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Egyptology ECKWelcome to the website of the Australian Centre for Egyptology, a division of the Macquarie University Ancient Cultures Research Centre. Please use the links below to view our site.

Australian Centre for Egyptology Fieldwork Sites

The Cemetery of Dendara

Egyptology - Abu Rawash site
Abu Rawash: 1st Dynasty Elite Cemetery
Egyptology - Burial pit and west wall of IaahhewetMeir (El-Qusiya): Re-recording and Study of the Site Egyptology - TehnaTehna: An Old Kingdom Cemetery in Middle Egypt Egyptology - Right side in situThebes: Dra Abu el-Naga

News and Events for  2020

Events for 2021


Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology Lecture Series 2021

During the year a number of 1-2 hour lectures are being planned. The majority of these will be via Zoom.

Semester 1

Wed 17 March: Lecture by Dr Karin Sowada, Professor Ronika Power and team, The mummified body wrapped in mud from Late New Kingdom Egypt


Wed 28 April: Lecture by Dr Olivier Rochecouste, MQ Dept of History and Archaeology, Lost, Found and Confounding: Recontextualising Early Dynastic evidence at Gebelein


Thursday 27 May

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The next event of the Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology is the Sydney session of an international zoom conference 'Egypt and the Mediterranean World' on Thursday 27 May. Click through the link to see the program and abstracts. Members are welcome to also register via the link for other sessions on 18, 20 and 24 May. Participation is free.

Web hosted by the Macquarie University Centre for Ancient Cultural Heritage and Environment, the event features Macquarie University and international speakers examining the role of Egypt in the Mediterranean during the Old Kingdom. Members with an interest in the Old Kingdom will find this event of particular interest.

Thurs 27 May: Egypt and the Mediterranean World in the Late Fourth and Third Millennium BC - half-day International Conference session on Zoom hosted by Dr Karin Sowada


Wed 9 June: Lecture by Professor Martin Bommas, Director, Macquarie University History Museum, Esna during the Late Middle Kingdom


For more details and booking forms, see "Functions and Public Lectures".


Launch of on-line ordering of Publications of Australian Centre for Egyptology

We are pleased to advise that members of The Rundle Foundation can now use a secure online system to order and pay (by credit card) any publication of The Australian Centre for Egyptology.

Australian members can use the following link:

Please note: At this stage you will have to contact the A.C.E. office first to obtain the cost of the publication (including postage and handling).

In the near future, an addition facility will be introduced enabling members to order publications without contacting the office first.

Overseas Members should use the following links:

For the purchase  of single publications

For the purchase  of multiple publications

In addition members and students can order and pay (by credit card)

A Concise Grammar of Middle Egyptian:
An Outline of Middle Egyptian Grammar by Boyo G Ockinga



We now have a secure web based renewal system that is available for any member who wishes to renew their membership by paying using a credit card (Visa and MasterCard only).

To access this system please either click here or copy and paste the following link into your internet browser:

For Details about Membership of the Rundle Foundation please click here


Latest publications

Tombs Trowels and Treasures
"The first 40 years of Egyptology at Macquarie University"
Studies 12

Edited by Leonie Donovan and Susanne Binder

Beni Hassan Vol lV "The Tomb of Baqet lll"
Reports 42

Authors Naguib Kanawati and Linda Evans

Beni Hassan Vol V "The Tomb of Khnumhotep l"
Reports 43

Authors Miral Lashien and Anna-Latifa Mourad

Reports 43

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