Details of Publications

Details of Publications


The Teti Cemetery at Saqqara, Vol. 9: The Tomb of Remni [Paperback]

Naguib Kanawati (Author)

ISBN: 9780856688287 | Published by: Australian Centre for Egyptology | Series: ACE Reports | Volume: 28 | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 50p, of text, 60 pls

The mud brick mastaba of Remni was discovered in the North West corner of the Teti  Cemetery. All four walls of its one room chapel are covered with scenes of daily life, painted on mud plaster and thus preserving for us a good example of this rarely preserved type of decoration. The artist succeeded in including a large variety of topics at a miniature scale in a limited space. The owner, Remni, held titles connected with the personal service of the king and represents two wives in the decoration of his chapel, both apparently important and possibly with royal connection.


The Chapel of Kahai and his Family

Miral Lashien (Author)

ISBN: 9780856688362 | Published by: Australian Centre for Egyptology| Series: ACE REPORTS| Volume: 33 | Year of Publication: 2013 | Language: English 56p, 76 colour plates (148 photographs); 11 b&w plates including folded plates

The tomb of Kahai and his family was previously published only in black and white photographs by Moussa and Altenm├╝ller under the title of The Tomb of Nefer and Ka-Hay. As one of the most colourful tombs of the Old Kingdom, the present publication offers magnificently rich colour plates and context line drawings showing all the intricate details of the scenes and inscriptions. As such, this monograph is a significant addition to the study of Egyptian art in the Old Kingdom. Contrary to the belief that Nefer prepared the joint tomb for himself and his father Kahai, the author shows that we have here a rare case of a son dying before his father with the latter adding an alcove dedicated for his son in his chapel. Other sons of Kahai were later included in the decoration, making this a true family burial place.

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