life abord the Research Vessel Marion Dufresne.

Marion Dufresne Dining Room. Photo L.Armand.

Water rosette photo   Water sampling using a water rosette (or CTD).

CTD rosette going down into the ocean. Photo L.Armand.

Marion Dufresne - Plankton Net

Marion Dufresne - Waves and Crepes

Marion Dufresne - Departure

Want to know more about Ocean Fertilisation and Iron supply ? Take a look at these videos from ACE CRC.

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