Advisory Board (External Oversight)

Dr. Bob Frater (AO, FTSE, FASA, FAA, Chair)
Prof. Matthew Colless (Director of RSAA, ANU)
Prof. Jim Piper (Advisor)
Prof. Anne Green (Sydney University)
Prof. Warrick Couch (Director, Australian Astronomical Observatory)
Prof. John Latanzio (Director, Monash Centre for Astrophysics, MOCA)

Executive Management Committee

Prof. Orsola De Marco (Deputy Director)
Prof. M.J. Withford (Astrophotonics)
Prof. M.J. Wardle (Director)
Prof. J. Hedberg (Science Education)
A/Prof. S. Page (Aboriginal Astronomy)
Prof. Andrew Hopkins (FASA, Head of Astronomy, AAO)
Prof. Ray Norris (FASA, Senior Science, ATNF, CSIRO)

Meeting Minutes

Executive Management Committee

Executive Management Committee Meeting #2

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Meeting #1

Advisory Board Meeting #2 07.12.12


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