Agency and Moral Cognition Network

Agency and Moral Cognition Network

CAVE NetworkThe Agency and Moral Cognition Network brings together philosophers, psychologists and cognitive scientists from across Australasia for regular meetings and the exchange of research. It is informed by contemporary research in the relevant sciences and seeks to identify and focus upon key issues in the areas of moral reasoning and judgment, memory and emotion, skilled agency, disorders of agency, neuroethics, neurolaw, and moral and legal responsibility. One of the goals of the network is to capitalise on growing interest and engagement in interdisciplinary research in agency and moral cognition and to provide a platform for research collaborations and grant applications.  The network aims to develop research links and exchanges with the Moral Psychology Research Group in the US, the Florey Neuroscience Institutes in Melbourne, the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics in the UK and a number of European partners. 

Contact: Jeanette Kennett

Network members

Jeanette Kennett (Convenor)Philosophy, Macquarie University
CAVE Member
Neil Levy (Co-convenor)Florey Neurosciences Institute and Oxford Centre for Neuroethics
Steve ClarkeCentre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University
Daniel CohenPhilosophy, Charles Sturt University
Marc de RosnayPsychology, University of Sydney
Jorge FernandezPhilosophy, University of Adelaide
Cordelia FineSchool of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne
CAVE Member
Benjamin FraserPhilosophy, Australian National University
Philip GerransPhilosophy, University of Adelaide
Toby HandfieldPhilosophy, Monash University
Jakob HowhyPhilosophy, Monash University
Karen JonesPhilosophy, University of Melbourne
Colin KleinPhilosophy, Macquarie University
CAVE Member
Simon LahamPsychology, University of Melbourne
Robyn LangdonCognitive Science, Macquarie University
CAVE Member
Catriona MackenziePhilosophy, Macquarie University
CAVE Member
Mem MahmutPsychology, Macquarie University
Jonathan McGuireCognitive Science, Macquarie University
Richard MenaryPhilosophy, Macquarie University
CAVE Member
Gerard O'BrienPhilosophy, University of Adelaide
Dominic MurphyHistory and Philosophy of Science, Sydney University
Ian RavenscroftPhilosophy, Flinders University
Luke RussellPhilosophy, University of Sydney
John SuttonCognitive Science, Macquarie University
CAVE Member
Nicole A. VincentPhilosophy, Georgia State University
CAVE Member
Graham WoodPhilosophy, University of Tasmania

Network events

Information available under our conferences and workshops events page.

  • 2016: Workshop on October 14, at CAVE, Macquarie University.
  • 2015: Meeting on November 4-5, at CAVE, Macquarie University.
    Keynote speaker: Prof. Heidi Maibom (Cincinnati), "Imagining Feelings."
  • 2014: Meeting on May 29-30, at CAVE, Macquarie University. 
    Keynote speaker: Prof. Fiery Cushman (Brown University), "Why Learning Matters for Morality."
  • 2013: Meeting on September 25-26, at Florey Neurosciences Institute, University of Melbourne.
  • 2011: Meeting on July 21, at CAVE, Macquarie University.
    Topic: "Character, Capacity, and Personality."
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