FIRE Members

FIRE Members


Professor Bronwyn Carlson

Convenor for Australia
Head of Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Dr Juan Marcellus Tauri

Convenor for Aotearoa
Lecturer, University of Waikato

Professor Jeff Berglund

US Convenor
Department of English, Northern Arizona University


Andrew Farrell

HDR Convenor
PhD Candidate& Lecturer
Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University



Josephine Bourne

Lecturer - Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Governance, leadership and organisational development by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples


Dr Tristan Kennedy

Lecturer - Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Identities in online social spaces, heavy metal music cultures, gender studies, Indigenous Studies, and Indigenous Education


Dr Ryan Frazer

Associate Research Fellow - Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Social media, Deleuze and Guattari, and the politics of care


Innez Haua

PhD Candidate and Casual Convenor - Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Indigenous diaspora and the complexities and entanglement of Indigenous identities and cultures.


Dr Leanne Holt

Pro Vice-Chancellor - Indigenous Strategy, Macquarie University

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander higher education policy and governance


Associate Professor Sandy O'Sulivan

Associate Professor - School of Creative Industries, University of the Sunshine Coast

Gender and sexuality, the body, performance, and design in relation to First Nations’ identity


Professor Ian Buchanan

Faculty Member - Cultural Studies, Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts, University of Wollongong

Critial and cultural theory, specifically the work of Gilles Deleuze


Associate Professor
Evan Poata-Smith

Associate Professor - Indigenous Studies, Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts, University of Wollongong

Political science and sociology. Contemporary Indigenous politics and society


David Kampers

Lecturer - Indigenous Studies, Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts, University of Wollongong

Aboriginal people’s engagement in sports, racism and identity in sport, and the History of Indigenous cricket in NSW since 1840


Professor Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews

Professor - Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges, University of Technology Sydney

Indigenous Australian perspectives in education, mental health, identity, traditional knowledges, racism, and bullying


Dr Debbie Bargallie

Senior Research Fellow - Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Griffith University

'Unmasking the racial contract: Indigenous voices on racism in the Australian Public Service'


Noe Lumby

Casual Tutor - Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Wiritjiribin Consultancy

Indigenous Language Education, Indigenous education, embedding Indigenous perspectives into National curriculum and teacher education


Dr T. Mark Montoya

Lecturer - Ethnic Studies, Northern Arizona University

Chicana(o) Studies. Critical examination of the development, use, & contestation of citizenship in US-Mexico Borderlands


Phyllis Pettit Nassi

PhD. Candidate - College of Social Work, University of Utah

Manager of Special Populations at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI)


Dr Garry Jones

Lecturer- Indigenous Studies, Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts, University of Wollongong

Identity, authenticity and connection to place. Indigenous art practices and the production of objects of contemporary cultural heritage.


Dr Nicola Marks

Senior Lecturer- School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, University of Wollongong

The social dimensions of science, technology and medicine


Dr Colleen McGloin

Casual Convenor - Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Indigenous Studies and, Critical race and Gender studies. Critical Pedagogy


Dr Acushla SciaScia O'Carroll

Senior Research Officer - Massey University

Social media, community development, identity and cultural preservation, and performing arts


Dr Ricardo Guthrie

Director - Ethnic Studies, Northern Arizona University

Black Press, African-Diaspora studies, Cinema as cultural political artifact


Dr Lisa Slater

Senior Lecturer - Cultural Studies, Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts, University of Wollongong

Indigenous-settler relations


Dr Matalena Tofa

Post Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Psychology, Macquarie University

Indigenous peoples; Environmental management; collaborative and participatory practices and policy


Dr Waziyatawin

Author of 'For Indigenous Minds Only'


Hemopereki Simon

PhD Candidate and Pukenga Tiriti (Treaty Studies Lecturer) - Waikato Institute of Technology

Adjunct Lecturer - Faculty of Maori and Indigenous Studies at The University of Waikato

Diversity of views around the Treaty of Waitangi, A post-treaty/post-settler colonial values based health and social practice model, Indigenous values in the proposed Written Constitution for New Zealand, Natural Resources Politics, the impacts and politics of western religion on Maori and Maori philosophy


Professor Kathleen Clapham

Professor (Indigenous Health) - Australian Heath Service Research Institute

Indigenous health research and education: social determinants of health; Indigenous injury prevention and safety promotion; Indigenous child health and resilience; and Indigenous health workforce development.


Associate Professor Georgine Clarsen

Senior Lectuer - History, University of Wollongong

The history of women and motoring. Automobile culture in Australia, Britain, the United States and colonial Africa


Professor Michelle Harris

Director - Institute of Global Indigeneity, University at Albany

Immigrant Mental Health, Social Determinants of Health, Perceived Discrimination, Indigenous Identity, Global Indigeneity


Dr Amanda Harris

Research Fellow and the Director - PARADISEC Sydney Unit, Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Gender, music and cross-cultural histories


Sarah Hayton

PhD candidate - Charles Sturt University

Cyber bullying from an Indigenous, mainstream and CALD cultural context


Dameyon Bonson

Consultant and advocate of Indigenous genius, Indigeneity and wellbeing

Indigenous LGBQTI SDOH intersectionality and the relationship with suicide


Dr Henk Huijser

Senior Lecturer - Curriculum & Learning Design, Queensland University of Technology

Adjunct Researcher - Batchelor Institute

Indigenous higher education, with a specific interest in online education. Indigenous media production and use.


Dr Jessa Rogers

Adjunct Research Fellow - National Center for Indigenous Studies, Australian National University

Indigenous research methods and methodologies. Aboriginal pedagogies. Indigenous education


Dr Tawhanga Nopera

Health Promotions Coordinator - University of Waikato,

Wellness pathways for takatāpui and LGBTQI people, through kaupapa Māori knowledge and practices

Research in marginality, grounded in te pā harakeke, through raranga – a creative Māori approach toward socially accountable communities


Dr Virginia Marshall

Inaugural Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellow - Australian National University

Legal Practitioner - Triple BL Legal

Aboriginal peoples claim for water property rights and interests in Australia


Solomon Buckman

Senior Lecturer - School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Wollongong

Geology/geomorphology and Indigenous perspectives of rock features


Corrinne Sullivan

Associate Dean, Indigenous Education - Western Sydney University

Indigenous Studies and Human Geography. Experiences and effects of body and Identity in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Nyssa Murray

Adjunct Lecturer - University of Sydney

Indigenous education, pedagogy and social justice


Associate Professor Tanja Dreher

Australian Research Council Future Fellow - University of New South Wales

The politics of listening in the context of media and multiculturalism, Indigenous sovereignties, feminisms and anti-racism


Dr Sukhmani Khorana

Senior Lecturer and Academic Program Leader - Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, University of Wollongong

Australian and transnational media, including the reception of Indigenous films. Indigenous and multicultural community media interventions in the Illawarra


Dr Marcelo Svirsky

Senior Lecturer - School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, University of Wollongong

Questions of social transformation and subjectivity, decolonisation, settler-colonial societies and political activism specifically in relation to Israel-Palestine


Professor Juanita Sherwood

Pro-Vice Chancellor - Indigenous Engagement, Charles Sturt University

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and education

Dr Kristie Close-Barry

Adjunct Research Fellow - Batchelor Institute

Australian, Fijian and Papua New Guinean histories, particularly the impact of colonial governance strategies


Dr Eva McRae-Williams

Principal Research Leader and Lecturer - Batchelor Institute

Ethnographic and participatory action research methodologies


Dr Bindi Bennett

Senior Lecturer - Social Work, University of the Sunshine Coast

Social Work, Indigenous Mental Health, Education, Identity and Trauma


Professor Alex Wilson

Academic Director Aboriginal - Education Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan

Land-Based Education. Educating about and protecting the Saskatchewan River Delta and supporting community-based food sovereignty efforts. 


Professor Lani V. Jones

Program Director and Professor - School of Social Welfare, University at Albany State

Evidenced-based mental health practice with a focus on reducing depressive and stress symptoms and psychosocial competence enhancement among women of colour. 


Dr Steve Elers

Lecturer - School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing, Massey University

Critical Race Theory; Kaupapa Maori; Postcolonial Criticism, Cultural Studies and Semiotics


Professor Thalia Anthony

Associate Professor - Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney.

Criminal justice, colonial and postcolonial jurisdiction, criminal sentencing and Indigenous resurgence


Dr Antje Deckert

Faculty member - School of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Auckland University of Technology

Counter-colonial scholar-activist. Discourses of orthodox academic criminology and mainstream media and their interactions with Indigenous peoples and epistemologies. Narrative identity theory and social change theory.


Biko Agozino

Department of Sociology and Africana Studies, Virginia Tech

Counter-colonial criminology, Black Women and the Criminal Justice System, Scholar-Activism


Associate Professor Alice Te Punga Somerville

Associate Professor - Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies, University of Waikato

Māori, Pacific and Indigenous literary and cultural studies. Comparative Indigenous studies.


Glen Finau

PhD Candidate - University of New South Wales

Accounting, information systems, mobile money and social media, collective activism and political participation in the South Pacific.


Romitesh Kant

Teaching Assistant and Masters Candidate - University of the South Pacific

Democracy and constitutional processes in Fiji. Politics of ethnicity and constitutional developments in Fiji, human rights, and digital media and politics in the Pacific. Online activism and digital feminism.


Jope Tarai

Assistant Lecturer - School of Government, Development and International Affairs, University of South Pacific

Collective diplomacy in the context of The South Pacific Tuna Treaty. Pacific regionalism, tuna politics, social media and politics in Fiji. Social media and digital technologies for activism and collective action.


Jason Titifanue

Teaching Assistant - School of Government, Development and International Affairs, University of South Pacific

Information and Communications technologies (ICTs) and contemporary Pacific politics and advocacy. Contemporary politics and how ICTs can be leveraged as tools for citizen empowerment, activism, and political engagement in the South Pacific.


Jodi Edwards

PhD candidate - Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Continuity of Yuin and Dharawal cultural practices on the South Coast of New South Wales. Aboriginal environmental heritage and cultural knowledge education.


Maddee Clark

PhD Candidate - University of Melbourne

Queer theory, Indigenous futurism, Indigenous literature, history, Indigenous education, arts, and media


Dr Jessica Hodgens

Senior Policy Analyst - Centre for Education Statistics Evaluation

Josie Atkinson

Masters Candidate - University of Wollongong

Indigenous Health and Community Development. Creative Arts.


Lilly Brown

PhD Candidate - University of Melbourne

Politics of knowledge, value of critical education, racial literacy and Indigenous studies and research.


Kristie Harrison

PhD Candidate - Centre of Research Excellence Health + Alcohol, University of Sydney

Aboriginal Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs


Associate Professor Qwo-Li Driskill

Director of Graduate Studies and Queer Studies Curriculum - Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Oregan State

Decolonization, with a particular focus on Indigenous Two-Spirit, Queer, and Trans identities

Dr Justin Hunter

Instructor - Musicology, University of Arkansas

Ethnomusicologist specializing in Indigenous studies, Japanese studies, and Ozark music of Arkansas


Dr Xu Daozhi

Assistant Professor - University of Hong Kong

Indigenous studies, postcolonial theories, children’s literature, settler colonialism, cultural identities, studies of race and ethnicity


Lynda-June Coe

PhD Candidate - Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University

Conceptualising Indigenous sovereignty, treaty-making and Indigenous/settler relationships in Australia

Ashleigh Johnstone

PhD Candidate - University of Wollongong

Indigenous research, history, education, health, and justice


Dr Robert Webb

Senior Lecturer - University of Auckland

Māori and criminal justice policy in Aotearoa New Zealand, and Indigenous criminology


Dr Glenn Morrison

Lecturer - Batchelor Institute

Author and intercultural researcher based in Central Australia. 


Gina Cole

PhD candidate - Massey University

Pasifikafuturism, speculative fiction by Indigenous Pasifika authors, particularly science fiction set in space


Professor Joseph Pugliese

Professor - Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Colonialism and decoloniality, state violence, race, biopolitics, and law, culture and the humanities.


Dr Mandy Henningham

Postgraduate Research Fellow - University of Sydney

Wellbeing and mental health of Indigenous LGBTIQ youth


Dr Sarah Loch

Director of Research & Development - Pymble Ladies' College

Works with the AIEF & GO Foundation to support Indigenous students to study at our school & complete their HSC


Dr Demelza Marlin

Academic Facilitator - National Center for Cultural Competence, University of Sydney

Indigenous health, sport and Indigenous-settler relations and decolonising methodologies


Cassandra Louise TeRauhina Lewis

Research Assistant and Tutor - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Waikato

The criminalisation and construction of gangs, Indigenous precarity and the social policing of Indigenous Women in the context of access to housing


Rose Barrowcliffe

Post Graduate Researcher - University of the Sunshine Coast

Representation and Indigenous voice in the archive

Sandie Suchet-Pearson

Associate Professor - Department of Geography and Planning, Macquarie University

Indigenous land, rights and knowledges


Jacoba Matapo

Senior Lecturer & Associate Dean (Pasifika) - Faculty of Education and Social Work, The University of Auckland

Postcolonial, posthuman critique of Pasifika education research and Pasifika leadership


Dion Enari

PhD candidate - Bond University, Gold Coast

The perceptions of Fa’a Samoa (Samoan way) held by New Zealand born Samoans and the intersection between diasporic communities, well-being and decolonisation


Edmond Fehoko

PhD Candidate - Auckland University of Technology

Public Health and The perceptions and experiences of Tongan males towards gambling and problem gambling in New Zealand


Cara Cross

PhD Candidate - University of Newcastle, Wollotuka Institute

Aboriginal history, Indigenous/settler-colonist relationships, the Aboriginal pharmacopoeia, Indigenous studies and oral histories


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