The ACRC's overall theme of examining cross-cultural interaction via close analysis of texts and artefacts is advanced through four research programs. These act as collaborative foci for the individual projects that sit within them, to facilitate collaborative work and the drawing of comparative conclusions.

Research programs 

ACRC - Research - cultural Identity thumb image
Dynamics of the ancient human environment


ACRC - Research - cultural contact thumb image
Language, script, and communication in antiquity


Ruler of a foreign land, tomb of Khnumhotep II, Beni Hassan, Egypt
Cultural contact and transformation in the ancient world


ACRC - Research - acculturation thumb image 
Religion and society in the ancient world


For a full list of ACRC Research projects, click here.

Evidence and Method

ACRC research projects extend the use of texts in the medieval manuscript tradition to encompass other modes of evidence and methods of accessing the past.

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