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Our training and support is now customised for individual teachers for their unique needs. Large scale lecture- style professional development days have been shown to be ineffective in developing true professional learning in our experience.  Spread over multiple sessions before you implement the material in your class, our Professional Development provides tailored, one-on-one or small group 'hands-on' learning experiences related to the contents which emulates what will happen in the classroom as closely as possible.  We can support you in implementing the materials within your science class - one of our team members can directly assist in a team-teaching format to help overcome the initial learning curve. We can also help address any unforeseen classroom issues and facilitate an increase in students' engagement and learning during these sessions. 


If you are interested in finding out more about our professional learning strategy and support, please contact Carolyn Dow, Project Officer in the first instance, Michael Fitzgerald, project PhD student - Teacher Professional Development, Macquarie University or David McKinnon, Chief Investigator, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst campus.

Training aids

Minitutorials designed to guide teachers and students through the various steps of implementing Space to Grow are being developed.

Introduction to the Space to Grow project by Prof. Quentin Parker.  

Why Study Science? Real Science for real students Team members David and Lena plus Lauren Inwood discuss how astronomical targets investigation has impacted study choices and added to wider scientific knowledge.

View Dr Fred Watson's movie presentation made for the Space to Grow project.

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Workshop training sessions


GroupDay1 DavidRaj HelenRobert Ross iTeach21 BrettBen

Catholic Education Diocese Parramatta 3 full day workshops on Friday 12 April, 3 May and 31 May at LEX, Aengus Kavanagh Centre, Mount Druitt - contact Paul Stenning or Carolyn Dow. Additional session 9 December conducted by Rob Hollow. Images: Day 1 and Day 2 session participants.

DEC Western NSW Region and CEO Bathurst, twin locations between Bathurst (Image 1 below) and Dubbo on Day 1 of 3 full day workshops set for Friday 5 April, 24 May and Friday 19 July - contact Anne Marceau, Rose-Marie van Raad or Carolyn Dow.


Bathurst_group_of_3 Bathurst_girls G_1

CEO Parramatta training - 2 March, 30 March 30 and 11 May, LEX, Aengus Kavanagh Centre, Mount Druitt, and DEC Western/CEO Bathurst training - 18 June and 26 October.

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Mark_Anne Trent_Chris Judith Mariska_Jarryd John

25 July - The Department of Education and Communities Western Region (DECW) and Catholic Education Office Bathurst (CEOB) had a combined Training day at Canobolas Rural Technology High School.  The developed resources and teaching/ learning model were enthusiastically received by the participants as they were introduced to telescopes, researching for telescope targets and working through techniques for colour imaging (see Outputs). Our thanks to Anne Marceau, Teaching and Learning Coordinator DETW, Warren Frew, Schools Education Consultant CEOB and Chris Condliffe, Principal Canobolas Rural Technology High School

GroupShotLEX   GroupLEX  

May - December - 4 training days for the CEO Parramatta 'Clusters' training were presented by A/Prof. David McKinnon in the same pathway as a classroom implementation at the Learning Exchange, Mt. Druitt, plus an additional day in an actual classroom situation.  Science and Physics teachers were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on the pedagogy and how they would implement Space to Grow in the classroom, providing valuable feedback to refine and adapt the program.

After researching targets in groups and presenting a 'case' for study of the target, each participant created their own colour image to become familiar with the software. Prof. Quentin Parker judged them and gave an overview of what could be discovered in the colouring, then participants also voted on their favourite.  Some coloured images are displayed on our Outputs page. Click for a larger version of the map


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front_of_st_columba's lee attendees_in_front_of_radio_telescope group_activity gaye_and_anne mark

Team members presented the revised Star Clusters project, underpinned by 'tools of engagement' such as video presentations, demonstration activities and techniques, for introducing Space to Grow to students.  Hosted by St Columba's College, Springwood 18 October, the special Professional Development workshop feedback will shape further revisions.  A continued focus on targets that are currently unstudied, or understudied, ensures new data is generated for potential scientific papers and further study by astronomers.   This day followed interviews with teachers by Michael Fitzgerald and personalised training at Terra Sancta College and St Patrick's Marist College.

Dave_Allen 3ladies Martie Group_along-right_wall Mathew

Professional Development workshops were held on 10 February at CSU, Bathurst 24 February at Macquarie University.

Project educators, including David Evans, at the CSU workshop learned about the Research Methodology and implementation benefits run by Drs Lena Danaia and David Frew.  Participants critically reviewed 2 applications submitted from the DEST ASISTM pilot project before researching a trial telescope application and worked through modules of their own choosing for the telescope time request with the team on hand to assist.  USBs with preloaded software were distributed compliments of project partner MACICT (images 1-4 above).

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CSU_participant_far_left 2_participants_left CSU_Central_view CSU_Phil_and_one CSU_3_ladies_far_right

The second teachers' Professional Development Day (workshop) held at Charles Sturt University Bathurst on Friday 6 November (images below) for a total of 12 Education Officers and science teachers from DET Western and CEO Bathurst groups. Run by Lena Danaia and David Frew, assisted by Carolyn Dow was aimed at training and reinforcing the skills required for successful and rapid project implementation.  The main training exercise 'Age of Planetary Nebula' was challenging and made use of mathematical skills. 

discussing_project Morning_tea LD_one_one Image_mosaics_software Lena_Danaia_assisting Right_Hand_teachers

The inaugural teachers' Professional Development workshop at Macquarie University ICT Innovations Centre 16 September had 6 team members, 13 Education Officers and science teachers from CEO Parramatta, DET Western and DET Northern Sydney groups, and Caroline Taouk, Macquarie University Science Liaison Oficer, in attendance. 

The agenda was mainly 'hands on' for participants to familiarise themselves with knowledge and skills to undertake the project in their own school.

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