Research clusters old

Research clusters old

Cluster Leaders: Jeanette Kennett, Richard Menary, Wendy Rogers, Catriona MackenzieThe Centre provides a platform for collaboration between researchers in philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, law, medicine, applied ethics and bioethics. A distinctive feature is our focus upon the philosophical, ethical and legal issues raised by the cognitive neurosciences. 


  • to foster interdisciplinary theoretical research on human agency and the self, moral cognition, the foundations of moral and legal norms, and moral and legal responsibility;
  • to address practical issues at the intersection of ethics, law and medicine (bioethics, clinical ethics, and biolaw) and at the intersection of ethics, cognitive science and law (neuroethics and neurolaw).

Our work falls into five main research clusters:

The Centre also hosts the following:

Our members also work on the Australian Neurolaw Database Project.

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