2015 Seminars

2015 Seminars

We have an active seminar series for the benefit of MQAAAstro members.

We welcome all astronomers visiting Sydney to come and give us a seminar (and are especially keen for any overseas visitors). Overnight accommodation can be provided if necessary.

Please contact Heath Jones our seminar organiser (heath.jones@mq.edu.au) for further information and assistance.

Seminars usually take place 3pm Fridays in room E6B 2.300, (located on the second floor of the E6B building). It is a 5 min walk from the Macquarie University train station to building E6B, both of which are located on the eastern edge of campus.

This week’s Seminar

Friday 11 December, 2015

Speaker: Daniel MacDonald (Macquarie)

Title: A heuristic approach to fitting dusty disks about asymptotic giant branch stars


Circumstellar disks are believed to play an important role during the final stages of evolution of small to medium mass stars, a phase in which theory does not yet explain observations entirely.

We set out to constrain disk parameters, of which little is known, in the hope of better understanding possible evolutionary paths. We apply numerous genetic algorithms to the fitting of radiative transfer models to interferometric observational data. By doing so, we are able to derive relative likelihood functions for the input parameters, an ability that allows us to better constrain a disk's structure and to ultimately gain understanding in this complex phase of stellar evolution.

Seminar Schedule 2015

Date Name Institution Title (link to Abstract)
13 February Davor Krajnovic Leibniz-Institut for Astrophysics Potsdam Kinematically distinct cores: the unexplained smoking guns of hierarchical galaxy formation
20 February Jan Staff Macquarie University Quark stars, quark novae, and how they may relate to gamma-ray bursts
27 February Jeremy Goodman Princeton University Very Massive Stars
6 March

Christina Baldwin

Greg Goldstein

Macquarie University

Early-Type Galaxy Stellar Populations in the Near-Infrared


Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution in Dwarf Galaxies in the Sami Survey

13 March CANCELED   
20 March    
27 March Philip Lah Australian National University The Cosmic Evolution of Neutral Atomic Hydrogen Gas
10 April Glen Rees  Macquarie University Talk 1: What are Radio-AGN, how common are they and what are they doing to their host galaxies?Talk 2: Determining the the cosmological sensitivity of next generation radio continuum surveys
17 April Heath Jones  Macquarie University
24 April

Adriano Poci

Thomas Reichardt

 Macquarie University

What’s the Matter with Galaxies ?


On the importance of understanding the common envelope phase 

1 May Lee Spitler  Macquarie University The ZFOURGE survey: the evolution of galaxies since redshift z=4
8 May Heath Jones  Macquarie University

Large scale structure and giant radio galaxy morphology

15 May    
22 May    
29 May Geoffrey Clayton Louisiana State University
5 June No seminar Quantum@Macquarie Jam Session  
12 June Andy Casey University of Cambridge Producing Robust Ensemble Measurements from the Gaia-ESO Survey
19 June Cancelled   
26 June    
3 July HWWS   
10 July ASA meeting   
17 July

Thomas Jarrett

Michelle Cluver

University of Cape Town

University of the Western Cape

Joint talk:

Using GAMA to understand WISE and WISE to understand GAMA

24 July Orsola De Marco  Macquarie University Binary stars across the mass spectrum; from observations to theory and back
31 July Birendra Pandey  Macquarie University Exoplanets and their migration
7 August Neal Turner JPL
14 August Michael Cowley  Macquarie University The long road to quiescence: a story of AGN feedback
21 August    
28 August

Erik Kool

Danica Draskovic

Macquarie University

The SUNBIRD survey: revealing obscured supernovae with Gemini

Extremophiles: Living on the edge

4 September Jean-Claude Passy University of Bonn Confronting Uncertainties in Stellar Physics: calibrating overshooting and quantifying theoretical uncertainties
11 September James Tocknell
Shane Vickers  
Macquarie University
Macquarie University  
The effects of non-ideal MHD on disc-wind solutions of Protoplanetary Discs
A homogenised distance catalogue for the Galactic Post-AGB population.
18 September    
25 September Alessandro Maini Macquarie University AGN component in Deep Radio Fields
2 October Colin Navin Macquarie University Identifying member and ex-member stars of globular clusters.
9 October    
16 October Matthew Kerr CASS From Planets to Gravitational Waves: Latest Results from Parkes Pulsar Timing
23 October Mark Wardle Macquarie University Magnetic fields in star and planet formation
28 October (Wed) Giovanni Carraro ESO 3 pm: The Milky Way disk
30 October no seminar   
November 6 Sebastien Ohlmann
Friedrich Roepke
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
Hydrodynamics of the common envelope phase in binary stars
Modeling Type Ia supernovae    
November 13 Roberto Iaconi
Andrew Lehmann  
In Search of Lost Shocks  
November 20 Joanne Dawson   CASS/Macquarie   A Tale of Two Shells (Or: Adventures in Blobology)  
November 30 no seminar   
4 December Evangelia Ntormousi Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique Molecular filament formation in the ISM
11 December Daniel MacDonald Macquarie University A heuristic approach to fitting dusty disks about asymptotic giant branch stars.
12 February, 2016 A ngel R. Lopez-Sanchez AAO/Macquarie University  

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