Seeking diaries of ordinary life

Seeking diaries of ordinary life

Handwritten diary with illustrations

Australia has no collection of diaries and letters reflecting on ordinary people’s lives. Diaries like these are valuable and significant historical sources that reveal everyday histories. We want to develop a diary archive in Australia.

Do you or your family have diaries, personal memoirs or letter collections in your possession? These can be written in any language, and describe any aspects of the lives of Australian people or people who have lived in Australia. We want to collect documents that have not been written for a public audience.

Would you be interested in donating your diaries to this potential archive? If so, please drop us a line, briefly describing the document: who wrote it, how long is it, what period does it cover, what subjects are discussed? We’ll get back you as the project develops.

Contact details:
Diary Project
Centre for Applied History,
Macquarie University

Image credit: Letters from Louis Vasco (Vasco Loureiro) from England and France, 1916-1918, State Library of NSW

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