Assoc. Prof. Malcolm Choat (Dept. of Ancient History)

Deputy Directors
Professor Alanna Nobbs (Dept. of Ancient History),
Professor Sam Lieu (Dept. of Ancient History)

Dr Linda Evans (ARC APD, Dept. of Ancient History)

Executive Committee
Dr Trevor Evans (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Ancient History / CoRE in Ancient Cultures)
Assoc. Prof. Andrew Gillett (Dept. of Ancient History)
Professor Naguib Kanawati (Dept. of Ancient History)
Assoc. Prof. Paul McKechnie (Dept. of Ancient History)
Assoc. Prof. Boyo Ockinga (Dept. of Ancient History)
Dr Ken Sheedy (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Ancient History; Director, Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies)

Advisory Board

Robert Milns (Emeritus Professor, School of Philosophy, Religion & Classics, University of Queensland)

Deputy Chair
Professor Iain Gardner (Department of Studies in Religion, University of Sydney)

Advisory Board
Professor John Simons (Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts)
Dr Malcolm Choat (MQACRC Director)
Professor Alanna Nobbs (MQACRC Deputy Director)
Dr Linda Evans (MQACRC Secretary of Executive)
Professor Naguib Kanawati (MQACRC Executive committee member)

Two visiting academics to the Centre are invited to sit on the Advisory Board each year.


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