Higher Degree Research Students in the ACRC

The ACRC has a large cohort of students undertaking Higher Degree (Postgraduate) Research by thesis (PhD or MPhil). These students research projects across the fields covered by the ACRC, supervised by Centre members, and collaborate with Centre members on research projects.

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HDR students currently supervised by ACRC members are listed below. 

Name Degree Supervisor Thesis Title
Agaiby, Elizabeth PhD Choat, Malcolm History and Monastic Space: A study on the First Christian Monastic Settlement in the World
Arden-Wong, Lyndon PhD Mikkelsen, Gunner Inner Asian architecture of the 8th and 9th centuries in relation to the Uighur Khanate's power on the steppe
Baker, Alice PhD McKechnie, Paul Founding in the Life of Antony: A literary analysis of the Athanasian Life of Antony as Greco-Roman founding narrative
Barnes, Bruce MPhil Choat, Malcolm Personhood within Coptic hagiography: strategies of characterisation and rhetoric
Bennett, Cassandra  PhD   Ghica, Victor The religious beliefs of the pre-Islamic Bedouin of North Arabia
Brown, Ian PhD Ockinga, Boyo A Prosopographical Study of Priests of the Mansions of Millions of Years of the Ramesside Period
Burchfield, Richard    PhD   Choat, Malcolm       Networks of the Theban Desert 
Burn, John PhD Kanawati, Naguib Climate Change and Regime Change: An Investigation into the Changing Ecology of Late Old Kingdom Egypt
Choi, Hyung PhD Nobbs, Alanna The Bible and spiritual guidance in the correspondence of Barsanuphius and John of Gaza
Clarke,Therese    PhD   Kanawati, Naguib     Interrelations between the Provinces and Memphis during Egypt's Old Kingdom        
Cooper, Julien PhD Ockinga, Boyo The Eastern Desert, Red Sea and Beyond: Toponyms, Ethnonyms and Cosmography
Darlow, Steven PhD Kanawati, Naguib A Chronological Analysis of Middle Kingdom Tombs at Meir
De Souza, Aaron PhD Tristant, Yann C-Group? Or Pan Grave: Establishing relationships in the Ceramic Traditions of the C-Group and Pan Grave Cultures
Debenham, Ian PhD Hillard, Thomas The Roman Shipbuilding Industry
Dosoo, Raymond Korshi PhD Choat, Malcolm Context and Development of the PGM/PDM
Downes, Alan PhD Mikkelsen, Gunner Xixia Script
Dowton, Joshua PhD Welborn, Laurence Subverting Empire: The Book of Revelation as the Most Powerful Piece of Political Resistance Literature in the Early Empire
Drummond, Amanda PhD Hillard, Thomas Writing the Emperors: Plutarch's and Suetonius' Treatment of Rome's Leaders
Dunnicliff, Samanatha PhD Kanawati, Naguib Sport and Games in the Old and Middle Kingdoms
Eiszele-Evans, Suzanne PhD Kanawati, Naguib The Influences and Life of Mereruka Using Tomb Art
Evans, Natasha    PhD   Kanawati, Naguib     Djedkare to Unis: The Development of Artistic Traditions                                                       
Farquharson, Paul       MPhil Nobbs, Alanna   Investigation of Natural Phenomena in Historical Sources                                                       
Ferber, Jenny PhD Ghica, Victor Muslim-Byzantine Interactions in the 7th-9th Centuries: Letters, Gifts and Cultural Shifts
Ford, Graeme PhD Mikkelsen, Gunner Persian Texts from the Ming Court
Gillett, Miriam PhD McKechnie, Paul Inventing Identities: Graeco-Roman Constructions of the Etruscans
Gosbell, Louise     PhD   Welborn, Laurence   Disability in the Gospel of Luke                                                                               
Gulesserian, Elizabeth PhD Kanawati, Naguib Artistic and Architectural Innovations in the Teti Cemetery at Saqqara
Halaka, Mervat MPhil Choat, Malcolm Confessors - Late Antique Egypt
Harding, Raymond PhD Parry, Kenneth Byzantine theatre - the missing link in the western cultural tradition
Hardtke, Frederick PhD Tristant, Yann Early Egyptian Culture and Society: Gleanings from Rock Art in the Environs of the Upper Egyptian Nile Valley
Hartley, Mary PhD Tristant, Yann Pause in the sand: dog burials in Egyptian archaeological record
Hong, Andrew PhD Chan, Shirley An Ideal Leadership - a Comparative Study of the Confucian Classics and the New Testament
Hreszczuk, Adam PhD Choat, Malcolm Ritual, Religion, And Magic: A Neurobiological and Cognitive Approach To Religious Practice In Roman Egypt
Jones, Paul PhD Kanawati, Naguib Animal Husbandry During the Old Kingdom to Middle Kingdom in Ancient Egypt
Keith, Michelle PhD Kanawati, Naguib Fish and Fishing in Old Kingdom Tombs
Kepreotes, James PhD Parry, Kenneth A Diachronic Study of Greek Paideia: Plato, Photios and Nicodemos the Athnite
Kidson, Lyn PhD Nobbs, Alanna Proclaming Christ as King without an Apostle in 1 Timothy
Kirk, Emma PhD Mikkelsen, Gunner Chinese and Biblical Creation Myths
Kooyman, Milena PhD Ockinga, Boyo The Title "Elder of the Portal"(smsw hzy.t): Its Meaning, Function and Significance in Ancient Egyptian Society
Kulikovsky, Mark PhD Welborn, Laurence The Relation Between Truth and Love in the Letters of John
Lashien, Miral PhD Kanawati, Naguib The Nobles of El-Qusiya in the Sixth Dynasty: Archaeological and Historical Study
Lee, Daniel PhD Chan, Shirley Confucian Poetics - a Study of the Warring States Bamboo Manuscripts in the Shanghai Museum Collection
Loftus, Susan PhD Nobbs, Alanna The Construction of Episcopal Authority in Late Antique Gaul: A Case Study of the Role of Canon Law from the Sixth Century
MacDonald, Seumas PhD Nobbs, Alanna A Comparative Study of Hilary of Poitiers and Basil of Caesarea
Mackay, George PhD Evans, Trevor Ancient Greek Documentary Papyri: The Pragmatics of Letter Writing in Third Century B.C.E. Egypt
Mair, Christine PhD Ghica, Victor The condition of women in the oases of the Western Desert of Egypt in Late Antiquity and Byzantine Period
McClymont, Alice PhD Ockinga, Boyo The Classification and Interpretation of Inscriptional and Pictorial Erasures in Tombs of the Theban Necropoli
Michie, Ian PhD Parry, Kenneth Paideia and Askesis: Training for Virtue
Mourad, Anna-Latifa PhD Kanawati, Naguib Rise of the Hyksos
Murphy, Edwina PhD Welborn, Laurence Cyprian's Use of Paul
Nasoraia, Brikha     PhD   Mikkelsen, Gunner       A Critical Edition of the Secret Mandean Nasoraean Scroll                                                      
Orucu, Ferim      PhD   Kanawati, Naguib     Funerary Rites in Old-Middle Kingdoms                                                                          
Parker, Robert PhD Kanawati, Naguib A History and Chronology of the Governors of Beni Hassan during the Middle Kingdom
Petrakis, Vicki PhD Parry, Kenneth St Gregory the Theologians Doctrine of the Logos and its Antecedents
Pitkin, Melanie PhD Kanawati, Naguib Egyptian False Doors and Funerary Stelae of the First Intermediate Period: A Typological Analysis
Price, Rebecca PhD Nobbs, Alanna Temple Inscription as Evidence for the Population of Dura Europa in Seleucid, Parthian & Roman Periods
Robinson, Alexandra PhD Welborn, Laurence A Linguistic Analysis of the Greek Text of the Epistle of Jude
Rowling, Giles PhD McKechnie, Paul How was Roman Law Received Into the Province of Arabia
Ryan, Ellen PhD Ockinga, Boyo Threats and Benefits: The Development of the Appeal to the King from Middle Kingdom to the end of New Kingdom
Scott, Timothy PhD Dzino, Danijel Constructing the 'Germanic' Barbarian in Contemporary German Language Scholarship
Senn, Heidi PhD McKechnie, Paul Military Organisation and Defence in Subordinate Poleis of Archaic Greece
Shannahan, John PhD McKechnie, Paul The Reign and Influence of Artaxerxes II
Shin, Min Seok PhD McKechnie, Paul A Historical Re-Examination of the Persecution of 303 to 313
Shiner, Rory       PhD   Welborn, Laurence History, Epistemology and the Resurrection Tradition
Smith, William    PhD   Kanawati, Naguib    The Egyptian Monarchy and the End of the Old Kingdom                                                      
Sowden, Laura      PhD   Mikkelsen, Gunner    Political Women in Early Imperial China                                                                       
Spalding-Stracey, Gillian PhD Ghica, Victor Coptic Crosses: A Window into Egyptian Christianity
St Demiana, Antonia PhD Ghica, Victor The Sahidic Coptic Text of Leviticus: A Study and Edition Based on Pierpont Morgan Manuscript M566 and Other Sahidic Witnesses
St Shenouda, Anthony PhD Choat, Malcolm The Development of Coptic Hagiography
Staring, Nico PhD Ockinga, Boyo Beyond the Grave: New Kingdom Tombs at Saqqara, Egypt as Shrines of Cultural Memory
Theodoridis, Ioannis    PhD   Parry, Kenneth The Introduction of Coenobitic Monasticism on Mount Athos                                                      
Thorn, Alexander PhD Ghica, Victor The Acts of Thomas: A Model for Early Syrian Christianity?
Turner, Susan PhD Ockinga, Boyo The Introduction, Nature, Role and Impact of the Horse in New Kingdom Egypt
Unwin, James      PhD Welborn, Laurence      Death, Identity, and Self-Presentation: A Conversation Between Seneca and Paul                                                              
Wade, Janet PhD Parry, Kenneth Maritime Culture of Constantinople from 330CE to 565CE
West, Glennise PhD Kanawati, Naguib The Teknu
Rev Youkhanis, Narsai PhD Parry, Kenneth Ecclesiastical Architecture of the Assyrian Church of the East

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