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Postgraduate programs

A range of postgraduate coursework programs and units are offered including: Climate Change Law; Comparative Environmental Law; International Dispute Settlement; International Law; International Human Rights Law; International Trade & Finance Law; Law, Globalisation & Cultural Transformation; Law & Moral Dilemmas; Pollution and Environmental Regulation; Sustainable Corporate Governance & Financing; Indigenous Peoples & Natural Resource Management; Heritage Law & Policy; Trade & Environment; Environmental Litigation & Mediation; Water & Marine Resources Law; and an Environmental Law & Policy Clinic.

Postgraduate coursework

Macquarie Law School offers postgraduate coursework programs for lawyers and non-lawyers. These programs are designed to enhance legal knowledge, equipping our graduates with the skills and capabilities to further their careers in both law and law-related fields. Our students also have the option of researching and writing dissertations as a pathway to higher degree research.

Students may undertake their studies on either a full-time or part-time basis, and both internal and distance delivery modes are available. Distance delivery mode still requires attendance at 2 or 3 day on-campus sessions for each unit.

In addition to Masters programs, Macquarie Law School also offers postgraduate certificates and postgraduate diplomas that may be articulated into particular Masters programs. The Master of Laws (LLM) is only available to law graduates. Our other programs are open to graduates from a variety of backgrounds.


There are two enrolment periods each year, allowing students to commence their studies in either first or second semester. Australian and New Zealand students may apply for admission through UAC. Closing dates are generally late December and late May, but specific information should be sought through the UAC website.

All international students are required to apply through the Macquarie International website, which can also advise on visa requirements, fees and closing dates for applications. A full list of law postgraduate coursework programs offered to international students can be obtained from the Macquarie International website.

Postgraduate coursework programs

The postgraduate coursework programs offered at Macquarie Law School include:

  • Master of Laws, with specialisations in:
    • Environmental Law
    • International Environmental Law
    • Legal History
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Law
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Law
  • Masters of Environmental Law
  • Masters of International Environmental Law
  • Postgraduate Certificate in International Trade and Commerce Law
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade and Commerce Law
  • Masters of International Trade and Commerce Law
  • Masters of International Trade and Commerce Law / Masters of International Relations

For information on postgraduate law by coursework, visit our Postgraduate Future Students page.


University and government scholarships

All enquiries regarding scholarships should be addressed to the Higher Degree Research Unit (HDRU). Find out more detailed information about Scholarship requirements for Higher Degree Research Candidates.


University funding

Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund
The purpose of the Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund (PGRF) is to encourage and facilitate high quality research among postgraduate students in all areas of the University. The Scheme is run biannually (March and August) and funds are awarded to assist individual research degree students. All applications will be considered on a competitive basis taking into account individual merit and need. Students must apply one semester in advance for the fund.

Applications, to a maximum value of $4,000, may be made to cover costs of small items of equipment, word processing facilities, archival and resource visits, travel, (expensive) chemicals and biochemicals, library on-line searching, international inter-library loans and the costs of attending a conference where a paper or presentation is to be made.

Travel scholarships/International Office
Travel grants are for postgraduate students seeking a Macquarie university degree who are travelling abroad for study, exchange and other programs (for example internships, research, language courses and study tours). These are valued between AUD$500 and AUD$1500. The travel grant application deadlines are the 15th of every month. Cheques will be available by the end of the following month.

Divisional funding

Funding is available through the Macquarie Law School to assist Postgraduate Research Students studying Law at Macquarie University.

Applications to a maximum value of $3,000, may be made to cover costs of small items, such as binding and the costs of attending a conference. For additional assistance or advice contact the Scholarships or Commencements Teams, Higher Degree Research Office, The Research Hub, Level 3 C5C East, email: or

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